How to Avoid the Most Common Perfume and Cologne Mistakes


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With 41% of women using perfumes daily (and 39% of men using cologne), it’s a big market. Many of these people likely think it’s easy as spraying on a little fragrance and being good to go for the day.

Maybe it is — but some people still make mistakes!

If you know how to choose and apply your perfume and cologne properly, you’ll get much more out of it. Best of all, so will other people!

Avoid these mistakes, and step up your fragrance game.

Thinking All Scents Are Created Equal

Are you wearing an Eau de Parfum or an Eau de Toilette? Did you think they were the same?

Some fragrances are far stronger than others, and the best perfume scents will be maximized when you know just how much to spray on! If you spray on the same amount regardless of what you’re using, one is going to smell far too strong.

Instead, use a light hand to apply the scent and ask a friend if it smells like too much. If you get used to the scent, you won’t be able to tell.

Changing It Up Too Much

Although it’s great to experiment with different types of fragrances, you should get a signature scent. People will associate the smell with you.

You can always have a daytime scent and one for going out at night, but ultimately, stick to one or two. If you have ten bottles of perfume and change every day, it can get overwhelming for others around you, even though you might not realize it!

Choosing Something That Smells Good on Someone Else

Different colognes and perfumes smell different on everyone. There are many types of scents that might smell good on one person, but terrible on someone else, so be conscious of it!

That’s because the chemistry of our bodies is different. Pick something for you, not just because it smelled good on your friend.

Spraying All Over

Don’t spray your perfume all over. You might notice any more, but the smell can definitely be too much!

Instead, spray on the recommended areas (such as a dab on the wrists and neck). Knowing where to apply your perfume, or cologne, is an art form, and it’s best mastered by knowing the best places.

Not Buying Sustainable Products

Cleanbeauty.com provides some great sustainable products, so there’s no excuse not to be environmentally friendly. You want to feel good about wearing your fragrance, not guilty, and it’s always great to do a little for the environment.

You can find some great affordable fragrances by looking for sustainable ones too.

Don’t Make These Perfume and Cologne Mistakes

If you avoid these perfume and cologne mistakes, you’ll be stepping your scent game up a notch. Pick a good fragrance for you, apply the right amount in the right areas, and you’ll be instantly more charming!

Get your signature scent, and you’ll master it all in no time.

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