The Perfect Pet

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In the early years, our lives revolved around Pig. We told everyone about his hilarious antics, how he would pull the pillows off the couch and create obstacle courses for himself. About how each time he shed, new black zigzagging designs would appear on his gray coat. How gorgeous he was. When he exclusively chewed on my leather shoes and bags, we were impressed by his high-end taste.

He was a family man. After we brought our son home from the hospital, Pig inserted himself into the caretaking. He would run at full speed from the kitchen to the nursery whenever he heard the baby crying, standing up on his hind legs to check on his new brother. He adapted to a life of being pulled, tugged and hugged too tight by little people who loved him.

Over the years, Pig slowed down. He didn't jump as high or run as fast. But he was always up for snuggling. Even in his last days, Pig would force his head under our hands for a pet and would nudge, stamp or nip if we didn't show him his due affection.

This week, we laid our fur baby to rest.

Pig loved fluffy rugs, computer cords and bananas. He loved us more. And we him.


We had been in search for the perfect pet. We got so much more. Rest in peace, Piggy.


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