Scoffing at Dangerfield: It's what he would have wanted

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And: "My wife told me she wants to make another kid. I told her, You're too old for another kid. She said, I mean the kid next door!"

And: "I don't get no respect. My wife's favorite position is back to back."

I am not making up what happened next; I have the tape to prove it. Rodney's door opened and Bob Saget walked in. Apparently, the two were friends.

Imagine that. On the other end of my line, in the very same room, were Rodney Dangerfied, one of the greatest comedians who ever lived, and Bob Saget, founding emcee of "America's Funniest Home Videos." I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that this would be like having together in the same room at the same time -- using a literary comparison -- F. Scott Fitzgerald and me.

So Rodney Dangerfield performed the five winning jokes for his audience, Bob Saget. It's a priceless two minutes.

Consider it Rodney's final performance, his encore, from beyond the grave: You can hear it now by logging on to


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