How to Listen Like a Homicide Detective

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One of the many awesome things about being in sales is that sales actually IS real life.

What we do on the phone and in person in prospecting, selling, and working with customers is the same thing we do when interacting with people in all areas of life.

That’s why I always say that everyone is in sales, regardless of what their paid ...Read more

How to Beat a Sales Slump

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We’ve all been there. We hit a wall. A streak of no’s, delays, deals that fall through, calls and emails ignored. Then the self-doubt kicks in. It might even affect your ability to execute that next call. Or it might cause you to avoid it.

These thoughts can be devastating if left unchecked.

What to do?

Do what professional athletes do. ...Read more

Want to Change Your Sales and Prospecting Results? Just Move

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I just returned from something I do several times per year: attending a training conference. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these events over the years, in addition to the training, books, audios and videos that I also invest in regularly.

This one was put on by one of the online marketing and automation software apps that I ...Read more

50 Shades of Delay

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This is hotter than the original movie or the sequel. See video!

*About the Author: Art Sobczak works with thousands of sales reps each year helping them get more business by phone. He provides real world, how-to ideas and techniques that help salespeople use the phone more effectively.

Visit Sobczak's...Read more

Fake News? Be More Fearful of Fake Sales Training

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Fake news is a hot topic today. What is more troubling, and harmful to your career and income is fake sales training. See an example of this from FSTN, the Fake Sales Training Network, and then I’ll set the record straight.

*About the Author: Art Sobczak works with thousands of sales reps each year helping them get more business by phone. He...Read more

Quit Talking About Your Thing

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Talking about your thing usually gets you in trouble. In sales, I mean.

One of the biggest problems unsuccessful salespeople have is that they talk about their things right away, and it causes resistance.

In emails, InMails, voice mails, and IF they ever by chance get to actually talk to a buyer, they throw up all over themselves pitching ...Read more

Making Sales ASSumptions Can Cost You

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The simplest techniques can be so effective.

I heard a call where a prospect voiced an objection, but seemed a bit shaky in his conviction regarding what he said.

The sales rep responded,

“What was that again?”

The prospect then hemmed and hawwed a bit, continued talking, and actually admitted that he probably could go with the caller’...Read more


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