Robin Gibb's son felt late dad's presence with hint about new baby

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Robin Gibb's son Robin-John Gibb thinks his late father sent him a message about their baby.

The 38-year-old singer songwriter and his partner Megan - who have sons Maxwell-Robin John, seven, and Theodore-Alexander, five, and 11-year-old daughter Ella - are expecting their fourth child, and their son is due on May 20, which will mark the ninth ...Read more

Anna Kendrick proud she helped to save lives amid pandemic

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Anna Kendrick is proud that she helped to save lives by sticking to lockdown rules.

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress made a lot of "sacrifices" amid the global COVID-19 pandemic but she is glad she did as she feels she has made a huge "accomplishment" by saving lives.

Speaking about the last 14 months, she said: "It's a question we've all been ...Read more

Billie Piper rules out full-time return to Doctor Who

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Billie Piper isn't comfortable with the "responsibility" of returning to 'Doctor Who'.

The 'I Hate Suzie' star has made several appearances in the show since leaving her role as Rose Tyler in 2006, including a three episode stint in 2008 and portraying a character known as 'The Moment', a version of Rose, in the 50th anniversary special 'The ...Read more

'Peace-keeper' Bebe Rexha

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Bebe Rexha says she has tried to be a "peace-keeper" between Dua Lipa and Rita Ora.

Bebe had hoped to include a song featuring herself, Rita, Dua and Ava Max, all of whom have Albanian heritage, on new album 'Better Mistakes' but the track will not appear on her the record and she fears it might "never happen".

Speaking about the reported feud...Read more

Mac Miller's family slam 'exploitative' biography

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Mac Miller's family have slammed an "exploitative" biography about the late star.

Mac - whose real name was Malcolm McCormick - died in September, 2018 of an accidental overdose and his mother, Karen Meyers, is furious about Paul Cantor's 'Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller', which is set to release on January 18, 2022.

Mac's ...Read more

Spencer Pratt didn't want Heidi Montag to have a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Spencer Pratt didn't want his wife Heidi Montag to have a second child amid the COVID-19 pandemic because he didn't want to have to "wait outside" while she was in labour.

The 'Hills: New Beginnings' star and his wife - who have three-year-old son Gunner together - are keen to add a second child to their brood, but chose not to pursue plans in ...Read more

Vanessa Hudgens: I made the first move in my relationship

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Vanessa Hudgens made the first move in her relationship with Cole Tucker.

The 'High School Musical' alum met her boyfriend in a Zoom meditation group, and has revealed she was the one who then chose to reach out to Cole after the call to pursue a romance with him.

Speaking during an appearance on the 'Drew Barrymore Show', she said: "[My ...Read more

Anna Faris struggled to understand why her son was born prematurely

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Anna Faris struggled to understand why her son was born prematurely.

The 44-year-old actress welcomed her son Jack - whom she has with her ex-husband Chris Pratt - in August 2012, and although she felt "healthy and happy" during her pregnancy, her son arrived seven weeks early.

She said: "I was surprised that for my first pregnancy I was ...Read more

Bebe Rexha: I'm my own cheerleader

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Bebe Rexha has learned to be her "own cheerleader".

The 31-year-old singer has revealed she's taken the time to learn how to "love [her]self", because she believes it's important to understand her own worth before others are able to love her back.

She said: "I've learned that you have to be your own cheerleader. I wish I would've known that 10...Read more

Drew Barrymore: Becoming a mother was isolating

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Drew Barrymore felt "alone" after becoming a mother.

The 46-year-old actress has two daughters - eight-year-old Olive and seven-year-old Frankie - with her ex Will Kopelman and has said she was "terrified" when her first child was born, and found the experience isolating.

Speaking during her 'Dear Drew' segment on 'Entertainment Tonight', she ...Read more

Pink: My son picks flowers for me every day

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Pink's son picks flowers for her "every single day".

The 41-year-old singer has nine-year-old daughter Willow and four-year-old son Jameson with her husband Carey Hart, and has said her home life is pretty relaxed as no-one in her family thinks she's a "big deal".

But Pink does have a number one fan in her son, who calls her "beautiful" and ...Read more

Duchess of Cambridge determined to get the Duke of Cambridge to improve gardening skills

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The Duchess of Cambridge is trying to get the Duke of Cambridge to be better at gardening.

Catherine is determined to get her husband, Prince William, to be more skilled in the garden, and has even recommended he read up on the tips and tricks listed in a book by 'Gardner's World' expert Monty Don.

While the prince claims to be a keen ...Read more

Mike Tindall loves looking after his newborn son Lucas

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Mike Tindall says his new-born son Lucas is easy to look after.

The 42-year-old former rugby star and his wife Zara Tindall - who is the daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips - welcomed their third child and first son together in March.

And after being left to look after Lucas by himself over the weekend, Mike - who also has daughters ...Read more

Princess Charlotte's a trendsetter just like her mum!

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Princess Charlotte is set to follow in the footsteps of her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, as a style icon.

The six-year-old royal looks set to become as much of a trendsetter as her mother Catherine after the floral dress she was pictured in for her recent birthday post on social media completely sold out.

According to Rachel Riley - who ...Read more

Victoria Beckham glad her family stayed together in Miami to support David

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Victoria Beckham was "happy" to keep her family together during the COVID-19 lockdown when her husband David Beckham had to go to Miami to work at his football club.

The 47-year-old fashion designer and the couple's children made the decision to travel to the American city with David, 46, on Christmas Day (25.12.20) to spend some time Stateside...Read more

Jessica Alba: Turning 40 was weird

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Jessica Alba found turning 40 a "weird" experience.

The 'Sin City' actress celebrated her milestone birthday last month and she's admitted her perspective at what that point in her life means has changed now she's actually reached it.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show', she said: "It's so weird, 'cause when you're little, you're ...Read more

Jason Lewis hasn't been asked to star in 'Sex and the City' reboot

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Jason Lewis has not been asked back for the 'Sex and the City' reboot.

The 49-year-old star played Samantha Jones' (Kim Cattrall) male model boyfriend Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod in the original run of the series and reprised the role in both movie adaptations but confirmed that he has not been approached to feature in the upcoming series 'And Just ...Read more

Evan Rachel Wood shows support for Ashley Morgan Smithline

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Evan Rachel Wood has sent her support to Ashley Morgan Smithline.

The 36-year-old model recently came forward to accuse 52-year-old rocker - who she met in 2010 - of psychological and physical abuse, claiming he sexually assaulted, bit, whipped and cut her during their past relationship, and the 'Dope Show' hitmaker's former fiancee has ...Read more

Prince Louis loves his scooter

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Prince Louis loves his scooter.

The royal youngster's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, "can't keep up" with their three-year-old son when he's out whizzing around on his favourite toy because he's "very quick" on wheels.

During a phone call with a finalist from her 'Hold Still' photography project - which was recorded in autumn 2020...Read more

Chris Martin has virtual lesson with teenagers

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Chris Martin gave a group of teenagers a virtual music lesson.

The Coldplay frontman had a 30-minute meeting with students from Beechworth Secondary College in Victoria, Australia, as part of a Webex programme to assist students around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic and was particularly impressed by 17-year-old Asha Bright, who got to...Read more