Sounds of the Winter

Walt Whitman on

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Sounds of the winter too,
Sunshine upon the mountains-many a distant strain
From cheery railroad train-from nearer field, barn, house
The whispering air-even the mute crops, garner'd apples, corn,
Children's and women's tones-rhythm of many a farmer and of flail,
And old man's garrulous lips among the rest, Think not we give out yet,
Forth from these snowy hairs we keep up yet the lilt.

About this poem
"Sounds of the Winter" was published in the "2nd Annex: Good-Bye My Fancy" section in Walt Whitman's last edition of "Leaves of Grass" (1891-1892).

About Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman was born on May 31, 1819, and is widely considered one of America's most important poets. He worked as a printer, teacher and journalist in the New York City area. Whitman composed and updated his seminal work, "Leaves of Grass," throughout his entire adult life. He died on March 26, 1892.

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