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Congratulations! Your big new promotion is wonderful news. You definitely deserve your new, supersized salary and juicy executive perks.

Say what? You didn't get a big new promotion? Well, there's no reason for that. Or maybe there is.

Meet Gina Belli.

Belli is the author of "10 Reasons You're Not Getting Promoted," a recent post on PayScale's website. I don't have space for all 10 reasons, but let's reason together on five and see if we can find out exactly what -- outside of your poisonous attitude, meager accomplishments and miniscule level of commitment to company goals -- is holding you back.

No. 1: The company is not doing well.

"It's easy to take things personally at work," Belli writes, but the problem may lie with the company, not you.


"Take a good look around," she suggests, "and think about how your company is doing."

A good look is a good idea. You certainly can't believe the hooey management spouts. They'll be talking about booming revenues from expanding markets right up until the repo men arrive to haul off the Aeron chairs.

I recommend you pay attention to the subtle clues. Does office services expect you to make your own printer ink out of leftover coffee grounds? Have the brand-name candy bars in the vending machines been replaced with sorghum bars and broccoli chips?

These subtle signs suggest it's lifeboat time on Mahogany Row. The company is in no position to promote anyone. In other words, management is just as muddleheaded and the company is just as doomed as you've always thought.


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