Prime Minister Boris Johnson hails 'inspirational' Prince Philip

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has praised Prince Philip for inspiring "countless young people" around the world after he passed away peacefully on Friday morning (04.09.21).

The UK leader paid a glowing tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh on the steps of Downing Street, praising his work as an environmentalist and hailing him for creating the The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - a scheme for young people that now exists in more than 140 countries worldwide - in 1956.

The Prime Minister said: "He was an environmentalist, and a champion of the natural world long before it was fashionable.

"With his Duke of Edinburgh's Awards Scheme he shaped and inspired the lives of countless young people and at literally tens of thousands of events he fostered their hopes and encouraged their ambitions.

"We remember the duke for all of this and above all for his steadfast support for Her Majesty the Queen.

"Not just as her consort, by her side every day of her reign, but as her husband, her 'strength and stay', of more than 70 years."

The Prime Minister also said that the royal family "have lost not just a much-loved and highly respected public figure but a devoted husband and a proud and loving father, grandfather and in recent years, great grandfather".

Sir Keir Starmer, the current leader of the UK's Labour Party, described Prince Philip - who married Queen Elizabeth in 1947 - as "an extraordinary public servant".

He reflected: "Prince Philip dedicated his life to our country - from a distinguished career in the Royal Navy during the Second World War to his decades of service as the Duke of Edinburgh.


"However, he will be remembered most of all for his extraordinary commitment and devotion to the Queen.

"For more than seven decades, he has been at her side. Their marriage has been a symbol of strength, stability and hope, even as the world around them changed - most recently during the pandemic. It was a partnership that inspired millions in Britain and beyond."

Elsewhere, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has also paid a glowing tribute to Prince Philip.

He described the duke as being "way ahead of his time" on environmental issues, after he passed away at the age of 99.

In a statement, he said: "He will naturally be most recognised as a remarkable and steadfast support to the Queen over so many years.

"However, he should also be remembered and celebrated in his own right as a man of foresight, determination and courage.

"He was often way ahead of his time in protection of the environment, in reconciliation between religious faiths and of course in the creation of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, which remains one of the most innovative and effective programmes for the betterment of young people anywhere in the world."