Can You Receive Compensation After a Single Vehicle Car Accident?


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Even the most confident and skilled drivers out there can be part of a single vehicle accident. Whether it’s because of the weather, faulty roads, or wildlife crossing, the possibility of a one car collision is always looming.

If ever you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you may not know what to do. Any crash can deal considerable damage to your vehicle and even injure your body. This raises the concern about whether you get compensated or not.

Will you be getting anything for these damages? Here are some factors that can tell if you can receive compensation. Read on to discover more.

What Should You Do After a Single Vehicle Accident?

A single vehicle accident is always disorienting. Here are some things to right after:

  1. Check for injuries on yourself and the passengers
  2. If there are injuries, perform first aid and/or contact emergency medical services
  3. Is your position safe? If not, move if you can
  4. Take note of the details right away, such as the time and the factors that influenced the crash

Life and safety are always the top priority. Once you settle that, then you can gather evidence about the collision to fortify your case. These may help with the legalities, compensation, and car accident liability.

What Types of Car Insurance Cover One Car Collision?

The presence of only one driver makes single car collisions more difficult for you. Depending on your car insurance policy coverage, you may be able to file for compensation.

For a one vehicle accident, there is comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance can reimburse you for damages caused by factors you can’t control. Collision insurance covers damages that are a direct consequence of your actions.

If you crashed out due to bad weather, comprehensive insurance could cover that. If you crashed against a tree trying to avoid a pedestrian, it would be under collision insurance.

Even if you can file a claim, this isn’t always the best course of action. For example, the repairs might cost less than the deductible for filing a claim. On top of this, your premium will most likely increase if you do.

In What Cases Can You Sue for Compensation?

Even if there is only one driver involved, there are cases when you can sue for negligence. For example, if the automobile design is faulty or there are no signs of road hazards.

In this case, you will be asking a body or company to be liable rather than an individual. This may be difficult for you.

If you are confident about your claim, then you can find a lawyer to represent you. You can contact to find lawyers that specialize in car accidents.

You May Find It Hard to Recover From a Single Vehicle Accident

From the crash site to claiming compensation, a single vehicle accident is no good experience. Recovering may not be easy, but it is possible.

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