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Several years ago, a unique incident took place at our three-day "Born To Win" Seminar in Dallas. Part of our process is to teach every participant to be a "good-finder," and when they see an individual in the class say or do something encouraging, they are to write a note on a pad that says, "I Like ------ Because" and they write in some specific, observabble quality the individual either possesses or demonstrates. By the end of the three days, the typical participant had some 25-50 of these notes, which they often treasure for years.

On "graduation day," each attendee is given the opportunity, if they choose to do so, to stand up and express their appreciation or comment on the benefits they derived from the seminar. After several had spoken that day, a young man from Tennessee stood up and quietly said, "I want to thank all of you for those beautiful 'I Like' notes. I've loved every one of them. My wife read them to me each evening." Then, the young man became emotional and had to pause -- "You see, I can neither read nor write." At that instant, a young man from Indonesia, a young lady from Australia, and a big, rugged Texan all arose, rushed forward and gave the Tennesseean a big hug.

As I viewed this scene, it struck me that there were four people representing three different continents, two different states and three different religions, yet, for that moment in time, they were bound together by a desire to help and encourage someone else. As a result, all four participants benefited considerably.

Isn't it a shame that we don't serve as encouragers in our daily lives and cross some of the lines to give others the word or attention that would give him or her something to smile about?



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