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DEAR STACY: Is Donald Glover's other name, Childish Gambino, a reference to the mafia crime family run by John Gotti? What's the story? -- Rachel B., Agoura Hills, California

DEAR RACHEL: The story behind Glover's stage name is not nearly so deliberate. "Childish Gambino" is what happened to come out of a Wu-Tang Clan website name generator tool that Glover and his friends were playing with. Everyone thought his name was the best, and there you have it.


DEAR STACY: I just love Kate McKinnon! She is so gifted. Is she in a relationship? She never seems to talk about her private life. -- D.J.

DEAR D.J.: The multi-Emmy-winning "Saturday Night Live" lead player, now on the big screen with Mila Kunis in "The Spy Who Dumped Me," prefers to fill talk show and magazine interviews with funny conversation about work and the world -- and leave out the stuff about her personal life. However, she is openly gay, and actress/photographer Jackie Abbott, who was with her at last year's Emmys, has been described as her girlfriend.


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DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to James Stacy? Is he still alive? -- Curious

DEAR CURIOUS: Stacy died in 2016 of an allergic reaction to medication. He was 79, and had lived one of the most tumultuous lives of any Hollywood character. The one-time TV heartthrob, remembered for his role in the "Lancer" western series -- and his comeback from a motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of his left arm and leg and killed his companion -- hit bottom in 1995. That's when he was sentenced to a six-year term for molesting an 11-year-old girl at his home north of Los Angeles -- a sentence hardened by two other incidents of "prowling" young girls by Stacy. He subsequently served time at California's Chino Men's Prison.


DEAR STACY: Is it true Al Roker is related to Lenny Kravitz? I know Lenny's mother was the late Roxie Roker of "The Jeffersons." -- Sunny W.

DEAR SUNNY: Kravitz' and Roker's grandfathers were cousins, according to Al.

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