Police called to boy's 'ice cold beer' stand find 'root beer' instead

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(UPI) Police in Utah said they received multiple calls about a young boy selling "ice cold beer" at the side of a road, but officers arrived to discover the truth was in the fine print.

The Brigham City Police Department said officers investigated multiple reports of a young boy selling beverages at the side of the road with a sign reading "ICE...Read more

VIDEO: Bald eagle with missing wing stolen from New York wildlife refuge

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(UPI) A wildlife refuge in New York state is pleading for the return of a disabled bald eagle that was stolen from the facility.

The Quogue Wildlife Refuge said someone broke into the facility's Outdoor Wildlife Complex in Long Island between 5 p.m. Monday and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The intruders stole Sam, a bald eagle that has lived at the ...Read more

VIDEO: Driver leaving car wash hits gas, plunges into New Jersey river

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(UPI) A driver accidentally slammed on the gas while leaving a New Jersey car wash and plunged into a nearby river.

The Hackensack Fire Department shared surveillance camera footage showing the 2002 Mercedes SUV leaving the car wash, abruptly speeding up and plunging over an embankment into the Hackensack River.

The department said the driver,...Read more

7,046 packs of gum used as dominoes to set Guinness World Record

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(UPI) A total 7,046 packs of gum were used to set a Guinness World Record when they were set up in Shanghai and knocked down like dominoes.

Organizers of the Gum Domino Guinness World Record Challenge in Shanghai said they set up the small boxes of gum Monday and filmed as they were knocked down in a domino effect.

Only the fallen packs of gum...Read more

Authorities seek baboon on the loose in South African city

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(UPI) Residents of Johannesburg, South Africa, are being warned to keep an eye out for a loose baboon that made its way to the city and has been spotted in populated areas.

Authorities warned residents of the Northcliff and Roosevelt Park area of the city that the baboon was spotted wandering the neighborhood Wednesday and police and animal ...Read more

Firefighters rescue seagull impaled on rooftop TV antenna

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(UPI) Firefighters and animal rescuers in Wales came to the assistance of a seagull that was impaled on a rooftop TV antenna.

RSPCA Cymru said rescuers were summoned to a property in Cardiff during the weekend on a report of a gull trapped on a TV antenna, and they arrived to find the bird impaled on the rooftop.

The rescuers contacted the ...Read more

VIDEO: Welsh street recognized as steepest in the world

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(UPI) A Welsh town captured a Guinness World Record from New Zealand when its infamously precipitous road was measured as the steepest in the world.

Residents of Harlech, Wales, have been campaigning for months to have Ffordd Pen Llech recognized as the world's steepest street, and it has now received the certification from Guinness after being...Read more

VIDEO: Postcard shows up at Illinois home exactly 26 years after postmark

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) An Illinois woman said she is trying to solve an intriguing mystery after a postcard showed up at her house that was postmarked 26 years ago.

Kim Draper said she initially thought the postcard had been delivered to the wrong address when it showed up July 8 at her Springfield home, but a closer look revealed it had been sent to a previous...Read more

Maryland man wins Keno prizes weeks apart with same numbers

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(UPI) A Maryland man who scored a $1,500 Keno prize won $20,080 just a few weeks later using the same set of numbers.

The 53-year-old Indian Head man told Maryland Lottery officials he was playing Keno this week at Lee's Market in Indian Head when his lucky numbers, a selection of family birthdays, earned him a $20,080 jackpot on a 10-draw, 8-...Read more

Escaped reindeer runs loose in Malta traffic

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(UPI) Surprised residents in a Malta city captured video of an unusual sight -- an escaped reindeer running through a busy road.

Matthew Vella said he was driving home from a restaurant with his parents in the Burmarrad area of St. Paul's Bay when the animal came sprinting next to the car.

"I was really astonished to be honest," Vella told ...Read more

Chicago alligator 'Chance the Snapper' captured after a week in city park

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(UPI) An alligator that spent at least a week evading capture in a Chicago park was finally captured by a trapper brought in from Florida.

Authorities said Tuesday the gator dubbed "Chance the Snapper" by locals was captured in the Humboldt Park Lagoon about 1:30 a.m. by Frank Robb, a professional alligator trapper summoned from Florida to help...Read more

Texas family upset by breast-baring photobomber

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Texas woman said a family photo at a state park was ruined by a photobomber who exposed a breast toward the camera.

Monica Davila of Cypress said she was going through photos Monday from her family's visit to Garner State Park when she spotted the smiling woman lifting her shirt, exposing a breast.

"[You see her] boob, nipple, ...Read more

Emu spotted running loose though North Carolina counties

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) Authorities in North Carolina said they are searching for an emu that was caught on camera after multiple sightings across two counties.

Orange County Animal Services said it has received numerous calls in recent weeks about an emu on the loose, and the animal is believed to be hanging around the border of Orange and Chatham counties.

...Read more

Pizza festival creates 59-foot calzone for Guinness record

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Vaughanpizzafest (@vaughanpizzafestival) on Jul 14, 2019 at 10:07am PDT

Pizza makers from across Ontario banded together at a festival north of Toronto to break the Guinness record for the world's longest calzone.

The team of pizza makers gathered at Vaughan Pizza Fest and created a calzone ...Read more

VIDEO: Doctor removes butterfly from patient's ear canal

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A doctor in Vietnam shared video of an unusual case where a patient complaining of pain had a butterfly in his ear canal.

Dr. Tuan, who works at a clinic in Ha Nam province, said the patient came in Saturday complaining of ear pain and suspected that an insect had crawled into his ear.

Tuan used a camera to look into the patient's ear ...Read more

Man's long lucky lottery streak culminates in $1 million jackpot

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A lottery player who said he has won money on 26 of his last 27 scratch-off tickets had his streak culminate in a $1 million prize.

Michael Strong, who lives in Hawaii but has a home in North Carolina, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he visited the Scotchman in Richlands, N.C., while in town to work on his house and ...Read more

VIDEO: Fire ants form 'rafts' to float in Barry's floodwaters

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(UPI) Fire ants in Louisiana were caught on camera saving themselves from Tropical Storm Barry's floodwaters by banding together to form a raft.

Jonathan Petralama, a weather reporter for Accuweather.com, was monitoring floodwaters from an overtopped levee in Plaquemines Parish when he captured video of "fire ant balls" floating in the water.

...Read more

French inventor's 'flyboard' draws attention at Bastille Day celebration

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) !function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src="https://rumble.com/embedJS/u80oi"+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+/?url=+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+&args=+...Read more

Missouri woman tracks down her stolen SUV, takes it back

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(UPI) A Missouri woman whose car was stolen while she was picking up her daughter performed some detective work of her home and stole the vehicle back.

Danielle Reno of Kansas City said she was only out of her Toyota 4Runner for a few short moments while picking up her daughter when someone jumped into the vehicle and sped off.

Reno said she ...Read more

Family's escaped llama returns home after more than a month on the loose

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(UPI) A British Columbia woman said her escaped llama returned home on her own after more than a month wandering loose.

Jessica Udchitz said Coco, the llama that she and her family brought to their Clinton farm in April to help watch over their goat herd, escaped from the 25-acre farm in June and returned to the property on her own Sunday.

"...Read more

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