Something primal is taking over

Katiedid Langrock on

"You're gonna burn, little birdie!"

Perhaps in days prior to COVID-19, I would express concern over my 4-year-old's impaling Peeps from the Easter Bunny and roasting them over the campfire while muttering to the melting, bubbling once-bird-shaped gloop, but now? Meh.

My daughter has gone feral. She is insisting on peeing outdoors. She and my husband stared each other down for a good 30 minutes while he insisted that little girls use the potty and she insisted, as she shook in her chair, legs crossed, that little girls pee in the wild. It was a wonder to behold -- quite honestly the best COV-entertainment I've seen yet.

My friend suggested I not write about the virus this week -- that I find something else to talk about, that we need entertainment outside of the virus. But unlike the stand-up on Netflix, my comedic life experiences are not produced well in advance.

I will, however, do my best.

(clears throat)


What's the deal with appliances? Just when I need a drink every night (and morning and afternoon), the ice-maker in my freezer dies. Guess it's not just the elderly that are at risk.

No, no, that's awful. And still all about the virus. OK, let me try again.

What's the deal with electronics? Just when I need to sit my children in front of Netflix for 30 hours a day, the computer catches a bug and keeps shutting itself off. Just what we need, to deal with another virus.

Nope, nope.


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