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So over time, filling my husband in on the episode he had missed became a little less ... factual.

"So this Red Wedding was between Daenerys and Tyrion after they met for the first time in a tomato field. I know! Most unexpected relationship ever! I'm so jealous you get to watch all the honeymoon scenes in the next episode. Prepare yourself for romance!"

"Last night on 'The Voice,' every judge turned around to sign a mute. It was incredible. Their backs were turned, and only the background music was playing, but somehow they knew that person had star potential."

"It was revealed on 'The Big Bang Theory' that Sheldon actually is an android created by Howard Wolowitz. And the reason Wolowitz programmed Sheldon to continually mock his pathetic master's degree is to demonstrate Wolowitz's own personal failings at being able to engineer an android that can seamlessly fit in to modern culture, as obviously Sheldon cannot."

"I really love how kids shows are encouraging openness and kindness toward everyone. On 'My Little Pony,' half the horses went through equine reassignment surgery and ended the episode as donkeys. Still magical, of course."

Sometimes my husband falls for my faux episode hook, line and sinker. Most often, he knows I'm bluffing. But you can tell, more frequently than he would ever admit, there is a small nagging curiosity about whether I'm telling the truth, even after he's dismissed my episode breakdown as boloney. And those times are my favorite, when he's just not quite sure what to expect. Maybe Sheldon really is an android.

Sure, my fabricated episodes may seem to defeat the point of my filling him in, but think about the shock and horror my husband experienced tuning in to "Game of Thrones" expecting the most unexpected of romances and instead receiving the bloody carnage of the largest matrimonial mass murder ever to hit the small screen. He still gets to experience every extraordinary emotion and surprise we did, only it's a week (and an episode) later.

It's the same (hilarious) shock and horror Phoebe experiences when she learns "E.T. leaves! Rocky loses! Charlotte dies!"

Now, would my husband still be shocked if I simply abstained from filling him in on what he missed in the previous episode?

Of course. But where's the fun in that?


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