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DEAR STACY: Is Piers Morgan really a close friend of Donald Trump? -- JasonH77

DEAR JASONH77: I can't say how close they may or may not have been, but I can say that Morgan, the winner of 2008's "Celebrity Apprentice," has defended his long-standing friendship with Trump many times. That is despite the "Good Morning Britain" host's pronouncements that he does not agree with the former reality TV star on issues from guns to climate change to abortion, and "would never have voted for him." He's pointed out that he has a lot of friends with whom he doesn't agree, and said, "Everyone keeps screaming at me not to like Donald Trump and it's not going to work. He's a friend of mine." However, recent tweets by Morgan show strain. Last week, he responded to the president's widely reported comments about Haiti and African countries, tweeting, "I know @realDonaldTrump doesn't like apologising but sometimes it's not just a good idea, it's absolutely essential. This is one of those times, Mr President. Your comment about immigrants from 's--thole countries' was outrageous, disgraceful & racist," And in November, he chastised Trump for retweeting Britain's Jayda Fransen: "What the hell are you doing retweeting a bunch of unverified videos by Britain First, a bunch of disgustingly racist far-right extremists? Please STOP this madness & undo your retweets." So, I suppose they're less close than in the friendship's halcyon days.


DEAR STACY: Wasn't there supposed to be a third "Independence Day" movie? What is happening with that? -- David C., Youngstown, Ohio

DEAR DAVID: Not much. Since the 2016 "Independence Day: Resurgence" was a big disappointment (with a U.S. box office gross of $103 million on a budget of $165 million), the third installment of the "ID" saga, to quote DigitalSpy, "looks about as likely as Judd Hirsch winning a Miss Teen America contest."


DEAR STACY: Please tell me what Sasha Alexander is up, professionally and personally. Also, can you give some background on her? -- R.B., Oxnard, California

DEAR R.B.: The 44-year-old L.A. native, who played medical examiner Maura Isles on TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles" mystery show from 2010 to 2016, continues in her recurring "Shameless" character of Helene Runyon, the college professor with the open marriage. Having directed "Rizzoli & Isles" during its final season, she has said she is interested in more behind-the-camera work, including producing and starring in her own series. Thus, she is developing projects of her own. No word on anything specific in that regard as yet. In March, she will be a speaker at the SXSW Festival as part of The Wrap's 2018 BE Conference. She enjoys having family time. Married to director Eduardo Ponti -- which makes her Sophia Loren's daughter-in-law -- she has a daughter, born in 2006, and a son, born in 2010. Alexander is of Serbian and Italian descent. She speaks both languages fluently. Born Suzana Drobnjakovic, Sasha adopted her brother's first name as her surname to use professionally. She started acting at age 7. An alumna of the University of Southern California, Alexander was part of several series before "Rizzoli & Isles," including "NCIS," "Presidio Med" and "Wasteland," and did a year-long stint on "Dawson's Creek" in 2000.

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