Outrage Over Family Separation Inspires Celebrity Response

Maggie Gyllenhaal has a crowded list of things to do, topped by her HBO series, "The Deuce," for which she is now a producer. Still, the actress found the time to co-create the viral video going under the hashtag #MyNameisMirian.

This is the video, released to the internet last week, in which more than 30 celebrities read from a sworn ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 14-15, 2018

DEAR STACY: Can you give an update on "The Property Brothers" personally and professionally? -- D.J.

DEAR D.J.: Those resplendent renovating twins, Drew and Jonathan Scott, will begin filming the seventh season of their "Property Brothers" and sixth season of their "Buying and Selling" in Calgary in September. It's been a significant year for ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July7-8, 2018

DEAR STACY: Who are the biggest Twitter users among celebrities? -- L.M.

DEAR L.M.: Hmm. If you mean multiple accounts with many tweets related to selling product, then the list is going to have Kardashians at the top. If you mean celebrities who tweet their own observations and news out to the world on a regular basis, that list has Cher, ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 30-August 1, 2018

DEAR STACY: How do they plan to make "Roseanne" without Roseanne? What did they have to give her to let them do this? -- Sunny

DEAR SUNNY: It was a one-time payment, the amount of which has been kept under wraps. The star, whose racist and bizarre statements on Twitter caused a summary cancellation of her successful series reboot, agreed to ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 23-24, 2018

DEAR STACY: What are the prospects for another "Bourne" movie? -- Ellen

DEAR ELLEN: Although producer Frank Marshall has indicated his and the studio's (Universal) interest, there aren't any plans for a sixth "Bourne" feature at this time, and Matt Damon has publicly wondered whether people "might be done" with the character.


DEAR STACY:...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 16-17, 2018

DEAR STACY: Is Chevy Chase still working or did he retire? Haven't seen him in a while. I know he's supposedly a flaming jerk, but he always made me laugh. -- Chris in Georgia

DEAR CHRIS: Yes, Chase continues on. He and Richard Dreyfuss have a movie coming up on Netflix called "The Last Laugh," about a promising standup comedian who quit the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 9-10, 2018

DEAR STACY: I binge-watched a lot of "Breaking Bad" with a friend who'd never seen it. What is the amazing Bryan Cranston doing these days? -- Jim A., St. Louis, Missouri

DEAR JIM: Cranston aims to bring his stage version of "Network" to Broadway, and is working on that now. It's the same searing satire by Paddy Chayefsky that won 1976 best ...Read more

Ask Stacy for June 2-3, 2018

DEAR STACY: What are James Roday and Dule Hill doing these days? It was fun to see them back at their old antics in the "Psych" movie. -- S.D.

DEAR S.D.: Dule Hill continues juggling work on two series. On USA Network's "Suits," which he joined in season seven, he's going from recurring to regular status. He and Katherine Heigl are filling the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 26-27, 2018

DEAR STACY: What is Vin Diesel's ethnicity? Is Diesel his real name? And is he married? And what is he up to? -- B.T.

DEAR B.T.: The actor, born Mark Vincent, reportedly is of Italian and African-American ancestry, among other roots. However, he prefers to avoid being specific as to his cultural background, saying he'd like to be seen as ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 19-20, 2018

DEAR STACY: Is it true "Shrek 5" is coming out next year? -- SW

DEAR SW: Although a 2019-2020 time frame has been specified for "Shrek 5," signs point to later -- possibly much later -- rather than sooner. And what form the movie might take is certainly up for grabs. Michael McCullers ("Austin Powers," "Boss Baby"), who wrote the story for the ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 12-13, 2018

DEAR STACY: Please help me track down a movie. It was about an advertising executive who had some kind of accident and then could only speak in commercial talk. It starred that actor from "Jurassic Park," David Neal. -- D.S.

DEAR D.S.: OK, a few things here. First, it's Sam Neill who was in "Jurassic Park." Second, he has never made a movie of ...Read more

Ask Stacy for May 5-6, 2018

DEAR STACY: My daughter watches "Nailed It," on Netflix and I can't help laughing along with her. Can you tell me about the contest to be on the show? I know someone who would be perfect. -- Asking for a Friend, New Haven, Conn.

DEAR ASKING: You're too late. Sorry. There was an April 20 deadline for the "Nailed It" contest, in which aspiring ...Read more

Ask Stacy for April 28-29, 2018

DEAR STACY: The new Netflix "Lost in Space" caused us to wonder, besides Bill Mumy, who had that great cameo, are any of the other original cast members still active in show business? -- Karie B., Lawndale, California

DEAR KARIE: At 92, June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson) is considered to have one of Hollywood's longest-running careers -- more ...Read more


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