The Secret to Building a Brand? It’s in the Product Packaging


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So you’re trying to create a successful retail brand and there seems to be one thing missing.

You have to find a great way to stand out with your branding. There are many ways to build a successful brand system and one overlooked method is with your product packaging.

Product packaging works in the same way as a book cover. Consumers will judge your product by its packaging so you’ve got to find a way to master your packaging design.

Here’s what you need to know about custom product packaging:

It Defines Your Brand

Suppose you saw a small beverage can from a distance that was bright red. Even if it was a can of the Serbian beer Zajećarsko, you’d likely think you were looking at a can of Coca-Cola!

This is because Coca-Cola has spent decades building its brand through their packaging. We’ve become familiar with the bright red color that we can only think of one brand when we see it!

Likewise, a plain white box looks great when you buy a new Apple product. Apple has cornered the market with this color that if another brand used white then it would appear generic and bland!

Protects the Product

No matter how great your product is, if you can’t protect it from damage then you can expect to lose customers.

Think about your favorite products and how durable the packaging is when you open it. You want to use protective material when creating the package for your products.

It Appeals to the Senses

Great product packaging also appeals to the senses and this is one of the best ways to promote your brand and sell your products.

For example, LUSH Cosmetics use clear packaging so you can see their products. The bright colors of the products immediately draw in the viewer.

Victoria’s Secret packages their products in boxes with strong and sensuous colors such as black, hot pink, or red. This adds to the allure of the lingerie that’s being sold.

Perhaps the best example of product packaging are in cereal boxes meant to appeal to children. One can imagine how inclined a child is to eat cereal when they see a character such as Tony the Tiger, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, or Cap’n Crunch.

These are all crucial methods to improve your product packaging and grow your business.

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Improve Your Product Packaging

Now you know why product packaging is important and what you need to do to improve your brand packaging.

Product packaging will define your brand. Colors such as bright red have defined Coca-Cola while white has been used to promote Apple products.

You want to also use materials to protect your products from potential damage. Make sure you also find a way to appeal to the senses to draw in potential customers.

With these steps you’ll have no problem improving your company’s product packaging.

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