Magical 2017

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2017 is here, and it's going to be a wondrous and magical year.

On Jan. 2, my kids had the day off school. Great! I planned a morning of fun because 2017 is going to be wondrous and magical! And what better way to start the year than with a magic show?

I piled my tiny people into the car and drove out of the neighborhood toward the library, our first stop of many mini pre-nap adventures.

Huh. Why are all those lights on my dashboard lighting up? No matter; 2017 is going to be a wondrous and magical year! Let's keep driving!

I was singing "Wheels on the Bus" with my son, when he abruptly ended our adorable duet. "Mama! It's too hard to sing over that beeping noise." I had to admit, the high-pitched tone was slightly teeth-shattering. But which of the many dashboard lights could the incessant beeping be related to? The check engine light? The check oil light? Perhaps one of the many orange and blue flashing icons that sure look cute but leave me baffled as to what they represent? Oh, there it is! The gas tank is empty. No worries. That's one problem I know how to fix. 2017 is going to be a wondrous and magical year!

Only there was reason to worry. I keep forgetting, I live in the wild. I spent my whole life within walking distance of supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops and, most certainly, gas stations. Having to think about fueling up anytime I'm "in town" is new to me. And there we were, on back roads I had never been on -- nary a gas station in sight. That's OK. That's why we have smartphones.

No service.

Uhh. That's OK. We'll drive until we find service. Let's hope it will be in the direction of a gas station.

"Mama. The baby just threw up all over herself."

Of course she did. Well, that's ... stinky. But good news: I found service, and the closest gas station is 5.6 miles away. On country roads - where, if we break down, no one will drive past and see us. And I may not have cell service. Righto. Onward.


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