Jodi Kidd 'concerned' about airbrushed photos on social media: 'It causes damage to young minds'

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Jodie Kidd is "very concerned" about children seeing heavily airbrushed photos and thinking they need to achieve the "perfect" body.

The 42-year-old model is mother to nine-year-old son Indio and has said she wants to see the likes of Instagram and Facebook doing more to crack down on unnaturally edited photographs of models because she thinks they are "misleading" and can cause "very serious damage on young minds".

She said: "I think changing your body shape in pictures is very negative and if you are at a point where you are having to change yourself skinny then that's a very worrying image to portray - and it is something you are not.

"As a parent of a nine-year-old, I would say I'm very concerned about misleading images that can have very serious damage on young minds.

"It's getting very difficult to know if somebody has changed their boobs to be a little bigger or their bum.

"It's a hard thing to control, but I do think it's something that's very serious and the big social companies out there have to get a real grip on it."


However, Jodi also defended Khloe Kardashian after an unedited photo of the 36-year-old reality star surfaced online before her team seemingly moved to take it down.

Jodi said it's "the norm" in Los Angeles to "look perfect", and even claimed the pressure to be beautiful is what stopped her from moving to the city.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: "That's always been an LA thing. Everyone's got to look perfect, with the perfect teeth and the perfect hair. It's been like that way before the Kardashians.

"It's just the mindset of someone who lives in Los Angeles. For me as a model who travelled round the world in the nineties that was one thing that really put me off Los Angeles. If you've been brought up there, that's the norm."