What Is Underwriting and Why Is It So Important for Investors?


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Every investment you make has some level of risk. When you buy a used car, you risk buying a car with issues that you don’t notice while at the dealership. When you buy a house, you risk hidden flaws and damage from poor weather.

Risk is a huge part of the financial world, too.

For that reason, the role of the underwriter has become increasingly more important. What is underwriting, though? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this critical component of the financial world.

What Is Underwriting?

Underwriting is the way an individual or financial institution determines the level of risk involved in a particular investment. Underwriting is associated with think loans, insurance, and investments. Most major financial institutions have their own staff of underwriting professionals.

The results of the underwriting process help a lender or investor determine the level of risk in a particular investment. The results impact the cost of things like APR and insurance premiums.

For example, if you want to purchase a house, a mortgage underwriter will evaluate the level of risk associated with lending you money for a house. That information determines whether you’re approved for the loan and what your interest rate will be.

The goal of underwriting is to determine whether an investment has the potential to be profitable. If so, it is worthwhile to take on the risk associated with the investment. If the potential for profitability is too low, then it’s not worth the risk.

The Underwriting Process

What does the underwriting process look like in real life?

Let’s take the example of someone applying for a mortgage on a new home. The applicant provides all of their information to the mortgage company, including their social security number, income information, and job history. The mortgage company will then employ an in-house underwriter (or third-party contractor) to evaluate the information they collected.

The underwriter creates a snapshot of the risk to the lender if they approve the mortgage. The odds of the risk occurring are compared to the odds of making a profit. If the odds are greater that the company will make a profit from the transaction, then the mortgage is approved.

Once the mortgage is approved, the lender will provide information to the borrower about the loan should they accept it. This includes information about the monthly payment, the interest rate, the term of the loan, and whether insurance like PMI is required.

Why Does Underwriting Matter?

The number one reason why underwriting is important is that it helps prevent financial institutions from incurring losses on investments. We know that any time a financial institution makes an investment, there’s going to be some risk involved. Underwriting helps institutions make informed decisions about their potential investments.

On the whole, they help keep the money in the financial world flowing. Without underwriters like, investors would be less likely to make investments, for fear of losing money. That means fewer people with the ability to buy homes, fewer businesses getting off the ground, and fewer people with insurance.

Underwriting Applications

Now that you have the underwriting definition and know about the underwriting process, you might be wondering about where underwriters work. As it turns out, they work in a number of different sectors of the financial world. The most common industries you’ll find them in include real estate, insurance, and the stock market.

Real Estate

Every mortgage has a mortgage underwriter behind it. In fact, mortgage underwriters are one of the most common types of underwriters.

A mortgage underwriter looks at a borrower’s income, credit history, income to debt ratio, and assets. They use that information in combination with a property’s appraisal to determine the amount of the loan and the interest rate.

If the borrower offered more for a property than it appraises for, then the borrower will have to come up with another source of funding to make up the difference between the loan and the offer price. This is a common occurrence in a seller’s market with a bidding war significantly increases the price of the house above its actual value.


Like mortgage companies, insurance companies have a significant amount of risk when they agree to insure someone. For this reason, insurance companies need underwriters to determine whether it will be profitable for them to insure a particular person.

To determine whether insuring someone is worthwhile, the underwriters look at a number of different factors. They’ll want to know a person’s age, the status of their health, and whether they have any serious illnesses or health risks. The underwriter compares the risks to the amount of the requested policy to make their determination.

For example, a life insurance company is unlikely to insure someone who is 95 years old — they will have to pay out for that policy, and soon. Insuring a 25-year-old person in good health is a much better risk to assume. In that situation, it’s significantly less likely that they’ll have to pay out that policy.

Stock Market

Believe it or not, underwriters also work in the stock market. It’s a part of the financial world that comes with a lot of risks, after all.

Here, underwriters play roles in determining whether paying a particular price for a stock is a good investment. They also underwrite IPOs to help investors decide whether to buy in during an IPO.

Underwriting Is Critical in the Financial World

What is underwriting?

Underwriting has become a critically important part of any form of investment in the world of finance. Without having someone doing the legwork upfront to identify and analyze the risks involved in any type of investment, investors would make investments without being fully informed. In short, underwriters keep the financial world moving.

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