Axe The Unwanted Job Advice

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Q: I've been seeking full-time employment for a year now, but not putting my heart into it because I'm fine with working part-time. I ultimately need a full-time job, but it's not crucial and I'm not money-motivated. This bothers my friends much more than it bothers me. I don't ask to borrow money, but living on a lower salary limits my social...Read more

Foreign Student Sees Vast Difference In Values

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Q: I'm from Cameroon in Africa. I came to America to study pharmacology. I am an "A" student, Dean's List, who is goal-oriented. Many in Cameroon saw education as a ticket to being successful because it allows us to be professionals. We know what poverty is because we have lived in it, but our parents instilled the value of education as the ...Read more

Face Stereotyping To End Discrimination

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Q: I think the error in announcing the winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards 2017 brought attention to the far-reaching problem of age discrimination in the workplace. I worked at a small company where only two of us were in our early 20s. Everyone else was about 40 to early 50s. Everyone was sharp, focused and efficient. We needed a ...Read more

Public Speaking: Not Part Of My Job

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Q: I've been a professional outside sales representative for 15 years, switching industries three times. I am not pushy, obnoxious, or shallow -- some of the things most thought of when people think of salespeople. I am armed with product, service and company information. I only work for companies I believe in, and I use facts to make sales.

I ...Read more

Love Everything but the Salary?

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Q: I love my job and my company. The company benefits and environment are beyond compare. I really never want to work for another company. But I am faced with a serious dilemma. The company is undertaking a whole new process in doing business that involves a heavy investment of money and time in training. We have our same jobs but are ...Read more

Discuss Non-Compete Agreements Before You Sign

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Q: I am under a non-compete agreement and I'm highly experienced in a specialized area. I know other similar companies will also want me to sign a non-compete, but I'm not sure how to handle this since I want to stay in my same field.

A: Non-compete agreements (or non-compete provisions in employment contracts) have become fairly common in ...Read more

Violence Solved the Problem, But at What Risk

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Q: As professional, full-time waiters, we worked at a good restaurant that enabled us to live on the tips offered, which is how most wait staff make a lot of money. Diners should tip 10 to 20 percent according to the level of restaurant, the prices, the atmosphere, the time spent at the table, and the service received.

We noticed our tips ...Read more

Get a New Job Before Saving Others

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Q: I work at a nationally known company with a solid reputation in a professional field. One would think such a company would have a professionally run human resource department, but it doesn't. It must have started out with professionals in place. How else could the company have grown into what it is today with more than 7,000 employees? But ...Read more

Report The Bully To Save Your Job

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Q: I was hired at a large corporation as an administrative assistant for four managers, and I thought I was doing a great job. At the end of my review period, one of my managers copied me on an email that asked about the release of a bill. I thought my receiving a copy was strictly informational. She later told me I was to release the bill, ...Read more

Waitress Steals Tips, Says her Needs are Greater

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Q: My friend and I had to get jobs while in high school to help our parents support us. We are waitresses at a very busy coffee shop where nearby highways connect. Some call the place a truck stop. There are three waitresses only. The other waitress is married with two children and her husband has a job.

We both have witnessed the other ...Read more

Boss Won't Fire Employee, but Won't Use Her

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Q: Our consulting firm has a small group of administrative assistants, so when one of the bosses need work, they give it to the person who's available. One of the assistants is incompetent: she screws up every assignment she is given. Because of this, none of the bosses will use her and so she rarely has anything to do. The problem is they won...Read more

New Job Changes too soon After Hire

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Q: I went through a formal interviewing process and accepted the job offer soon after. At the interview I was given a complete job description and told to read it carefully so if I were to be chosen for the job, the work and procedures would become second nature. I was fine with that, and studied it when I was hired. As I became more ...Read more

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