Delaware man wins second lottery jackpot in two months

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(UPI) A Delaware man started off the year on a lucky note by wining a $10,000 lottery prize just a month after collecting nearly $3,000.

The Clayton resident told Delaware Lottery officials he finished 2018 by winning $2,900 from a scratch-off lottery ticket, and he rang in 2019 by using some of the money to buy 10 $250 Grand scratch-offs from ...Read more

Police reunite couple with ornament thrown out with tree

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(UPI) Police in New Jersey said they were able to reunite a couple with a custom Christmas ornament that was accidentally thrown out with their tree.

The Cranford Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the ornament, which depicts a bride and groom with the names "Keith" and Cory and the date Nov. 25, 2011.

Police said ...Read more

Grocery chain deploying robots to all locations

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania-based grocery store chain announced robotic assistants are being deployed to all 172 of its locations.

Giant Food Stores said "Marty," a tall gray robot outfitted with googly eyes, will soon be present at all of the store's locations to help identify hazards including food spills as well as perform tasks such as price ...Read more

Indiana man sculpts 7-foot eagle from snow

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(UPI) An Indiana man's yard is drawing onlookers after he took advantage of the recent weather and sculpted a 7-foot eagle sculpture out of snow.

Rick Horton's Greenfield home is turning heads after he spent about 15 hours during the weekend turning a pile of snow into an eagle sculpture.

Horton said he has been using snow to sculpt for ...Read more

Stowaway bird takes business class on 14-hour flight

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(UPI) A stowaway mynah bird shocked business class travelers on a flight from Singapore to London when it flapped out into the passenger area.

Witnesses said the bird suddenly showed up in business class about 12 hours into the 14-hour trip of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ322 and a passenger filmed as the cabin crew made repeated attempts to ...Read more

Nashville police remove coyote from bathroom

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(UPI) Police in Nashville relocated a coyote that ran into an event venue in the city and ended up trapping itself in a bathroom.

The Nashville Music City Center said in a Facebook post the coyote ran past a security checkpoint about 10:20 p.m. Sunday and headed toward an exhibit hall, where it ended up inside the men's bathroom.

Metropolitan ...Read more

Tanker spills 'a river of chocolate' on I-40

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(UPI) The morning commute for some Arizona drivers was a little stickier than normal Monday as an accident involving a tanker truck caused "a river of chocolate" to flow over the westbound lanes of the I-40 near Flagstaff.

The tanker truck was carrying some 3,500 gallons of liquid chocolate when it was involved in an unspecified accident ...Read more

Man rents $1,500 apartment for daughter's cats

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(UPI) A California man who couldn't keep his daughter's two cats in his apartment came up with a solution -- renting them their own $1,500-a-month apartment.

Troy Good, 43, said he recently moved into a new apartment where he discovered he wasn't allowed to keep Tina and Louise, the cats he adopted for his now-18-year-old daughter, Victoria ...Read more

Flightless rhea bird runs loose in road, escapes police

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(UPI) British police said a large flightless bird gave officers the slip after apparently escaping from a local farm.

Thames Valley Police said they were called to the Chiltern Bank area in Oxfordshire when drivers reported the rhea, a large bird related to emus and ostriches, running loose through traffic.

Police said they dubbed the bird ...Read more

Rare calico lobster rescued at Maryland store

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(UPI) A rare calico lobster has been spared from the boiling pot thanks to its 1-in-30 million mutation and may be headed to the Georgia Aquarium.

The owner of Ocean City Seafood in Silver Spring, Md., noticed the lobster in a batch of crustaceans caught off the coast of Maine and set it aside from the other, more typically colored lobsters for...Read more

Virginia woman wins lottery while husband is on shutdown furlough

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(UPI) A Virginia woman whose federal employee husband is currently furloughed can breathe a little easier after claiming a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Ashburn resident Carrie Walls, whose husband is not currently being paid due to the government shutdown, won $100,000 plus a new SUV in the Virginia Lottery's Ford Expedition Plus $100K Promotion. ...Read more

Stranger drops by Texas home to return lost wallet

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(UPI) A Texas family's doorbell camera was recording when a stranger dropped by to return their son's lost wallet.

The Tomball couple said the man, who identified himself as Oscar, dropped by their house recently while they weren't home and explained through the doorbell camera that he had found a lost wallet.

The wallet contained the couple's...Read more

Island lighthouse owners seek bed & breakfast operators

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(UPI) The owners of a lighthouse on a small California island are searching for a couple to make $130,000 living at the facility and operating a bed and breakfast.

The East Brother Light Station, located on a small island near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, said current operators Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker will be leaving in April, and ...Read more

Egg photo cracks Kylie Jenner's Instagram record

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A simple photo of an egg has stolen Kylie Jenner's Instagram crown after breaking her record for most likes on a single post.

The account @world_record_egg, which uses the display name Egg Gang, posted a photo of a single brown egg with a caption calling on Instagram users to like and share the photo to beat the world record of 18 million...Read more

Commuters shed trousers for annual No Pants Subway Ride

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Hundreds of commuters in two dozen cities around the world dropped their trousers for the annual Global No Pants Subway Ride.

The No Pants Subway Ride, which began in 2002 as a stunt by "prank collective" Improv Everywhere, was held Sunday in cities including London, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Chicago, San Francisco and Berlin.

The ...Read more

Cat rescued from commercial rat trap

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(UPI) Animal rescuers were called to a location near a Welsh hotel to help a curious cat that got its head stuck inside a rat trap.

The RSPCA said officers responded about 2:25 a.m. Wednesday when they received a call about a cat with its head stuck in a commercial rat trap near Langstone's Premier Inn in Newport.

The rescuers brought the cat ...Read more

New York man rewarded for turning in lost $10,000

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(UPI) A New York man who turned in $10,000 he found at a subway station was rewarded by the money's grateful owner at a police station.

Richard Taverna, who brought the Chanel bag containing $10,000 cash to New York Police Department's 20th Precinct station after finding it at the 66th Street subway stop in December, was called to the station ...Read more

Grandma's Christmas gift wins student $150,000

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(UPI) A South Carolina student is starting the semester a little more comfortably after a Christmas gift from his grandmother won him $125,000.

Collin Goff, a sophomore at the University of South Carolina, told South Carolina Education Lottery officials his grandma gifted all of her grandchildren each two scratch-off tickets at the family ...Read more

Wandering lions block road in South Africa

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(UPI) A surprised driver in South Africa captured video of a pride of lions wandering out into a road and blocking traffic.

The video, recorded on a road through Kruger National Park in South Africa, shows a group of four male lions strutting through the lanes of traffic.

Vehicles are shown slowing and stopping to make way for the lions, which...Read more

Costco selling 27-pound bucket of mac & cheese

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(UPI) Costco is appealing to comfort food lovers and emergency preppers alike with its latest product: A 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese.

The wholesale retailer's website is now listing the Chef's Banquet brand bucket, which contains 180 servings of mac 'n' cheese packaged into separate pouches.

The unopened pouches have a shelf life of...Read more

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