Ask Stacy for Sept. 23-24, 2017

DEAR STACY: Did anything ever come of the idea of a "Downton Abbey" movie? -- GeorgiaB17

DEAR GeorgiaB17: Yes. In June, NBCUniversal International confirmed plans for a big screen edition of the hit series to commence production in 2018. Creator-writer Julian Fellowes has been working on the script, and producer Gareth Neame told Deadline ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 16-17, 2017

DEAR STACY: Please settle an awards show bet. I say Jay Leno never hosted the Emmys or Oscars. My friend doubts me. Please let us know who is right? -- Barbara L., Portland, Oregon

DEAR BARBARA: Leno did co-host the 42nd Emmy Awards show in 1990, with Candice Bergen and Jane Pauley. He never hosted the Oscars. While he was busy starring in "The...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 9-10, 2017

DEAR STACY: I read that Sandra Bullock donates a million dollars every time there is a natural catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey. How rich is she? And what else is she up to? -- Jeremy N., Sherman Oaks, California

DEAR JEREMY: The philanthropy-minded movie star and producer has a net worth that's been estimated at $200 million and an annual ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 2-3, 2017

DEAR STACY: What is Justine Bateman up to nowadays? -- KBT, Cincinnati

DEAR KBT: Bateman's activities are so eclectic and prolific, it's hard to keep track. The one-time "Family Ties" teen star was at last month's Toronto International Film Festival premiering a short film called "Five Minutes," her directorial debut. She also made a book ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Aug. 25-26, 2017

DEAR STACY: I saw a photo of Blythe Danner when she was young and she looked like a twin of her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow. Have mom and daughter ever worked together? What is Blythe up to lately? I'm a long-time admirer of her work. -- Kelly W., Columbia, South Carolina

DEAR KELLY: Danner and Paltrow acted together in the 1992 TV movie, "Cruel ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Aug. 19-20, 2017

DEAR STACY: Can Tracee Ellis Ross sing? -- Georgia, Baltimore, MD

DEAR GEORGIA: Yes. Don't take it from me; take it from her mother, pop icon Diana Ross. She brought the "Black-ish" star onstage with her a couple of years ago in Las Vegas and had her demonstrate her vocal chops. "She can sing. She won't do it," said Mom.


DEAR STACY: ...Read more

Ask Stacy for August 12-13, 2017

DEAR STACY: What is the correct way to say Iwan Rheon's name? -- Marcie A., Chattanooga, Tennessee

DEAR MARCIE: The 32-year-old Welsh actor, last seen being eaten by his own dogs as the dastardly Ramsey Bolton on "Game of Thrones," goes by the pronunciation OO-wan REE-on. He'll be back on TV Sept. 29 as Maximus in Marvel and ABC's "Inhumans" ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Aug. 5-6, 2017

DEAR STACY: The actor who played press secretary Tony Scaramucci on Comedy Central's "President Show" is hysterically funny. I know I've seen him before. Can you give some information? -- S.R., Westlake Village, California

DEAR S.R.: You're talking about Mario Cantone, who might be familiar to you as wedding planner Anthony Marentino on "Sex ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 29-30, 2017

DEAR STACY: Wasn't someone trying to do a Broadway musical about Cher? Whatever happened to that? -- RoyT9

DEAR RoyT9: "The Cher Show," which had a two-week reading in January, is on track for a debut next year, according to Cher herself, though there is no word on when. Casting notices have described the show as having Cher represented at ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 22-23, 2017

DEAR STACY: We are having a disagreement over Macklemore's "Glorious" video. My boyfriend says that's his real grandmother. I think she must be an actress. To me, there is no way that woman is 100 years old. Who is right? -- Susanne A., Morgantown, West Virginia

DEAR SUSANNE: Your boyfriend is correct. Macklemore's grandma, Helen Schott, who is...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 15-16, 2017

DEAR STACY: When will the "Fantastic Beasts" sequel come out? -- Jack & Shirley in Minneapolis

DEAR JACK & SHIRLEY: Expect it Nov. 16, 2018. J.K. Rowling scripted the currently shooting film. It's being planned as the second of a five-part franchise. The spinoff centers on young Dumbledore, played by Jude Law, recruiting his former student Newt...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 8-9, 2017

DEAR STACY: What is Aaron Paul up to these days? Is he married? Children? -- D.H., Sparks, Nevada

DEAR D.H.: The actor, who won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his work as the long-suffering Jesse on "Breaking Bad," has a thriller due to go into production in the Spring. It's called "The Parts You Lose," and "Game of Thrones" star Carice van ...Read more

Ask Stacy for July 1-2, 2017

DEAR STACY: I was explaining the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" idea to a friend of mine, and realized I don't know how that got started. Could you fill me in? Also, what does Kevin Bacon think of it? -- Barbara L., Pasadena, California

DEAR BARBARA: Three students at Albright College, Craig Fass, Brian Turtle and Mike Ginelli, came up with the ...Read more

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