Wandering iguana baffles residents of Louisiana neighborhood

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(UPI) Residents of a Louisiana neighborhood are trying to determine the origins of an unusual visitor -- an iguana.

Andrew Weber said his grandmother found the 2-1/2-foot iguana wandering around her front yard in the Southdowns area of Baton Rouge.

"She told me she almost stepped on something. I walked out and it was so unexpected to see an ...Read more

Granite sculpture falls from crane, destroys truck's flatbed

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(UPI) A 20,000-pound granite sculpture dropped by a crane in Florida destroyed a flatbed truck and punched a hole in the street below.

The sculpture, one of two 20,000-pound hunks of granite that form part of a 40-ton sculpture by Puerto Rico-based artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, was being unloaded from a truck at the ...Read more

Crocodile captured after shocking tourists at Florida beach

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(UPI) Wildlife officers relocated a 6-foot crocodile after the reptile made a surprise appearance at a Florida beach.

Visitors to Hollywood Beach said they were shocked when the croc first appeared in the sand early Monday morning.

Hollywood police said the crocodile, which was first spotted near the Dania Beach pier, may have wandered to the ...Read more

Former NHL star uses golf clubs to capture rattlesnake in his garage

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(UPI) Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick showed off his versatility by using a pair of golf clubs to capture a rattlesnake in his Arizona garage.

Roenick, a former player for the Arizona Coyotes, posted a video to Twitter showing how he handled a rattlesnake invading the garage of his home in the Scottsdale area.

"Relaxing Sunday morning! What ...Read more

Woman spots giant spider by her head while driving

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(UPI) An Australian woman said a routine drive home from work turned into the longest 20 minutes of her life when she spotted a massive spider over her head.

Bianca Merrick of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, said she was driving home Friday when she spotted the stowaway next to the visor over her driver's seat.

Merrick captured video of the ...Read more

Town dubs salt-spreading vehicles 'David Plowie,' 'Gritsy Bitsy'

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(UPI) A British town that asked the public to name its new salt-spreading vehicles announced the results: "David Plowie" and Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney.

England's Doncaster Council held a series of "World Cup" Twitter polls to allow the public to name the gritter vehicles, which plow snow and spread salt on icy ...Read more

Alligator found abandoned in cooler in Tennessee

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(UPI) Authorities in Tennessee said a wildlife officer rescued a 2-foot alligator abandoned in a cooler next to the water in a wooded area.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said Jackson County wildlife officer Travis Cowan responded recently to a spot next to a body of water at the Boils Wildlife Management Area.

Cowan found a cooler ...Read more

Woman's $3 million lottery ticket spent months in pile of losers

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(UPI) A Colorado woman whose months-old scratch-off lottery ticket was rejected from a second chance drawing discovered it was actually a $3 million winner.

The Colorado Lottery said a woman named Linda told officials she bought the $45,000,000 Golden Jubilee ticket, a $50 Series game, from a Safeway store in Firestone in July.

Linda scratched...Read more

Elderly horse hoisted from watery ditch in Florida

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(UPI) An elderly horse was hoisted out of a watery ditch in Florida after being discovered by an off-duty animal control officers.

Edgar Santiago, an animal control officer in Homestead, said he was python hunting while off duty Sunday when he came across an elderly and emaciated horse trapped in a ditch in southwest Miami-Dade County.

...Read more

Man breaks Guinness record by stuffing 459 straws in his mouth

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(UPI) An India man is headed for the Guinness Book of World Records after stuffing a staggering 459 drinking straws into his mouth at once.

Guinness confirmed Manoj Kumar Maharana, 23, of Odisha, broke the world record for most straws stuffed in the mouth without using hands by cramming 459 straws into his pie hole.

Maharana, who was allowed ...Read more

Camel escapes from Ohio yard, wanders through town

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(UPI) A camel named Scooby escaped from its owner's Ohio home and wandered loose through town for about an hour and a half, witnesses said.

Locals snapped photos of the 1-1/2-year-old camel as it wandered the streets of Springfield Township, in the Toledo area, on Friday afternoon and caused minor traffic delays.

A neighbor alerted the Lucas ...Read more

Elderly couple sue after police mistake hibiscus for marijuana

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania couple's lawsuit alleges police conducted a drug raid on their home when hibiscus plants were confused for marijuana.

Audrey and Edward Cramer, ages 66 and 69, filed a lawsuit naming Buffalo Township police and the Nationwide Insurance Co. after a police raid at their home.

The Cramers' lawsuit says the incident began when...Read more

Waffle House customers find dead frog in glass of water

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(UPI) A Florida couple said they contacted health inspectors and the Waffle House corporate office after finding a dead frog in a glass of water.

Claire Sheats said she and her husband were drinking their waters while waiting for their food at a Waffle House in Tallahassee when the man looked down into his glass.

"In my husband's drink, there'...Read more

Deputies wrangle abandoned pig in Florida neighborhood

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(UPI) Sheriff's deputies in Florida wrangled a loose pig that was abandoned by its owner, who fled from an arrest warrant.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office posted a photo to Facebook showing Deputies Pettit and Mimosa posing with the pig they were called to capture Sunday morning.

"So, before anyone starts with the 'cop/pig' jokes, we've ...Read more

South Carolina woman finds five bears on her porch

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(UPI) A South Carolina woman called state wildlife officials for advice after she was shocked to find five black bears hanging out on her porch.

Debra Patrick of Boiling Springs said in a Facebook post she was surprised to find the large bear family spending time on her porch Saturday night.

The post included a photo of the bears fleeing after...Read more

Firefighter trying to move snake from road ends up fleeing

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(UPI) An Australian firefighter trying to remove a snake from the middle of the road ended up fleeing the serpent when it "took offense" to his prodding.

A video posted to Facebook by the Chittaway Rural Fire Brigade on Saturday shows a senior deputy attempting to convince a snake to get out of the middle of a road in the Ourimbah State Forest....Read more

Subway-riding rat causes chaos on New York train

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(UPI) A rat caused chaos on the New York subway when it took a ride on an A line train and sent passengers scrambling to get their feet off the floor.

Uladzimir Taukachou captured video Tuesday aboard the A line train to Far Rockaway when a rat scurried through the train car.

The video shows passengers jumping up on their chairs and lifting ...Read more

$1,300 worth of makeup destroyed by child at Sephora

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(UPI) A customer at a Sephora makeup store in Georgia snapped photos of what she said was $1,300 worth of makeup destroyed by a small child.

Brittany Nelson posted photos to her Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry page on Facebook showing a display at the Augusta store that had been smeared and destroyed by what she said was a young child.

"PSA...Read more

Snake catchers pull 20-foot python out of family's toilet

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(UPI) Snake catchers were called to a family's home in Thailand after a 5-year-old boy spotted something unusual in the toilet -- a 20-foot python.

Snake catcher Thammasatri Maneerat was summoned to a home in Mueang Chonburi District, Chonburi Privince, by mother-of two Chalida Thawephol, 37.

Thawephol said her 5-year-old son came back from ...Read more

Kangaroo swims to shore at Australian beach

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(UPI) A kangaroo was spotted cooling off from the Australian heat by taking a swim at a Queensland beach.

A video recorded by Tanja Bryan and posted to Instagram by @australia, Tourism Australia's official account, shows the kangaroo swimming to shore right in front of the woman and hopping away.

Tourism Australia wrote in the video's ...Read more

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