Ask Stacy for Nov. 28-29, 2015

DEAR STACY: I would like to know what former "Scandal" star Columbus Short is up to, what with his all his arrests and reported substance abuse problems. I'm sorry to see such a talented performer go into a downward spiral. -- Wayne E., New Port Richey, Florida

DEAR WAYNE: Short is starring as the drug lord in the currently shooting film ...Read more

Lori Loughlin Thankful for Full Slate Including 'Northpole' Sequel; Cameron Mathison Thankful 'Murder' Movie Fits With 'E.T.' Chores

Lori Loughlin is feeling immense gratitude as this Thanksgiving rolls around. The actress has the Hallmark Channel's simply delightful "Northpole: Open for Christmas" original movie, which debuted Nov. 21. She has more of her "Garage Sale Mystery" movies in the pipeline for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. And, of course, she'll be seen again as ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 21-22, 2015

DEAR STACY: I read that Eddie Murphy did a scathing impression of Bill Cosby when Murphy was given an award in D.C. some weeks ago. Is this going to be on the air at some point? I'd like to see it. -- Erick J., Torrance, California

DEAR ERICK: Yes, as a matter of fact, the Mark Twain Prize ceremony that took place in October is scheduled to air...Read more

Co-Stars Turned Lovers: Gwen and Blake the Latest in Show-Business Tradition

In case you have been living under a rock, you know that music stars and fellow "The Voice" coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have confirmed their romance. Last week, we got to see the chemistry between the pop goddess and the country charmer for ourselves, live, on "The Voice." This comes after months of rumors and speculation about ...Read more

'Coach Charming' -- a Surprising Beauty Pageant Guru

TLC's new "Coach Charming" reality series is winning over doubters all over the country. Starring tart-tongued small town Alabama attorney cum top pageant coach Bill Alverson, the show delivers more than what one might expect -- pretty girls being whipped into runway shape by a Southern-style Simon Cowell. Alverson brings insight, compassion, ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 7-8, 2015

DEAR STACY: Can you tell me when the next "Bourne" movie is coming out? Any details? -- Lexi W., Oceanside, California

DEAR LEXI: Look for the fifth installment of the popular franchise to hit screens in July of next year. Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne, and Julia Stiles as CIA analyst Nicky Parsons. Rising Swedish actress Alicia Vikander ...Read more

Anti-Bullying Video Voiced by Kate Winslet Gets Big Response

With its anti-bullying message and its narration by Kate Winslet, "Daisy Chain" is becoming something of a phenomenon. The fanciful animated video, released last month, has garnered an internet following and inspired teachers and parents from North America, Australia and elsewhere to send thank you messages to creator Galvin Scott Davis.

"It'...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 31, 2015

DEAR STACY: The news that Simon Cowell is going to be a judge on "America's Got Talent" made me wonder: What is the status of his messy family life these days? -- Gloria E., Santa Ana, Calif.

DEAR GLORIA: With his son Eric turning two next Valentine's Day, Cowell has said he's not ruling anything out when it comes to having more children and/or...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 24-25, 2015

DEAR STACY: Will the new "The Muppets" be renewed? -- E.M., Warren, Ohio

DEAR E.M.: Time will tell whether Kermit and company make it this time around. I wouldn't place a bet either way, since the "Muppets" reboot has seen a sharp ratings drop since its September debut -- but is a very strong social media presence (with 1.16 million Facebook ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 17-18, 2015

DEAR STACY: What is the status of the third "Sex and the City" movie? Is it actually happening at last? -- Jenny B., New Port Richey, Florida

DEAR JENNY: Nope. Although both Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon have hinted support for another big screen installment of "Sex and the City," there is nothing definite happening. In fact, just a ...Read more

Louis Van Amstel Welcomes Getting Back to Paula Deen

Louis Van Amstel relished working on a full-on samba with Tamar Braxton for last night's, Oct. 12, "Dancing With the Stars" switch-up week performance -- but the popular pro says he welcomes getting back to the rather different challenge of dancing with his partner of this season, 68-year-old Paula Deen.

He certainly has his reasons. For one ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Oct. 10-11, 2015

DEAR STACY: What were they thinking, getting rid of Dean Cain on "Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition"? My favorite Superman is the only reason I tuned in, and I'm sure I am not alone! What is he going to do now? -- Sharon W., Atlanta, Ga.

DEAR SHARON: Don't take it so hard. The affable actor seems to be taking his departure from the Food...Read more

Geena Davis Strives to Gain Ground for Femme Filmmakers in a Positive Way

It's a hectic week for Geena Davis, who heads to New York in a couple of days to start filming "Marjorie Prime" with Jon Hamm. Before that, the Oscar-winning feminist actress is doing her utmost to bring attention to the Friday (Oct. 9) opening of "In My Father's House." This is the first winner out of Davis' Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) to ...Read more

Scott Bakula's 'NCIS: New Orleans' Riding High After Tough Road

Things are very nice indeed for Scott Bakula these days. His "NCIS: New Orleans" earned the distinction of being the most-watched new series of last season. Folks in the Big Easy have taken to the show to the point "It's a love fest. ... It's like we have the key to the city," says the star.

But it was anything but easy to get here.

With ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 19-20, 2015

DEAR STACY: Can you give the status of the "Coach" series reboot? I was so excited about the idea that Craig T. Nelson was bringing back one of my favorite shows, only to hear it wasn't going to happen after all at NBC -- only to hear that it might return somewhere else. Is that true? -- Kari R., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

DEAR KARI: Although Nelson ...Read more

Keke Palmer Added to Roster of Virginal-to-Vixenish Stars

Although 22-year-old Keke Palmer has been looking increasingly alluring at awards shows and such in the past couple of years, the former child actress has taken it to a new level with her October spread in Maxim. Sexy, not trashy, the photos of Keke in a barely there bodysuit and in undies and socks have been hailed with cries of "Damn!" ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 12-13, 2015

DEAR STACY: Seeing Jamie Lee Curtis on "Scream Queens," I commented to my husband that I thought she had retired. He disagreed with me. Now I must have proof that my memory is still keen. Please help -- Rose G., San Antonio, Texas

DEAR ROSE: I can't vouch the keenness of your entire memory, but in this matter you're correct. In 2006, Jamie Lee ...Read more

Dylan Baker Latest to Join Celebs Who Do That Derring-Do That They Do So Well

Last week, "The Good Wife" and "Selma" actor Dylan Baker acted out a heroic scene for real when he attempted to rescue his elderly neighbor from a high-rise fire in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. On the 33rd floor of a 46-floor building, he banged on the neighbor's door, shouting her name. Then he opened her door. "I was surprised to find it ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Sept. 5-6, 2015

DEAR STACY: My friend says that the actor who used to play Miley Cyrus' brother on "Hannah Montana" is much older than people think. Is that true? What is he up to these days? -- Brianne L., Warren, Ohio

DEAR BRIANNE: Jason Earles, now on the Disney XD series "Kickin' It," was born in April of 1977, making him 38. He was already over 30 when he...Read more

Castle's New Partner, Toks Olagundoye

Have you heard? With "Castle" going into its eighth season, the show is undergoing some changes in hopes of keeping it fresh: freewheeling mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is getting a new partner, while Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) becomes captain of the 12th precinct. The producers assure us that making Beckett into Castle's ...Read more

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