Color of Money: When it comes to personal finance, seeing is believing

Michelle Singletary on

WASHINGTON -- What's your style of learning?

Me, I'm a verbal learner. I love words. I love lectures.

The way I learn works well when I'm reading a book on personal finance or attending an investment seminar.

But what if your learning style is visual?

A visual learner absorbs information better if there are pictures, graphs, charts or diagrams. You probably get lost pretty quickly in the dense terminology of money management.

It's particularly helpful to know your learning style when it comes to personal finance, because so much of it can give you a headache. It's complicated.

--Sponsored Video-- conducted a survey earlier this year to test people's knowledge of financial terms and concepts. Survey participants were quizzed on how to determine one's net worth, how a 401(k) works, and what terms like "CD" and "HELOC" stand for.

The site also posted an amusing video titled "Do You Know Your Money?" which showed young adults struggling to answer basic financial questions. (You can find the video here:

Here are some examples of what they said:

Q.: What does the "S&P" stand for?


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