Knocking on Florida couple's door was two alligators fighting

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(UPI) A Florida couple who heard knocking at their front door and looked outside to find a pair of unwelcome visitors -- two alligators fighting on their stoop.

Sue Geshel said she was at home with her husband, Joe, in Fort Myers when they heard the banging at their front door.

Geshel said Joe looked outside and told her there were some wild ...Read more

Calf stranded in muddy pond rescued from drowning

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Britain said a calf was rescued from drowning in a mud pit, thanks to a sharp-eyed tram driver who spotted the bovine in distress.

The RSPCA said Inspector Ryan King responded to Rochdale, in the Manchester, England, area, after a tram driver contacted the organization to report a calf stuck up to its neck in the mud of...Read more

Hawaii fishermen donate 220-pound tuna catch to healthcare workers

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(UPI) A group of Hawaii fishermen who landed a pair of yellowfin tuna weighing a total 220 pounds donated the fish to healthcare workers at local hospitals.

Kyle Nakamoto, executive producer of the diving show Hawaii Skin Diver TV, said he and four friends reeled in two massive yellowfin tuna during a recent outing, and they converted the 220 ...Read more

Stowaway cat takes 750-mile trip in neighbor's moving truck

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(UPI) An Australian woman was reunited with her cat after the pet stowed away on a neighbor's moving truck and took a journey of more than 700 miles.

Georgia Whipp of Longreach, Queensland, said her neighbors moved out Friday night, and she noticed about a half hour after the moving truck left that her cat, P-Puss, was missing.

Whipp said she ...Read more

Unexploded World War II grenade found in British river

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(UPI) Police in Britain responded to a river where a member of the public found an unexploded World War II grenade while fishing.

Cambridge Police were called to the River Cam on Sunday after a person fishing in the river reeled in a device believed to be a World War II-era grenade and reported the find to Trinity College staff.

Police ...Read more

VIDEO: Lost dog tags returned to veteran after 60 years

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(UPI) A Montana boy found a set of dog tags and sergeant's stripes buried in the yard at his home and his family was able to return them to their 84-year-old owner, more than 60 years after he last saw them.

Wyatt Macy, 15, said he returned home recently and spotted something shiny in his Sheridan yard.

"Right here, looked down and just seen ...Read more

Leaving work early leads North Carolina woman to lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A North Carolina woman said getting off work early was lucrative when she won a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Bernice Jessup of White Oak told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she decided to stop at the Dublin Mini Mart when she was released early from her utility worker job at Smithfield Packing.

Jessup bought three Quick Pick ...Read more

VIDEO: Man drinks liter of lemon juice in under 17 seconds for world record

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(UPI) An Idaho man turned a sour taste into a sweet achievement when he drank a liter of lemon juice through a straw in under 17 seconds for a Guinness World Record.

David Rush, who has broken more than 100 Guinness records to promote STEM education, emptied the glass containing a whole liter of 100 percent lemon juice in 16.53 seconds.

Rush's...Read more

VIDEO: Cat rescued from narrow gap between brick walls in California

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(UPI) Animal services officers in California shared video of the rescue of a cat that somehow ended up trapped in the narrow gap between two brick walls.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services said Officer Matthew Perez responded to an address in Cathedral City on Tuesday morning when a resident reported hearing a cat meowing from ...Read more

VIDEO: Soldier's letter home from Vietnam delivered 52 years later

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(UPI) An Indiana woman said she was surprised when a letter her brother sent while serving in the Vietnam War finally made its way to her after 52 years.

Janice Tucker said an envelope postmarked May 10, 2020, arrived at her home in North Vernon last week and she was shocked to discover it contained a letter her brother, William Lone, had sent ...Read more

1,000-year-old Viking boat found buried on Norwegian island

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(UPI) Officials in a Norwegian county announced a 1,000-year-old Viking ship has been found buried on the same island where a ship of similar vintage was found six months earlier.

The More and Romsdal County Council said the eight-oared vessel measuring just under 40 feet long was found buried on the island of Edoya, less than 500 feet from ...Read more

VIDEO: World's largest electric plane takes 28-minute first flight

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(UPI) The world's largest all-electric aircraft took off from a Washington state airstrip for its first flight, staying in the air for 28 minutes, the plane's makers said.

The eCaravan plane, a modified Cessna Caravan 208B, was created by a collaboration between engine company magniX and aerospace firm AeroTEC. It took its first flight Thursday...Read more

79,001 flags strung together for world's largest knitted bunting

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(UPI) Knitters from around the world submitted 79,001 yarn flags for an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the world's largest knitted bunting, the British organizers of the effort said.

Deborah Custance Baker, chief steward for crafts and gardens with the Devon County Show, came up with the idea for the record attempt last year and put...Read more

VIDEO: Monkeys attack lab worker, steal COVID-19 blood test samples

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(UPI) A group of monkeys attacked a laboratory assistant in India and ran off with three coronavirus blood test samples taken from patients, authorities said.

Local authorities said the lab technician was carrying three blood test samples for COVID-19 testing at Meerut Medical College, in Uttar Pradesh, when he was attacked by a troop of ...Read more

Winning lottery ticket spent two weeks forgotten on seat of truck

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(UPI) A North Carolina man said a forgotten lottery ticket sat untouched on the seat of his truck for two weeks before he found out it was a nearly $500,000 winner.

Albert Belk told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he bought a Cash 5 ticket for the April 30 drawing and put it on the seat of his truck, where it was forgotten while he ...Read more

VIDEO: Turtle crashes through windshield on Georgia highway

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(UPI) A Georgia driver and her brother were shocked when an airborne turtle crashed through the windshield while they were on a highway.

Latonya Lark said she was driving on the Harry S. Truman Parkway in Savannah when the turtle broke through the windshield and ended up embedded in the glass right in front of her passenger, brother Kevin Grant...Read more

VIDEO: Doorbell camera records alligator climbing bench to reach turtle plaque

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(UPI) A Florida man who received an alert from his doorbell camera checked the footage and was surprised to see a large alligator climbing on the bench on his front door.

Crawford Lewis of Venice said he awoke to find an alert on the app connected to his Ring doorbell camera informing him of movement outside of his front door in the early ...Read more

Police respond to report of body in the road, find discarded mannequin

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(UPI) Police in New Zealand responded to a city street on a report of a body in the road, but arrived to find the supposed corpse was actually a mannequin.

A witness reported seeing police, firefighters and ambulances responding Wednesday to South Road in Dunedin.

Police said there was a report of a body spotted in the road, but the situation ...Read more

'One World: Together at Home' special awarded two Guinness World Records

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(UPI) Guinness World Records announced the One World: Together at Home special, which was broadcast globally and live streamed online, set two new world records recognized by the organization.

The April 18 special, which was curated by Lady Gaga and co-hosted by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen, set new records for most musical ...Read more

Bottle of cognac from 1762 sells for $146,000

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(UPI) A 1762 vintage bottle of cognac, one of the oldest surviving cognacs in the world, sold for $146,000 at an online auction.

The Gautier cognac, one of only three surviving bottles of the spirit, was sold Thursday by Sotheby's auction house.

The auction house said the bottle is known as the "grand frere," or big brother, as it is ...Read more