What Gear Do I Need to Play Paintball?


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Skip going to the movies, hiking in the park, or overpaying for brunch. Break out of your regular weekend routine and go paintballing instead!

You can paintball with a group of friends, on a date, or show up by yourself and meet other paintball enthusiasts. If this is your first time going paintballing, you’ll need a quick rundown on paintball gear. Having the right equipment will keep you safe and ensure you have a great time.

Read below for a list of paintball equipment you’ll need.

Paintball Mask

A paintball mask is meant to protect your eyes and face from incoming paintballs. A good paintball mask still has high visibility meaning you can see clearly through the lenses. A good mask also has a mouth covering that’s easy to breathe through and doesn’t fog up the lenses.

Paintball goggles only cover your eyes and not the rest of your face. So, if you’re new to paintballing or want to avoid marks and welts on your face, you might consider a mask over goggles. You can shop for top-of-the-line paintball masks at paintballdeals.com.


While not technically considered “equipment”, what you wear to paintball is also important. First, you’ll want to wear something comfortable that’s easy to move around in while you’re running, crouching, and lunging.

Second, you want clothing that covers all your skin – long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, or a sweatshirt. Avoid wearing shorts or a t-shirt because getting hit with a pinball directly to your skin hurts. Wearing bulkier items like sweatpants or a big jacket can also help protect you because it offers another layer of cushion.

Wear closed-toe shoes that are easy to move around in and that you don’t mind getting messy. In fact, all of your clothing could get messy, so don’t wear anything that you care too much about. You can also wear a hat if you want extra head covering.

Paintball Marker

A paintball marker or gun is what you load with paintballs to shoot at opponents. If it’s your first time paintballing and you’re going to a licensed paintball facility you can usually rent a marker for the session. If you plan on playing a lot in the future you could consider purchasing your own marker.

Before visiting a paintball facility check the paintball rules because some facilities have regulations on what kind of markers you can use. Following the rules is the best way to stay safe when you go paintballing.

Ready. Set. Paintball.

Looking for a new adventurous activity? It’s time to try paintball!

It’s easy to learn and fun for all ages. And as long as you have the right equipment, it’s very safe. So double-check that you have all the paintball gear listed above and get ready to have the time of your life!

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