Color of Money: Why smart women do stupid things with their money

Michelle Singletary on

WASHINGTON -- On the face of it, the landscape of personal finance is a man's world.

Men's faces dominate our currency.

Men largely control Wall Street and the firms that hold and invest our money.

And when you see a commercial about financial advising, it's almost always a man giving the advice.

But James Brown was right when he sang, "This is a man's world. But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl."

Ladies, if you think that this financial stuff isn't your thing, you've got to change your perspective. Because it's very likely you will at some point be the sole money manager in your household either because you're single, divorced or widowed.

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So, yes, you can invest as well, if not better than, men.

You can ask and get the salary you deserve.

You can conquer the emotions that prevent you from making wise financial choices, or starting that business.

And you most definitely have the ability to raise money-smart children.


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