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DEAR STACY: What's up with Tobey Maguire? It's been years since I've seen him acting in anything. -- Stephanie D.

DEAR STEPHANIE: Certainly he hasn't been as visible as he was in his "Spider-Man" days. Maguire had a voice role in last year's "Boss Baby." In 2015, he had the big screen "Pawn Sacrifice," as chess champion Bobby Fischer. And in 2014, he had the hit miniseries, "Spoils of Babylon." He's focused a lot of attention on producing, but it's been a tough road for him. Most recently, he was going to be among the producers of "Rub and Tug," but that feature film project is currently on hold as they try to figure out what to do in the wake of the controversy over Scarlett Johansson playing a transgender male, and the actress' subsequent withdrawal as star. Two high-profile projects set to be produced by his Material Pictures never actually got made: an adaptation of "Tokyo Suckerpunch" in which Anne Hathaway was expected to star; and an adaptation of the comic book "Afterburn." Of the films that he did get to screen, his "Rock of Ages" grossed a reported $38.5 million -- on a $75 million budget. His 2016 "The 5th Wave" took in $105 million worldwide on a $54 million budget. And the aforementioned "Pawn Sacrifice" drew an abysmal $5.6 million worldwide on a $19 million budget.


DEAR STACY: Did they ever determine the cause of death of Margot Kidder? -- HandW

DEAR HandW: The 69-year-old actress, best-known as Lois Lane in the "Superman" movies starring Christopher Reeve, was found dead in her Montana home in May, but the only public statement made about that has been that she "died peacefully in her sleep." As you may know, Kidder had battled bipolar disorder, drug abuse and alcoholism through the years -- which led to her going homeless for a period of time in 1996.


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DEAR STACY: Can you please give an update on Jennifer Tilly? A friend told me she quit acting and became a full-time poker player. -- Nick B., Connecticut

DEAR NICK: Not true. Currently, Tilly is being seen in Alan Rudolph's recently released "Ray Meets Helen" film with Keith Carradine and Sondra Locke. And she continues to perform in the New York stage comedy revue "Celebrity Autobiography" (in which celebrities act out passages from other celebrities' autobiographies). She also lends her voice to animated productions including the long-running "Family Guy" as Bonnie Swanson. Tilly will continue to voice her "Bride of Chucky" evil doll character Tiffany in the "Chucky" movies and potential TV series from writer-producer Don Mancini (not to be confused with the "Child's Play" reboot in the works at MGM). With all that, it is also true that Tilly is a professional-level poker player, the proud winner of a World Series of Poker bracelet.


DEAR STACY: What is the amazing Gerald McRaney doing these days besides occasionally showing up on "This Is Us"? -- A.B.

DEAR A.B.: It appears McRaney will be among the stars to return to their "Deadwood" roles in October for the long-talked-about "Deadwood" movie. HBO programming president Casey Bloys confirmed that the movie will be made and is expected to premiere in the spring. Of course, McRaney, who won the first Emmy of his five-decade career for playing Dr. K. in "This Is Us" last year, is nominated for the role again. We'll find out next month whether he repeats his win as guest actor in a drama.

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