Why Waste Oil Furnaces Are the Right Heating System For You


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Is it time to replace your old heating system or furnace?

If so, you have tons of options available – but not all of them are good. And, you’ll want to act fast with winter right around the corner.

Keep reading to learn all about waste oil furnaces and why they might be best for your business or commercial property.

What Is Waste Oil?

Not to be confused with used oil, waste oil is oil that has already been used once. This includes petroleum-based and synthetic products that can no longer be used for their original purpose.

Oil may no longer be applied to its original purpose due to prior use or other issues like the way it was handled. Either can cause it to contain impurities or reduce its overall quality.

Unfortunately, waste oil is often disposed of at stations or other facilities, but not stored for future use, despite the fact that it may actually still be burned as a different type of fuel.

Turn Trash Into Treasure

The United States consumes over 18.19 million barrels of petroleum per day. That’s a massive number when you consider the non-renewable nature of this resource!

Burning waste oil is one way that we can reduce this number.

Because waste oil often contains other harmful ingredients, it can only be burned in approved boilers to produce heat and energy. But, using specially designed equipment like Reklean waste oil furnaces makes it easy to repurpose this product rather than disposing of it.

Today, more and more commercial businesses and even homeowners are turning to waste oil for heat because it costs significantly less than new oil. It’s also an excellent way to reuse a perfectly good product, lessening the impact of oil on our planet.

How Is Waste Oil Burned?

Waste oil needs to be brought up to the highest temperature possible before it can be burned. This ensures that the maximum amount of fuel is consumed and reduces emissions like ash.

The two-step process of heating then burning waste oil doesn’t just help to reduce pollutants. It also maximizes efficiency. Without a waste oil heater, the furnaces that burn this fuel would be highly inefficient, defeating the goal of burning waste oil.

Once heated, waste oil is burned in the same manner as traditional heating oil. The only real differences are price and environmental impact – a twofold benefit for users! And, the result is a long, warm winter for industrial buildings, offices, and even homes.

Waste Oil Furnaces Made Easy

Now that you know a bit more about waste oil furnaces, it’s time to take action. You’ll save a bundle on heating costs and enjoy safe and efficient energy all winter long!

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