The Benefits of Getting a Job as a Teenager


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Generally, very few teenagers are active in employment positions in the US. Last summer alone, the average employment rate for teens aged 16-17 only reached 22.3 percent. Only 30.8 percent of these teenagers enjoyed gainful employment with pay because some volunteered.

Among the top employers for teens include restaurants, recreation centers, convenience stores, and tourist attraction centers. Some teenagers also spend the better part of summers in self-employed positions such as selling ice cream or T-shirts.

Although it’s not for everyone, getting a job as a teenager is imperative, whether you’re in college or not. But why get out of your comfort zone and hunt for a job? What’s in for you? How is it beneficial in impacting your future life?

Here are seven benefits of working as a teenager.

1. Getting a Job Means Surplus Money for Your Expenses

Being a teenager comes with many expenses, especially if you’re in college. If you are driving, the expenses of maintaining a car can be pretty overwhelming. You need money for gas, insurance, new sets of tires, or even modifying your unit as other teenagers do.

Other expenses of an average teen include rent if you’re staying alone and money for personal effects. Unfortunately, not all parents are in a better position to help their teenagers meet these expenses. Moreover, some people are not lucky enough to have all their parents alive.

Find a job today and start earning. This money will go a long way to facilitate your expenses.

If you can work extra hours, you’ll even get overtime pay. This means you’ll have enough to spend and save at the same time.

2. Building Character for Better Living

Being in an active employment position helps you to build character and essential life skills for surviving. For instance, you’ll know how to be patient if you start working as a teenager at the lowest employment level.

Of course, you’ll learn the benefits of being patient because you’ll eventually get a promotion if you work hard. Other skills that will you build character when working as a teenager include personal grooming and hygiene. Your boss will always require you to be presentable.

Most importantly, you’ll develop social skills and manners that help you relate with individuals at all age-group levels. If you reach the age to work at Starbucks, you’ll learn essential cooking and food skills to help your spouse when the time comes.

Developing a character behind the skills helps you become a better person as you mature.

3. Learning How to Manage Money

Most jobs for teenagers will teach you how to budget for money when you grow up. Remember, money skills are not tips learned in daily classroom lessons. As a teen, you’ll only understand critical financial concepts of spending and saving if you’re earning.

Working as a teenager will help you understand the value of money. You’ll also differentiate net from gross income and what goes to the tax department. Besides, you’ll know how it feels to shop with your hard-earned money as opposed to your parent’s.

Working helps you take control of your spending habits. Inadequate funds to get what you want will motivate you to work harder or save more. All these experiences prepare you for future financial stability.

4. Preparing for Full-Time Employment

Getting a job as a teenager means undergoing the same recruitment process as full-time job candidates. This prepares you for what lies ahead, especially if you’re studying for a career degree or diploma.

For instance, you’ll know how to fill in applications forms for jobs. You’ll also know how to prepare for job interviews. All these processes put you in a better position to secure a full-time job in feature.

Also, you’ll learn how to work at both subordinate and executive levels of a company.

5. Getting Money to Invest in Side Projects

Which projects fascinate you more? Is it arts or web designing? How about writing a book?

Whichever project keeps you awake, you’ll need money to implement it. You also need hands-on management skills to ensure the project is a success.

Summer jobs for teenagers can help you get all that you need for the project. You only need to work hard and save more. Also, you can juggle working and your project responsibilities.

6. Embracing Teamwork Attitude

Teamwork at school is pretty different from collaborating at a workplace. For instance, you have obligations as a team member when employed.

You also don’t get to choose the team you want you to belong to. At school, nearly everything is voluntary.

Getting a job as a teenager will put you in a team with members from different backgrounds and education levels. Since you’ll probably be the youngest, you’ll learn how to tolerate these people. You’ll also learn how to resolve conflicts without going overboard.

Other insightful skills that work teamwork teach include self-discipline, effective communication, and reliability. Being part of a team will help you understand what it means to be accountable.

7. Less Time for Risky Habits

Summer is about getting that “last fun” before resuming college or university studies for many teenagers. You want to go to the beach, organize BBQs or create memories with your childhood friends. Well, doing all that once in a while is not bad.

However, many risks are inevitable when your mind is in a constant state of idleness. Your friends can indulge you in negative behaviors such as underage drug abuse. For girls, irresponsible behaviors at this stage can end in teen pregnancies.

Getting a summer job will keep you busy most of the time. You’ll hardly have time to drink alcohol, let alone participate in meaningless teen parties. Moreover, once you start working, you’ll develop great consciousness against irresponsible behaviors.

Start Working as a Teenager and Secure Your Future

The benefits of getting a job as a teenager outweigh the risks. Moreover, you’re better off with your hard-earned income than without. You’ll have the freedom to spend on anything while being mindful. You’ll also learn what it takes to budget for money.

You can use this surplus income to improve the quality of your life and help your folks. Read other articles on this site for tips on landing the best jobs as a teenager.




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