Your 2021 Guide to Sports Picks (and if They’re Worth It)


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Sports betting is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S., bringing in annual revenue of over $200 million. With so many sporting events happening regularly, finding the right bets and making money can feel almost daunting for casual bettors.

That’s exactly what sports picks are for. It’s a more legitimate and reliable version of you asking your friends which teams to bet on.

But how do sports betting picks work? Are they even worth it?

That’s what we’ll be discussing today. In this article, we’re outlining how sports betting works and tips on picking the right ones to earn big.

What Are Sports Betting Picks?

Sports betting picks are tips given to sports bettors by professionals. These pros are called handicappers, and their job is to make educated guesses on sporting outcomes.

Bettors take these picks and make bets on them in hopes of earning money. The prevailing sentiment is that sports betting picks are a bad idea, but there are times when picks become useful.

First, let’s understand how exactly sports betting picks work.

How do Sports Betting Picks Work?

The truth is, sports betting is a notoriously tough hobby. There’s always a chance that a betting favorite might be upset. Every betting sport has a hint of randomness that can ruin your entire line.

This is how bookies and sportsbooks make money. They know that a majority of bettors are going to lose money in the long run.

Knowing this, a lot of bettors turn to others for help. Constant losers or just casual players looking to get an edge usually turn to sports betting picks to win their next bet.

These picks come in the form of tips that professional handicappers provide about a certain match, game, or line. They usually cost money despite the picks being variable.

The price depends on the game and the handicapper’s reputation. Smart and accurate professionals ask up to thousands of dollars for expert sports picks. You can even pay a monthly fee to get constant picks.

Should I Get Free Sports Picks?

If you aren’t convinced that paid sports picks are worth it, there are free options.

Most professional handicapping services offer free picks every day. This is basically like a “free sample” for publicity.

You might think these are just rip-offs that are completely void of any value. While some mainly use them to entice you to purchase more valuable picks, they’re far from useless.

Sites like Capper Free Picks offer daily picks that are not only informative but well-researched.

You can also peruse social media and different forums to get the best sports picks and get the insight of other fans. Either way, free sports picks are widely available and are more valuable than you might think.

Potential Disadvantages With Sports Picks

While sports betting picks, especially free ones, can be beneficial, there’s always an aura of skepticism attached.

The biggest criticism is that an average handicapper isn’t much more experienced or knowledgeable than a regular fan. Buying a pick from them doesn’t guarantee any wins by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s also the fact that because sports picks often cost money, you’re decreasing your overall wins. Even in the event that you win a bet, you’ll still have to pay out a few dollars to get there.

Sports betting handicappers also alter the size of their picks. If you aren’t careful, you might be swayed to wager a large portion of your bankroll on a single pick.

When Should You Buy Picks?

With all those uncertainties surrounding sports betting picks, the question becomes whether or not you should buy picks at all.

We’ve established that picks aren’t completely useless. Informed picks with stats and data can actually help you make the right call.

If you know a reliable handicapper or site that provides quality picks at a low price, it might be worth a shot. If they’re free, even better.

Handicappers with low costs, high win rates, and a proven track record warrant consideration. If you’ve got some money to spare and want to get a bet right, consider buying a pick.

Start Off Small

If you’re an amateur bettor or just starting out, it’s best to start relatively small with your bets. This is where free sports picks will come in handy.

Look for big parlays where you put in a few dollars to be submitted to win a weekly jackpot. This is relatively low-stakes betting, and you can leverage free picks to make the right calls.

Some of the more “long shot” bets, like ones where you win $100,000 for picking a perfect card, have relatively low stakes. There are also plenty of other contests throughout any given season.

You can often leverage free sports picks or picks advice from forums here. By doing so, you can grow a bankroll while playing and get yourself more comfortable with sports betting.

If you become more experienced and start considering sports betting as more of an investment, then picks might not be as viable.

If you win more, there’ll be fewer people willing to take your bets. You’ll have to get pretty creative with the bets you make, and paying for picks at this point might not yield a return.

Leverage Sports Betting Picks The Right Way

Sports picks can be a controversial topic, but there are ways you can leverage them to rake in a profit. Use this guide to understand how sports picks work and you can use them effectively.

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