A fourteen-line poem on Adoration

Julie Carr on

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1. It does not take much
2. Half an hour here, half an hour there
3. It's not a "presence" I adore
4. The erotically swollen moon
5. Let me go, friends, companions
6. The soldier watches his kid in a play
7. He seems nothing less or more than "foreigner"
8. Grass. Dirt.
9. The bottle broke and all the women gathered shards
10. The effect was of inflation
11. There was only one alive moment in the day
12. Either I loved myself or I loved you
13. Just like a mother to say that
14. "Do you become very much?" she wrote

About this poem
"I've been writing these 14-line poems as a way to play with the sonnet and also to push enjambment a bit further down the road. The numbers are meant to be heard, as a way to propel the poem forward. This one (and some others) borrows words from Jean-Luc Nancy's 'Adoration: The Deconstruction of Christianity II,' a book I happen to adore."
-Julie Carr

About Julie Carr
Julie Carr is the author of "RAG" (Omnidawn Publishing, 2014). She teaches at the University of Colorado-Boulder and lives in Denver.

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(c) 2014 Julie Carr. Originally published by the Academy of American Poets, www.poets.org.
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