Jealousy Consumes Manager of New Hire

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Q: I was interviewed and recommended for hire by a regional manager I was to replace. He was transferred to manage another region. I am high-energy, innovative, organized and efficient in all my positions. Once I started this job, I got to work analyzing the processes in place and the types of clients the company wanted, and I began my own ...Read more

Make Previous Skills Count When Finding New Career

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Q: I come from a family where all my younger brothers got jobs in the trades, as I did. I'm in my late 40s now, and with all the people I meet with college degrees, I feel like I missed out on an important part of life. I'm in a trade union, so I make good money and always get assigned to new jobs when needed, but I can't stop thinking about ...Read more

Study Questions to Ask Before an Interview

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Q: I prefer working at small companies because they seem less rigid with rules and policies and the environment is more like a family. The company I work for is run by a married couple. They live like millionaires but claim to not be able to pay me more. I've been there a little more than a year. I love the job, but I find it difficult to live ...Read more

Mentorship to Replace Favoritism Favors All

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Employees dislike favoritism, especially when they are not the ones receiving favor. It means they are not being given chances to develop their abilities and talents, not being given the help needed to learn at breakneck speeds, not being offered the opportunities to advance to realize their potential.

For employees receiving favor, it's an ...Read more

Making 'Hairstory': Benia Davis

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His mom and dad married at 17 and 21, respectively, and had 14 children. Benia Davis, one of those 14 children, knew he did not want to make the same choices as his parents, like having numerous children. In fact, he wanted none. He decided to focus on a career, but he didn't know which career yet.

It was Mississippi in the 1950s. His dad's ...Read more

Customer Service Job Overwhelms Young Employees

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Q: I own and run a small company where I have a history of difficulty getting product. My food company requires some fresh product and some I can store. I hire young people to communicate the system to our clients. They are not the sharpest tacks in the box because they are not comfortable telling clients we are currently having to wait for ...Read more

Is No One Worth Their Pay?

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Q: I started a new job and I have slowly been getting to know people. One co-worker stands out in rudeness and difficulty. I am trying not to be rude to her, but she is authoritarian and power-hungry, and frankly, an impossible person to deal with on a daily basis. I am so disgusted I am close to exploding at her.

I don't know whether I ...Read more

Parenting Is Above All Other Jobs, Depending

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What do you think of day care in this country? In your local area? Have you ever needed day care? Because your reason for needing it will determine how you feel about parenting.

The first "day nursery" dates back to 1898, established by Josephine Jewell Dodge, a prominent New York philanthropist who wanted people to see the need for day care,...Read more

16-Year-Old Tangles with Business Owner

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Q: I'm an experienced small business owner who wanted to give a change to a 16-year-old in a bad situation. Instead, she tangled with the wrong person and turned me against her. Her mother has worked for me for a few years; she has been a hard factory worker but needed constant instructions and guidance. She has lived with her daughter in a very...Read more

Save or Report Co-worker With Memory Problems?

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Q: I work with an older man around 60 who has started to show memory problems. I don't want to be the one who reports him, but his errors are getting harder for me to cover. I've mentioned it to him, but he just says, "Oh, I must have forgotten to do it but it's not important." Some of his forgetfulness can result in future problems, but he won'...Read more

Quitting May Be Only Way to Move Up

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Q: I am a clerical worker at a large financial firm, and I will soon receive my MBA. I thought getting this degree would help me move up in the company, but I no longer think this is true. I am 40 now, and from what I have seen at the company, younger employees have an advantage.

I had previously applied for a job in a different department that...Read more

Moving Forward After a Felony Conviction

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Q: I am having a difficult time finding employment due to a felony conviction. I was a licensed chiropractor hired to work in a chiropractic practice under one condition -- that everything pertaining to ownership be put in my name. I had answered a chiropractor's ad on Craigslist. He told me he was a very religious man and he wanted to be a ...Read more

'Your Puppy or Your Job' Is Not the Answer

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Q: I wasn't allowed a dog in my childhood, so as soon as I found a job and moved out, I got one. I didn't know anything about taking care of a dog, but I wanted one for so long that I felt I had to. I took off a couple of personal days to get him settled and went back to work. When I got home that day, I had a nasty note on my door saying he ...Read more



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