The Circle of Life

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When the two weeks had passed, I took my son back to the aquarium store with another water sample. The water was tested and looked good. I made the workers swear up and down that my fish would live, and they promised they would. The workers also showed my kid a few other cool pets he could have in the aquarium -- frogs, shrimp, turtles. We settled on a miniature blue lobster that was in the same tank as the bulk of the fish he selected.

Home in their new tank, the fish and lobster energetically got familiar with the new digs. But the next day, there was one fewer fish.

Not again.

I tried to look on the positive side. Seeing as we now had a scavenger in the mini lobster, there was no fish body for me to scoop out. The following day, there were three fewer fish.

I was cursing at the aquarium place. Why did they tell me my water was fine? It's another gill genocide. A fish finale.

It wasn't until the tank only had a single fish left that I finally saw it. The blue lobster attacked. My scavenger was in fact a murderer.

On the way home from the aquarium, the lobster had pinched the plastic bag he was being transported in, and all the water had flooded out, soaking my seat. I should have known he was trouble then.

Horrified that my son had just lost his furry best friend and now his perfectly picked-out school of fish for the second time, I asked him how he was coping with the rather traumatizing past three weeks. Do you have any questions on life and death?

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"Yeah," he said. "Can we name the lobster Rabbit?"

"Uh, sure. Why?" I asked.

"After Pig," he said. "And when the lobster dies, we should get a lizard and name it Lobster. And when the lizard dies, we should get a dog and name it Lizard. And when the dog dies, we can get a pig and name it Dog. And when the pig dies, we can get a rabbit again and name him Pig 2."

I think he's getting this whole life and death thing just fine. Which is lucky, because I'm not getting any more fish.


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