Choose Majors Wisely: Some Jobs Require Graduate Degrees

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Q: I've just finished my bachelor's degree, and the only thing on my mind is getting a job. My best friend has been casual about it because she's considering continuing on for her master's degree. My parents can't pay for my school, so I took out a student loan to get through. I'd like to continue on to graduate school but thought I should first...Read more

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace All Employees?

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Q: Articles on artificial intelligence make me wonder if all positions can be replaced. I believe medical science has gone too far in saving those who no longer have any quality of life, so now I worry that artificial intelligence may go too far. Will employees in the field of artificial intelligence be the only ones whose jobs are safe?

A: ...Read more

Millennials Are the Best, Treat Them as Such

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Employers of all sizes seem a bit lost as to how to hire, manage and keep millennials (born 1980-1996) from bailing after they've stayed a couple years in their jobs. After all, their parents (the baby boomers) stuck it out for a lifetime whether they liked the job or not. They left only when the salary offered a better lifestyle, where they ...Read more

Undermanagement Causes Financial Chaos

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Q: I have a bachelor's degree in business administration, but I accepted a financial job that didn't require a degree at a pension management company. My boss, who was not a certified public accountant, had never reviewed the work of the woman I replaced. I began reviewing all her work and discovered problems in every area. She had never ...Read more

Ousting Bad Teacher Helps Students

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Q: I'm an English literature teacher who also independently tutors students from the other small, local colleges in the area. A student from one of those colleges hired me to meet with him weekly because he was confused by the assignments he had been given. I decided the student was sharp, intelligent and serious but that his teacher was ...Read more

Brother Works Brother into Poverty

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Q: My brother convinced me to visit him in the U.S., so I applied for a temporary visa and came. I left many friends and family members there. I miss them and my life.

After arriving here, he met an American girl, fell in love, married her and now has children, so he has established his life here. He was setting up a business and wanted me to ...Read more

Your Career Path Is Your Own

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Q: Money wasn't important to me, so I didn't negotiate a salary when one that I thought was too low was offered. I didn't even think someone could negotiate salary unless it was for a management position. Also, I never wanted to be a manager, as I had no desire to be hanging over others, telling them what to do. I wanted a job where I could ...Read more

The Price of Not Checking References

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Q: I headed a team at a marketing company, and we needed one more person to balance the talent. The company lined up the people for me to interview, and I made recommendations to the vice president of the department. Human resources said it would handle the reference checking, so that was good. I interviewed a guy whose resume was impressive. He...Read more

When College Takes a Back Seat to Life

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Q: My friends and I have many questions about college, jobs and success in life. If college is necessary, does it matter if it's a top university or a small local college? What are the best majors and minors to pursue? What are the most useless majors? Are there majors that require graduate degrees in order to get a job?

Schools are so ...Read more

Jealousy at Work Stops Work

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Q: I am in my 30s and have a degree in marketing. I had three people reporting to me at my job, but I took what I thought was a positive risk and accepted a job at a newly formed company. The owner is a few years older than I am. He said he wasn't moving up fast enough, so he left to start his own company. When I interviewed with him, he said ...Read more

Favoritism to Replace Mentorship Favors All

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Employees dislike favoritism, especially when they are not the ones receiving favor. It means they are not being given chances to develop their abilities and talents, not being given the help needed to learn at breakneck speeds, not being offered the opportunities to advance to realize their potential.

For employees receiving favor, it's an ...Read more

He Talks to Impress, Not to Express

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Q: I work in a legal department where all of the employees are smart. The problem I have is only with one of the lawyers. He uses words that most people don't use or even know. He has an extensive vocabulary filed with less commonly used or archaic words. Most of us, even though we are intelligent, are not familiar with the words he chooses and ...Read more

Copycat Co-Worker Scares Employee

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Q: One of my co-workers imitates me in every way possible -- not like sarcastic imitation, but she copies my overall style in clothing, shoes, hair, makeup and everything else she notices about me. She has never said anything over the edge or creepy about it; she just shows up one day to work in a similar dress to what I wore, same shoes, coat ...Read more


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