Lily Aldridge wants to move to Australia

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Lily Aldridge is desperate to move to Australia.

The 35-year-old model "doesn't stop" asking her husband, Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill, if they can pack up their things and move their family - including their two children Dixie, eight, and Winston, two - Down Under, but Caleb has insisted they can't make the move until they've been "invited" to the country.

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, Caleb explained: You ready for some more celebrities to move into your country? Because we're ready. My wife doesn't stop with it.

"She's like, 'Why don't we go to Australia?' I'm like, 'Babe, we haven't been invited.' "

Despite putting his foot down on the move for the time being, the 39-year-old singer wouldn't be opposed to relocating in the future, as he misses being able to travel to perform in Australia.

He added to the paper: "It's been way too long. That's the one place that we're always so disappointed when we have a new album and we don't get to go visit."

If the couple do move their family Down Under, they'll be joining a host of celebrities who have been living in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including Zac Efron, Matt Damon, and Natalie Portman.


Meanwhile, Lily recently revealed she's been writing "gratitude lists" during the pandemic.

She said: "One of my favourite things to do every day is to do a gratitude list.

"I'll usually do three to five things that I'm grateful for. It can be really simple things, it can be more serious things.

"When this was all starting and I was full of anxiety and worry, just writing down what I was grateful for instantly made me feel happier and also realise, 'I'm OK right now, you don't have to consume yourself with worry and stress.'

"Practising gratitude is something I'm really grateful for - you could keep a little gratitude journal next to your bed so it's really easy.

"My sister also does gratitude lists but she does it with her friends. They do a gratitude text chain, which I really love, so it becomes more of a communal thing."