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DEAR STACY: What is "House of Cards" going to do without Kevin Spacey? -- Mia R., Boulder, Colorado

DEAR MIA: There will be a final, eight episode season with Robin Wright's Claire Underwood as the show's lead. It begins shooting in January. Producers scrapped most, if not all, the footage shot with Spacey playing Frank Underwood earlier this fall, and have thrown out scripts featuring the star, who was disgraced by accusations of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen men, including five who said they were teens at the time. Writer/editor Jessica Blankenship wrote on Twitter: "'House of Cards' killing off Frank and focusing on Claire is an absolutely flawless metaphor for the ideal outcome of men being outed as predators. She was always superior by every measure, and now we can stop paying attention to him entirely."


DEAR STACY: My favorite character on "The Good Place" is Chidi. Can you tell me about the actor who plays him? -- BBinRI

DEAR BBinRI: William Jackson Harper, who's killing it as the anxious, indecisive philosophy professor Chidi Anagonye in the NBC series, is 37 years old, has a girlfriend, hails from Dallas and is a graduate of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. He was a regular on "The Electric Company" from 2009-2013. His films include the 2010 "All Good Things" and this year's Sundance favorite, "How to Tell You're a Douchebag." Harper loves theater. His theatrical credits include Broadway's "All the Way," in which he played Stokely Carmichael and James Harrison, and Zoe Kazan's "After the Blast," still playing off-Broadway. He's also written a play called "The Man from Madisonville" that's been workshopped in New York. After years of struggling to make ends meet as a New York theater guy, he was ready to give up acting when "The Good Place" audition came up. He says his relaxed attitude -- thinking he was just having fun on his way out -- probably helped him get the job.


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DEAR STACY: Wondering about Anthony Michael Hall, who seems to have dropped from sight. What is new with him? -- Leigh Y., Youngstown, Ohop

DEAR LEIGH: The one-time Brat Packer was seen in Brad Pitt's Netflix flick, "War Machine" and Eminem's "Bodied" comedy drama this year. He also appeared, unfortunately, in news stories stemming from his 2016 arrest after shoving his neighbor, who broke his wrist in a fall. Hall pled no contest to charges that he assaulted neighbor Richard Samson during an argument and was sentenced to three years of probation in September.


DEAR STACY: I love to listen to "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" on NPR. Has it ever been done on TV? -- ShelbyWVY

DEAR ShelbyWVY: No. Somehow, the witty NPR radio comedic quiz program has never made it to the tube. CBS committed to a pilot in 2008, but it wasn't picked up. In 2011, BBC America did a "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" year in review special. Your best bet to see the panelists having at it would be to go to a live show. See the schedule at http://www.npr.org/programs/wait-wait-dont-tell-me/.

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