Burmese python on the loose in Indiana town

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(UPI) Police in Indiana are warning residents to be on the lookout for a 14-foot Burmese python that escaped from its owner's home.

The Beech Grove Police Department said the python, named Vine, escaped from the home of owner Benny Tarplee last week, but he didn't report the serpent missing until earlier this week.

Tarplee said the 8-year-old ...Read more

Message in a bottle travels from Massachusetts to Canada in 18 years

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(UPI) A message in a bottle tossed into the water off the Massachusetts coast 18 years ago was found by an 11-year-old boy on a Canadian beach.

Dallas Goreham, 11, said he was hunting for sea glass near his home in Woods Harbor, Nova Scotia, when he found a bottle he initially thought was just trash.

"I was going to throw it away, but then I ...Read more

Florida couple spot 300-pound alligator swimming in their pool

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(UPI) A Florida couple having their morning coffee looked into their back yard and noticed something hihgly unusual -- a 300 pound alligator swimming in their pool.

Connie and Frank Shaffery said they were drinking coffee Wednesday morning at their Sarasota home when they spotted the 9-foot gator swimming laps in the pool.

"We have a pond ...Read more

Escaped horses chase cyclists down the highway

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(UPI) A camera mounted to the back of an Australian cyclist's bike captured the moment the group of cyclists was chased by two escaped horses.

Flynn Murphy said his father, Quinten Murphy, was out for a morning ride recently with a group of cyclists along the Nepean Highway in Carrum, Victoria.

A camera mounted to the back of Quinten Murphy's ...Read more

Kangaroo interrupts rugby game in Australia

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(UPI) A videographer recording a rugby game in Australia captured the moment the match was interrupted by a kangaroo that hopped out onto the pitch.

The video, recorded Sunday at the Pioneer Oval in Parkes, New South Wales, shows the Country Rugby League game between the Spacecats and Nyngan being halted by a kangaroo's unexpected visit.

The ...Read more

Men steal 3,396 worth of quarters from Florida car wash

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(UPI) Authorities in Florida shared video of two thieves accused of stealing 3,396 quarters in a late night car wash burglary.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office posted a video to YouTube showing security camera footage of the May 8 burglary, which involved two men using a drill to gain access to an outdoor payment machine at the Mobil gas ...Read more

Family records cat's highway ride on van's roof

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(UPI) A family traveling on a Nebraska highway captured video of a cat surfing on the roof of a van, with the vehicle's driver apparently unaware.

Ronda Rankin posted a video to Facebook showing the cat her family spotted on top of a van while they were traveling 60 mph on Interstate 480 in Omaha about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

"My daughter says, '...Read more

Lottery win stops reluctant player's eye-rolling

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(UPI) A North Carolina man who begrudgingly bought a lottery ticket for his wife said he is done with the eye rolling after winning $390,000.

Darrin Nunnery of Linden told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he rolled his eyes on Monday when he left his home to go to the store and his wife shouted for him to buy her a Lucky for Life ...Read more

Texas teens pose for prom photos at Whataburger

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(UPI) A pair of Texas high school seniors celebrated their last prom -- and their love of fast food -- by posing for photos at Whataburger.

Photographer Sara Spada shared photos of Magnolia High School seniors Madison Hefner and Rance Henry hanging out at Whataburger in their prom outfits.

"These young adults are fun, energetic, gorgeous, and....Read more

Maine police bust men dragging stolen shed down road

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(UPI) Authorities in Maine said three men were arrested after being caught in the act of using a pickup truck to drag a stolen 25-foot shed down a road.

Maine State Police said troopers responded Sunday to a report of a pickup truck being used to drag the large shed, which was not on any kind of trailer, down a road in Lebanon.

Troopers ...Read more

Judge orders 30-year-old to move out of his parents' house

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(UPI) A New York judge ruled a 30-year-old man must leave his parents home after they spent months trying unsuccessfully to get him to move out.

New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood ruled Tuesday that Michael Rotondo must leave the Camillus home of his parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo.

The judge heard Rotondo's parents ...Read more

Bear breaks into Connecticut car, fails to eat banana

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(UPI) Police in Connecticut responding to a call about a suspected car burglar found something more unusual -- a bear trapped inside the vehicle.

Linda Morad said she thought there was someone inside her 2015 Subaru Outback on Friday outside her friend's house in Canton when the headlights started flashing and the horn and alarm kept going on ...Read more

Texas girl thanks police for pulling over mother

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(UPI) A Texas police department shared a letter of appreciation from a disgruntled child thanking them for pulling her mother over.

The Fulshear Police Department said on Facebook that students at Huggins Elementary School wrote letters to the department for Police Week and one note from a young girl stood out from the crowd.

The letter, ...Read more

News crew rescues cyclist from mother moose

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(UPI) A news crew streaming a mother moose's visit live on Facebook ended up intervening to rescue a cyclist charged by the large animal.

A news crew for KTVA-TV was live-streaming a mother moose and her calves next to the Glenn Highway, just outside of Anchorage's Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, on Monday when the mother moose charged at a ...Read more

Firefighters rescue beaver wedged between bars of metal fence

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(UPI) Firefighters in Idaho had to pry apart the metal bars of a fence to rescue a beaver that somehow got stuck in the barrier.

The Eagle Fire Department posted photos to Twitter from the rescue of the unlucky beaver, which was stuck with the middle of its body wedged between the metal bars.

The photos show firefighters using tools to pry the...Read more

Snake slithers out of man's cereal box, hides in dishwasher

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(UPI) A British man sitting down for breakfast received a fright when a snake slithered out of his cereal box and fled into his dishwasher.

The RSPCA said Animal Collection Officer Katie Hetherington responded Saturday morning to a home in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, where a man reported a 3-foot snake had emerged from his box of cereal.

"I...Read more

Turkeys chase cyclist down South Carolina road

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(UPI) A surprised traveler on a North Carolina road turned around to capture video of an unusual spectacle: a cyclist being chased by turkeys.

The video, filmed this month on a road in Waynesville, shows a cyclist riding on the ride of the road with three turkeys in hot pursuit.

The filmer said the turkeys may have been chasing the man for up ...Read more

Ferry crew members pluck pig out of river

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(UPI) The crew of a ferry traveling across a river in Vietnam ended up rescuing a pig struggling to swim in the middle of the water.

The video, recorded this month on a ferry in Tien Giang, shows a pig swimming in the water next to the watercraft, which is loaded with passengers.

The ferry's crew lowers a ramp for the swimming swine, but the ...Read more

Bear cubs break into woman's car to steal fries, tea

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(UPI) A Tennessee woman said the allure of fries and sweet tea led a trio of bear cubs to climb into her car and wreck the interior.

Carrie Bunch said her car was parked in Gatlinburg when the bears climbed into the vehicle through a backseat window.

"There were three bears in there at one point," Bunch told WATE-TV. They're probably ...Read more

Stop for lemonade turns into $250,000 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A South Carolina couple who had to make a quick stop for lemonade said their thirst led them to a $250,000 lottery prize.

The Moncks Corner couple told South Carolina Education Lottery officials they stopped at the local Piggly Wiggly and the wife ran inside to pick up some lemonade.

The woman decided at the last minute to drop $10 on a ...Read more