Seattle spill sends heavy metal balls rolling down road

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(UPI) Multiple cars were damaged when a truck lost its load of about 22,000 metal grinding balls, which then rolled down a steep Seattle hill.

Witnesses said the truck was going up the steep incline of SW Genessee Street about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday when the back of the vehicle came open and the 2-pound metal grinding balls, which are used to ...Read more

Gargantuan gator resurfaces at Florida golf course

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(UPI) An estimated 15-foot alligator that became a viral star at a Florida golf course has resurfaced to the surprise of a group of golfers.

The massive gator, known as Chubbs, was spotted by Sage Stryczny and a group of friends golfing at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto.

Chubbs, estimated to be about 15 feet long, became a viral ...Read more

Wooden bridge sags under weight of bus in Arkansas

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(UPI) An Arkansas woman captured video of a wooden bridge sagging dramatically due to a bus that was well over the posted weight limit.

Barb Hartman Mather captured video of the bus driving over the wooden Beaver Bridge in Beaver, causing the structure to dip.

Officials said the bus weighs about 35 tons, well over the bridge's 10-ton limit.

...Read more

Florida man drags stranded dolphin out to sea

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(UPI) A Florida man who found a dolphin struggling in shallow water after Hurricane Michael was filmed dragging the mammal back out to sea.

Justin Squire said he and his friends were surveying the damage from the hurricane at Indian Pass Campground in Port St. Joe when they found the dolphin stuck in shallow water.

The video, recorded by one ...Read more

Mountain lion wanders into California bakery

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(UPI) Authorities in California shared photos of a mountain lion that gave an employee a scare when it wandered into a bakery.

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Deputy Evan Vaughn said deputies responded with California Fish and Wildlife officials when the juvenile cougar was spotted inside a local business.

The sheriff's office said an ...Read more

Employee falls into mall's shark tank during feeding time

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(UPI) An employee at a Chinese mall was caught on camera falling into a shark tank during feeding time for the undersea predators.

The video, filmed at the Wuyue Plaza mall in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, shows the mall employee using a bridge over the tank as a shortcut while en route to a meeting and falling through the feeding hatch, which ...Read more

Police helping ESPN find 'WSU Popcorn Guy'

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(UPI) A Washington state police department is joining ESPN to search for the "Popcorn Guy" whose snacking at a Washington State University game went viral.

The Pullman Police Department said it is helping ESPN College GameDay search for the identity of "WSU Popcorn Guy," who went viral after being filmed making a mess of his popcorn during the ...Read more

Parade of 84 ice cream trucks sets Guinness record

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(UPI) A total 84 ice cream trucks paraded through the streets of a British town to set a Guinness World Record for a gathering of the treat-dispensing vehicles.

The parade, organized by ice cream truck manufacturer Whitby-Morrison, featured 84 of the vehicles driving in a line through the streets of Crewe, England, with their signature music ...Read more

'Very rare' bee colony with no hive rescued in Virginia

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Virginia removed a "very rare" Italian honey bee colony without a hive from the grounds of a church.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control said a man doing work outside the Victory Tabernacle Church of God discovered the colony swarming around their honeycombs, which were not inside a hive.

The agency said it is ...Read more

Ohio zoo's drill sparks jaguar escape rumors

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(UPI) A routine drill at an Ohio zoo turned into a neighborhood panic when rumors swirled that a jaguar had actually escaped from the facility.

The Akron Zoo held a drill Tuesday that involved a zookeeper walking around with a photo of a jaguar and mimicking the big cat's movements to practice the facility's response to an animal escape ...Read more

Hapless officers recorded in hilarious squirrel capture

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(UPI) A North Carolina police department shared video of two officers having a difficult time capturing a squirrel with an injured leg.

The Hillsborough Police Department said Lead Rescuer Sgt. Purvis and Assistant Rescuer Officer Dimitri responded Tuesday to a report of an injured animal at the Hampton Pointe Shopping Center.

A video from the...Read more

Doctor removes live tick from deep inside patient's ear

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(UPI) A Malaysia doctor shared video of an unusual procedure that resulted from a live tick being found in a patient's ear canal.

The video shows Dr. Rahmat Omar, 49, an ear, nose and throat surgeon in Kuala Lumpur, removing the tick from deep inside a patient's ear canal.

Omar said he was shocked when he discovered the foreign object inside ...Read more

Students stuff 6,026 backpacks for Guinness record

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(UPI) A Philadelphia college broke a Guinness World Record by stuffing 6,026 backpacks with school supplies in just one hour.

Temple University students gathered Monday night and filled the backpacks with school supplies that will go to 20 organizations, including local schools, as part of the "Pack It Up TU" event.

The event broke the ...Read more

Bear breaks into snow-covered Colorado car

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(UPI) A Colorado resident's home security camera recorded a burglary by a black bear that wasn't dissuaded by the snow covering an unlocked car.

The video, posted to Twitter by the Red Van Workshop, shows the black bear opening the doors of a snow-covered car parked outside the owner's Boulder County home.

The bear then climbs inside the car ...Read more

Glass pane shatters on Chinese mountain walkway

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(UPI) A visitor to a glass walkway high up on a Chinese mountain captured video showing one of the panes of glass shattered.

The video shows the glass at the East Taihang Mountains walkway in Handan City, Hebei Province, shattered, with small pieces spread around the broken pane.

"The glass is totally broken but the walkaway is still open to ...Read more

Alligator wanders into Florida gas station

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(UPI) Police in Florida responded early Tuesday morning to an unusual emergency -- an alligator inside a gas station.

The Miami Gardens Police Department said Officers Bryan Blanco and Victor Velez responded to the Marathon station early Tuesday on a report of a baby alligator that had wandered into the store.

The department said the officers ...Read more

Maryland woman collects second $50,000 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Maryland woman collected her second $50,000 lottery jackpot in three months from tickets purchased from the same vending machine.

The 58-year-old Chevy Chase woman told Maryland Lottery officials she bought her winning ticket in secret last week because her daughter asked her to stop playing when she won $50,000 from a scratch-off ...Read more

Customs beagle sniffs out pig head in luggage

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(UPI) Customs officials at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said a K-9 beagle sniffed out a roasted pig head in a traveler's luggage.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Hardy, a CBP Agriculture Detector and member of the agency's "Beagle Brigade," alerted officials to the presence of the pig head in the checked baggage of...Read more

Portland, Mich., police getting angry messages about Portland, Ore.

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(UPI) Officials in the Michigan city of Portland are pleading for Facebook users to stop sending them angry messages about the city of the same name in Oregon.

City Manager Tutt Gorman posted on the Michigan city's official Facebook page that the account, and that of the city's police department, are not affiliated with the city of Portland, ...Read more

Taylor Swift the antelope briefly escapes California zoo

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(UPI) A California zoo confirmed it temporarily shut down when a bongo calf named Taylor Swift escaped from her enclosure.

The Sacramento Zoo said visitors spotted the 1-year-old bongo, a type of antelope, outside her exhibit about 3:30 p.m. Sunday and a member of staff soon confirmed Taylor was on the loose.

The zoo said visitors were ushered...Read more

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