Thousands of birds congregate at Old Navy in Texas

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(UPI) A flock of thousands of birds apparently preparing to migrate are making nightly visits to an unusual rallying point: an Old Navy store in Texas.

Spectators have been visiting the Old Navy store in Stafford during the past few sunsets to witness the nightly gathering of purple martins outside the business.

"They said it's a really cool ...Read more

Bear walks into Connecticut liquor store

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(UPI) Security cameras at a Connecticut liquor store captured the moment a bear walked in through the front door.

The footage recorded by cameras Monday at Crazy Bruce's Discount Liquors in Bristol shows the bear walk into the vestibule through the front door, leading a quick-thinking employee to lock the inside door.

Employee Daniel Thibodeau...Read more

Girl Scouts in Tennessee break s'mores world record

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(UPI) Girl Scouts in Tennessee said they successfully broke a Guinness World Record by gathering more than 800 people to make s'mores at the same time.

The Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee said 801 people gathered at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood on National S'Mores Day to simultaneously toast marshmallows and put them on graham ...Read more

Firefighters attempt to rescue 'potty-mouthed' parrot

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(UPI) Firefighters in London responded to a neighborhood where a "potty-mouthed" parrot had flown onto a neighbor's roof.

The London Fire Brigade said a crew responded to a Edmonton neighborhood where a Macaw parrot named Jessie was reported to have flown the coop and spent three days on a neighbor's roof, despite rescue attempts from the bird'...Read more

Florida firefighters rescue kitten with head stuck in generator

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(UPI) Firefighters in Florida rescued a kitten with its head stuck in a generator behind a local grocery store on Sunday.

The City of New Smyrna Beach Fire Department shared photos of the distressed kitten with its head sticking out of a small hole in the green generator.

Crews from Engine 52 arrived at the scene and used lubricant to gently ...Read more

Sheriff deputies rescue group stranded on rainbow unicorn raft

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(UPI) Sheriff's officials in Minnesota rescued a group stranded in a local lake a floating, inflatable unicorn.

The Chisago County sheriff's office shared video of the four women trapped in the weeds while riding a large, white inflatable unicorn with rainbow features on Saturday.

"Driving by a local lake we observed a bunch of women in a ...Read more

Michigan woman nearly threw out $50,000 lottery ticket

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(UPI) A Michigan woman nearly threw out a nearly $50,000 winning Powerball lottery ticket after several failed attempts to redeem it.

Delaine Passucci, 47, successfully matched the four lottery balls required to win the Powerball drawing, but was almost unable to claim the $50,004 at her local grocery store.

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Sydney group break record for largest electric guitar ensemble

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(UPI) The Sydney Guitar Festival in Australia has announced that they have broken the Guinness World Record for the largest electric guitar ensemble.

The Festival, using videos and photos as proof, gathered enough musicians with electric guitars together to break the previous record of 368 people set in India in 2013.

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Police respond to boa constrictor found under car hood

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(UPI) Police in Stoughton, Mass., responded to a boa constrictor that was found under the hood of a car.

The Stoughton Police Department shared images of the large snake on Facebook and described how they properly captured the serpent using three cops and one animal control officer.

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Montana man finds mountain lion under his SUV

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(UPI) A Montana man said he rushed to cancel a water softener salt delivery when he went outside and spotted a mountain lion under his SUV.

Dannis Ackerman said he spotted movement outside his Ulm home Thursday and he went outside to discover a mountain lion staring back at him from under his SUV.

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Lottery winner carried ticket in purse for three weeks

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(UPI) A Michigan woman said her KENO! lottery ticket spent three weeks in her purse before she discovered it was a $250,000 winner.

The 84-year-old Calhoun County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she bought a ticket for the July 19 KENO! drawing at a Family Fare store in Battle Creek and put it in her purse.

She said it was three weeks ...Read more

More than 700 play hopscotch to break Guinness record

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(UPI) A New York state church said more than 700 block party attendees broke a Guinness World Record for playing hopscotch.

The Asbury First United Methodist Church said more than 700 people played simultaneous games of hopscotch during Thursday night's Block Party on East event, beating the previous Guinness record of 650 people.

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Pizza Museum opens in Chicago, to New York's chagrin

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(UPI) The U.S. Pizza Museum has officially opened its doors in Chicago, raising the ire of some New York-style pizza fans.

The museum, which previously displayed exhibits online and at pop-up events, opened officially Friday at Chicago's Roosevelt Collection and is scheduled to remain open through the end of October.

The Pizza Museum features ...Read more

Teacher breaks record by rowing Atlantic in under 40 days

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(UPI) An Ohio teacher broke a world record when he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to England, in under 40 days.

Bryce Carlson, 37, a Cincinnati high school teacher, said the official time for his some-2,000 mile rowing trip from Newfoundland to St. Mary's, in England's Isles of Scilly, was 38 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes, beating ...Read more

Two antelope escape from New York state farm

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(UPI) Police in New York state said two antelope escaped from a farm when a gate was left open and one was later recaptured.

New York State Police said the two antelope escaped Thursday afternoon from a farm located near The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango.

The farm and The Wild Animal Park are both owned by Jeff Taylor, but police said the ...Read more

California city sets Guinness record for slime-making

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(UPI) Nearly 950 people gathered in a California city to set a Guinness World Record for most people making slime simultaneously.

Guinness said a total 933 people gathered at the Community Friendship Day event in Carson to make slime from glue, liquid starch and various dyes and glitters.

The record-keeping organization said in order to ...Read more

More than 75 goats and sheep escape in New Jersey

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(UPI) Police in New Jersey were called to handle an unusual situation when more than 75 goats and sheep escaped from a livestock auction.

The Hackettstown Police Department said officers were called about 9:33 p.m. Wednesday to the Hackettstown Livestock Auction, where dozens of animals were reported to have escaped.

"It was determined that an...Read more

Dust devil carries dirt column across California road

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(UPI) A traveler on a California road captured video of a huge dust devil carrying a column of dirt through the air.

The video, filmed on a road in Adelanto, shows the massive dust devil, a mini tornado that picks up dust and dirt from the ground, swirling next to and through the street.

The whirlwind lasts only a few moments before ...Read more

Displaced bees swarm pump at Michigan gas station

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(UPI) A man who stopped to fill up his tank at a Michigan gas station captured video of thousands of bees covering the gas pump.

The video, filmed Thursday morning at a Marathon station near the town of Boon, shows thousands of bees crawling over the gas pump as the man fills up his truck.

The filmer said the bees had apparently been living in...Read more

Harlem Globetrotter sinks shot from airplane over New Jersey

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(UPI) A Harlem Globetrotters player showed off the height of his trick shot skills by sinking a basket tossed from an airplane.

Bull Bullard, the Globetrotter who previously pulled off high-flying trick shots from locations including a helicopter and the SkyCoaster at Morey's Piers in New Jersey, appeared in a YouTube video on the team's ...Read more