5 Fun Day Trips From Chicago


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Chicago is filled with lots to do. The city is home to many parks, museums, restaurants, and shops. Although Chicago can keep you busy for days, there are times when some residents want to explore Chicago’s surroundings.

What else does Illinois have to offer and which nearby states provide a change of scenery that you can enjoy for hours? It’s time to take day trips from Chicago! That’s right, pack a small bag and prepare to leave the big city.

There’s much to do outside of Chicago’s perimeter. Continue reading below for a list of day trip ideas you’ll want to keep note of.

1. The Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee, Wisconsin houses many galleries, creative businesses, specialty shops, restaurants, and more. While there, be sure to stop at the Milwaukee Public Market. At the market, you’ll find a variety of vendors.

Each one will provide you with a unique experience whether it’s food or hand-crafted products being sold. Be sure to arrive hungrily so you can test all the different flavors each vendor has to offer.

2. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is a resort city along the coast of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The 21-mile shoreline provides pathways for walking or biking. It’s the perfect opportunity to soak up all the breathtaking views.

Don’t let the tranquility of the quiet lake fool you though. Lake Geneva is also home to other outdoor activities, vibrant nightlife, shops, and more!

3. Holland, Michigan

If you’re up to a 2hr 30min drive, then be sure to spend that time traveling to Holland, Michigan. Here, you’ll find yourself submerged in Dutch heritage. In Holland, you’ll find several different gardens, all of which will be painted in colorful tulips during the spring.

Windmill Island Gardens is a great choice because you’ll also get to admire the beautiful windmills nearby. If you travel there in early May, you’ll even get to catch the Tulip Time Festival. At the festival, you’ll enjoy delicious foods, have fun dancing, listen to music, and watch the parade.

4. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

About an hour’s drive from Chicago is Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. It’s located along Michigan’s southern shore and is a 15-mile stretch of beach. There are also many trails located in the area where you can ride horses, hike, bike, walk, or even birdwatch.

During the winter, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe.

5. Peoria Heights, Illinois

Peoria Heights is a village in Illinois with plenty of great dining and entertainment options. The Betty Jane Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts is one stop you’ll have to make. Here, you can enjoy watching different performances, attend private events, or take part in tastings and more!

For a calendar list of the center’s events, click here.

Which Day Trips from Chicago Will You Embark on?

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t travel out of its perimeters every now and then. Although Chicago has lots to do, there’s even more to do within the surrounding area. Which day trips from Chicago will you embark on?

Consider a few of these listed above or go down the list and visit each one of them!

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