A Quick Guide on What to Wear to a Football Game


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The game of football began to take shape in 1880 because of Walter Camp. Camp is the reason for many rules in the game, such as the exchange between the quarterback and center, establishing the line of scrimmage, and more. There’s no doubt that football quickly became a favorite sport among many Americans and has stayed that way ever since.

Now that you’re planning on going to an NFL game, it’s time to start preparing a few football outfits. Do you know what to wear to a football game? How can you show support for your favorite team while still remaining comfortable?

Continue reading the guide below for our list of football clothes you need to know about!

Comfortable Shoes and a Small Handbag

The first step in creating the perfect football game outfit is finding a good pair of comfortable shoes. A football game is no place to break in that new pair of Converse you just bought. Instead, go for a pair of comfy sneakers you’ve already broken in.

Football games usually last around three hours, so make sure your feet are cozy. If you plan to bring a purse or bag of any sort, then take a few moments to review the bag/item restrictions of the stadium the game is at. Some stadiums only allow bags under a certain size, so keep this in mind.

It’s also ideal to bring a bag that’s secure at all times, such as a fanny pack or crossbody purse.

Polo With the Team Logo

Now let’s dive into the fun stuff. You’re attending an NFL game. Which team are you rooting for? Show your support by wearing a Polo with the team’s logo on it. Many NFL teams have Polo t-shirts with their logos on them.

A Polo t-shirt might be more comfortable than a jersey for some and not as heavy or hot. If you can’t find a t-shirt with the team’s logo, then find a t-shirt with the team’s colors and rock that instead.

Team Jersey and Hat

Before game day, take your time finding a team jersey to wear to the game. If you don’t want to buy one brand new online or at a sporting goods store, then you can check out local consignment shops or thrift stores. If the team you’re cheering for is from your city, then you should be able to easily find team attire in these stores.

For example, if you live in Los Angeles and are buying Chargers tickets, then you can find a variety of Chargers apparel at local discount stores. Pair your jersey with a hat to protect your eyes and face from the sun.

Learning What to Wear to a Football Game Starts Right Here

When deciding what to wear to a football game, make sure to always check the weather conditions for that day. Dress appropriately for the weather to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire game. Then, use all of these outfit tips to complete your ensemble.

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