Top 3 Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Care Package


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Research suggests that sending a care package can improve distant relationships.

This exchange of affection is beneficial to the giver (you) and the receiver (your loved one). It can make you mentally healthier, happier, and more comfortable in your relationships. Also, the act of making a care package is fulfilling for you—and opening it is so exciting for them!

Whether you’ve got a kid in college, a far-away relative, or friends who just bought a new house, there are so many reasons to send a care package. Keep reading to see how to make a care package that’ll make a positive impact.

1. Include Practical Items

All care packages benefit from something the receiver can use right away, which is open to your interpretation!

For example, if you’re sending a package to a college student, your box might include their favorite snacks, some toiletries, or a gift card to their go-to coffee shop. For your foodie friend, you could include a charcuterie board with some sausage and gourmet mustard. For your mom, maybe a scented lotion and some cozy slippers to reiterate the importance of self-care.

When in doubt, gift cards are an easy way to cover the bases without worrying about striking out (think: grocery store, the movies, a delicious restaurant).

2. Acknowledge Their Interests

Another great addition to any care package is something that focuses on an activity or hobby enjoyed by your loved one.

Find out more about what the receiver likes and include something that has meaning to them. That could be anything from a jigsaw puzzle or crossword book to an embroidery kit or book series.

The next time they pursue their interest, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness, which is sure to cultivate a positive attitude.

If you’re not sure exactly what would land here, have a phone conversation with them before sending the box, or ask their other loved ones what they’ve been interested in lately.

3. Something Sentimental

You can’t send a care package without including something caring, right?

To truly round out your box, make sure to add something affectionate. What that special something is depends on who you’re sending it to—your spouse, your grandmother, your daughter.

You might send a photograph, a handwritten letter, something homemade, or a card. If you have kids, you might include drawings from them. For this part of your care package, focus less on monetary value and more on something priceless that shows you invested time, too.

Care Package Tips That Show You Care

If you have a loved one who lives in another state, is away at college, or has a birthday coming up, a care package is a great reminder that you’re thinking of them. Include something useful, something that honors their hobbies, and something sweet for a well-balanced box.

We hope you enjoyed our care package how-to guide—and we’ve got plenty more where this came from!

Our page is full of great advice like this. Keep scrolling to see how else you can make an impact.



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