Content Writer vs Copywriter: What Are the Differences?


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According to recent data, there are 4.1 billion active e-mail users worldwide. If you aren’t including e-mail in your marketing efforts, you are truly missing out.

Yet, first, you’ll need to hire either a content writer or a copywriter. Both can up your game when it comes to increasing your profits.

What are the differences between a content writer vs copywriter? Which one is best for your company? Read on to find out.

What Is a Content Writer?

A content writer creates written materials to inform a reader. Content writing aims to engage a reader with relevant and exciting information.

To do so, researching industry-specific data is required. The reader should be able to understand the information fully, and it should provide credibility to the business.

A content writer will use persuasive language to provide this informational content, and SEO tools are often used as content writing drives traffic to a business’s website.

Forms of content writing include blogs, e-books, how-to guides, magazine articles, and e-mail newsletters.

What Is a Copywriter?

A copywriter creates text that is used to market or advertise for a specific company. The goal is to build brand awareness and to provide a call-to-action, such as purchasing a business’s product.

SEO practices are also used in copywriting, as this is an effective way to drive more web traffic. Learning how to write SEO copy is essential as a copywriter, as most companies depend on these tools to provide more visibility for their products.

When copywriting, a product’s features are highlighted in a way that is memorable and compelling. The company’s voice and style should be depicted through its copywriting.

The customer should walk away knowing and remembering the company’s brand and what it has to offer.

Forms of copywriting include billboards, brochures, e-mail campaigns, taglines, social media posts, magazine advertisements, press releases, and landing pages.

The Differences

The overall goal of content writing is to provide informational content while copywriting strives to persuade potential customers. Content writers focus more on brand loyalty than on creating actionable content.

Copywriting is generally shorter and more concise than content writing, which is more long-form. Copywriting uses more of a conversational voice, while content writing is more formal.

Along with this, copywriters are generally tied to one company, while content writers usually have many different clients and jobs beyond content writing.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Both Are Valuable

When comparing a content writer vs copywriter, you’ll find that both can add value, but one may be best for your specific company.

If you are focusing more on creating marketing materials, copywriting is what you need. If you are looking to be seen as a professional in your field, you may want to hire a content writer.

Either way, both can bring your business more profit, which is always the end goal.

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