Family solves 60-year-old mystery of message in a bottle

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(UPI) An Australian family said they have finally solved the 60-year-old mystery of a message in a bottle that washed up on a Queensland beach.

Kent Howlett of Brisbane said his father, Jack, found the bottle containing a handwritten note on a Fraser Island beach 60 years ago.

Howlett said his father tried to find the author of the note, which...Read more

Pennsylvania police rescue cat stuck in garbage disposal

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(UPI) Police in Pennsylvania shared a photo from an unusual call involving a cat that found itself trapped in a difficult spot -- the garbage disposal.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the curious cat that managed to crawl into its owner's garbage disposal, leaving only the feline's head sticking out ...Read more

Game warden rescues eagle found covered in ice

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Oklahoma shared video from the rescue of an eagle that was unable to fly due to being covered in ice.

Oklahoma Game Wardens posted a video to Facebook showing the eagle sparkling on the Osage/Kay county line, where it was found covered in ice by ranchers.

Game Warden Spencer Grace responded to the location and ...Read more

Huge boulder nearly crushes car on cliff-side highway

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(UPI) A driver's dash cam in Taiwan captured the moment a huge boulder fell from a cliff and came within inches of crushing the vehicle.

The video, filmed Tuesday on a highway next to a large cliff, shows the driver traveling behind a large truck.

A huge boulder suddenly falls from the cliff and breaks on the ground right in front of the ...Read more

Fearless horse struts up to wolf pack, acts playful

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(UPI) A photographer searching for wolves in Italy found a group of the animals as well as something more bizarre -- a fearless horse frolicking among them.

Fabrizio Giammatteo said he was out looking for wolves to photograph in the Acciano area when he came across a pack of six wolves resting in the sun.

Giammatteo said he started filming ...Read more

Semi truck's bucked wheel collides with dump truck on highway

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(UPI) A driver's dashboard camera in Oklahoma captured the moment a runaway wheel from a semi truck collided with a dump truck traveling the opposite direction.

The video, recorded Friday, shows the filmer's vehicle traveling behind and to the right of a dump truck traveling on U.S. Highway 266.

A semi truck traveling in the opposite direction...Read more

Dog stops pickup truck from leaving by jumping on hood

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(UPI) A surprised traveler in Brazil recorded video of a dog that refused to let a man drive away by repeatedly jumping onto his hood.

The video, filmed this month on a street in Nova Iguacu, shows a man in a pickup truck at the side of the road trying to get a dog to get off the hood of the vehicle.

The man honks his horn, but the canine is ...Read more

Lottery ticket rejected by fellow shopper wins man $30,000

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(UPI) A Maryland man said a store customer's rejected lottery ticket turned out to be his gain when he bought it and won $30,000.

The 62-year-old Westminster man told Maryland Lottery officials he was shopping at the D&B Liquors store in Walkersville when another customer decided not to buy a $3 Prize Lines scratch-off ticket that the clerk had...Read more

Seal found with Frisbee around neck freed after rehabilitation

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(UPI) A seal dubbed "Mrs. Frisbee" after being found on a British beach with a plastic toy embedded around her neck has been released after months of rehabilitation.

The Atlantic gray seal was found in September on Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England, with a plastic disc stuck around her neck and digging into her skin.

The Friends of Horsey Seals...Read more

Sheriff's deputy wrangles loose pig running wild in downtown Dallas

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(UPI) A sheriff's deputy in downtown Dallas was filmed using a length of rope to capture and wrangle a domestic pig running loose in the city.

Isaac Davies posted video to Facebook showing a Dallas County sheriff's deputy using the piece of rope to wrangle the pig after it was found running loose through the city's downtown.

"I couldn't write ...Read more

Pennsylvania 11-year-old gets jury duty summons

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania mother was left scratching her head when she received a jury duty summons for her son -- an 11-year-old Boy Scout.

Jeanette Fox said a jury duty notice showed up at her West Chester home this month and she was surprised to notice it was addressed to her 11-year-old son, Luke.

Luke, a Boy Scout, said he visited the ...Read more

Plane passenger uses overhead vent to dry underwear

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(UPI) A surprised passenger on an international flight captured video of a woman using the overhead air conditioning vent to dry a pair of underwear.

The video, recorded Feb. 14 aboard a Ural Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Moscow, shows the woman holding the pair of panties over her head to dry under the air vent.

A witness told ...Read more

Russian couple keeping cougar as pet in small apartment

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(UPI) A Russian couple's pet has become a social media sensation after they adopted a cougar from a petting zoo and brought it to live in their studio apartment.

Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev said the 2-year-old mountain lion, Messi, has been living as a normal -- if oversized -- house pet ever since they adopted him from a petting zoo in 2016. ...Read more

Fisherman catches 16-foot great white shark minutes after hooking 10-footer

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(UPI) A pair of South Carolina fishermen shared a photo of a massive 16-foot great white shark they hooked minutes after catching a 10-foot shark.

A photo posted to Facebook by Hilton Head-based Outcast Sport Fishing shows charter Capt. Chip Michalove and a friend with the 3,000-pound shark they hooked.

Michalove said he and his buddy were out...Read more

Florida trapper removes big alligator from under pickup truck

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(UPI) Authorities in Florida shared video of the moment a state trapper pulled an 8 1/2-foot alligator out from underneath a resident's pickup truck.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office posted a video to Facebook showing what happened on Tuesday when deputies responded to the home in the Sable Ridge area of Land O' Lakes and summoned a state ...Read more

Musical elephant shows off harmonica skills in India

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(UPI) An elephant at a "rejuvenation camp" in India was filmed showing off an unusual skill -- playing the harmonica.

The video, filmed at a Coimbatore-area rejuvenation camp for elephants that live at temples in the country, shows a trainer at the facility placing the harmonica in the elephant's trunk.

The elephant, named Andaal, raises the ...Read more

Minnesota man sinks 120-foot putt to win $100,000

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(UPI) A visitor to the Minnesota Golf Show won a $100,000 prize by sinking a difficult putt from 120 feet away from the hole.

A video recorded Sunday during the show at the Minneapolis Convention Center shows pilot Paul Shadle taking on the putting challenge.

Shadle is able to sink the difficult shot from 120 away, earning him the $100,000 ...Read more

Snowboarder towed by Maserati breaks speed record

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(UPI) A British snowboarder broke a Guinness speed record by reaching an average top speed of 92.99 mph while being towed by a Maserati Levante.

Jamie Barrow posted video to Twitter showing him breaking his own Guinness World Record while being towed across a frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Barrow said he reached a top speed of 94.18 ...Read more

Tiger snake with head stuck in beer can rescued in Australia

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(UPI) A reptile handler in Australia shared video of an unusual rescue involving a snake with its head stuck inside a beer can.

A video posted to Facebook by Stewy the Snake Catcher shows the man and his partner working to carefully cut the snake out of the can without injuring it.

Stewy said he was contacted by members of the public who ...Read more

Man uses birthday numbers to win Powerball prize for his birthday

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(UPI) A Delaware man who won a $50,000 Powerball prize in time for his birthday said he actually used his birthday numbers to win the jackpot.

The Bear resident, who requested anonymity, told Delaware Lottery officials his birthday is coming up this weekend and he used the date of the occasion when he bought his ticket for the Feb. 10 Powerball...Read more


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