Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth loved things going wrong

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"I think he uses humour to make people feel at ease. He is always there to break the ice as well."

William added: "He's brilliant at finding amusing moments and teasing people. if you try to be too clever with him and say something a bit silly, he will jump on it."

William recalled one funny incident in Scotland, when the royals encountered a group of teenagers undertaking an expedition as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme - and when Philip stopped to find out how they were getting on, they failed to recognise him and told him to "jog on".

He said: "We were travelling together as a family driving out in Scotland. And we came across what very obviously was some Duke of Edinburgh people, with rucksacks on, and he spotted them and stopped and wound down his window.

"He said, 'Good morning how are you getting on?'


"To which the smallest young chap at the back effectively said, 'Jog on grandpa!'

"To which my grandfather wound the window back up, drove off smiling and said to everyone in the car, 'The youths of today.'

"For the purposes of this film, I thought jog on was a more appropriate way of saying it.

"My grandfather has a very good sense of humour."