Watch as EBT Changes Employee Satisfaction

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The field of psychology has been accepted by businesses and has taken on various uses in the office. As emotional and behavioral problems come into play in the workplace, people can choose between psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, which focus on patients learning about themselves to change their troubled thoughts, feelings and ...Read more

Wisely Choose Your Complaints and Reasons to Leave

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Q: I work for the smallest department ever -- we have a boss and two of us co-workers, a man and I'm a woman. The boss is a 40ish-year-old woman; we are late 20s. Our boss doesn't wear revealing or tight clothing, but she comes across as a very sexual person. She favors my male co-worker like I've never seen. Around me, she's normal and ...Read more

Face to Face or Texting

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Q: The worst people to work with are those who refuse to learn. I just had a coworker waste 30 minutes of my time because she didn't like me texting her to get an answer on information I needed. Instead of her getting me the information, she walked into my office to ask if I had face-to-face communications problems because I always text her. I ...Read more

Ultimatums Will Get You Fired

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Q: I requested my vacation six months in advance to take two weeks off for my family reunion. We have a large immediate and extended family who all live in several states across the country, so we rarely get to see one another. We have been meeting yearly to stay connected, and it's a blast for all of us. My boss has approved it in the past ...Read more

Bad Decision: Wife Works, Trust Fund Supports Husband

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Q: I married later, in my late 30s. I offered to support my husband with my trust fund to give him time to focus on his art. He was very good early in life, and having a typical job dulled his creativity and motivation.

Instead of my generous offer helping him, it made him lazy, and he produced next to nothing. He always had excuses for why he ...Read more

Small Business Success Focuses on Online Sales

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Q: I have solely run and managed a small business (a distributorship for gourmet and specialty refrigerated foods) for the last 20 years. I've never needed more than 10 employees for the office, warehouse and salesforce to cover restaurants in the local territories. I've never felt the need to expand beyond my area because I've lived comfortably...Read more

Time to Brand Yourself for Happiness

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Q: I was laid off from my job, and I don't know what to do. I have no creative talents to be able to work from home. Collecting unemployment is temporary and not enough to live on. I am open to all ideas except for going to school again.

A: Remember the childhood dreams, wants and activities that excited you. Don't limit it to only the ...Read more

No Choice: Financial Pro Now a Home-School Teacher

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Q: I am a financial analyst for a large firm. I am not qualified to plan lessons and teach my first grader, but here I am, with no choice. I am working at home now during the school closure due to the coronavirus. I don't want to be a lazy parent by sitting my daughter in front of a TV or computer and having her play games. Education is ...Read more

Pros and Cons of Managing Employees From Home

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Before the coronavirus hit America, employees envied those who were allowed to work remotely one day a week. It seemed that a five-day workweek was one day too many, and people longed for an additional day at home. All those employees were granted their wish, as the quarantine closed businesses large and small across America and workers ...Read more

The Heart of Successful Women at Work

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March is International Women's History Month, which, remarkably, began in 1911 and highlights the journey of women who felt destined to accomplish new feats despite their plight in the workplace.

Before World War II, women held jobs as secretaries, receptionists, store clerks, nurses and teachers. They accepted societal restrictions, and ...Read more

Don't List Elite Memberships on Resume

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Q: My wife passed her certified public accountant exam and received her Master of Business Administration from a top school. Her entrance score qualifies her to join Mensa International. She has thought about joining and listing it on her resume, but I think it's not be a good idea. I'm secure about being married to a highly intelligent and ...Read more

Protecting a 'Techno-Junkie' Workforce

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"It's easy for people to have hours -- and perhaps days -- go by as if they're not mentally there at all. ... You just sat in an hour-long meeting, but what happened is a total blur. "

If this has ever happened to you, you are not alone. Your brain is on information overload, and it's warning you by daydreaming, turning off or tuning out ...Read more

How To Change Your Work and Your Life

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Q: I've been in sales jobs, not because I loved them but because I fell into the industry due to a lack of other skills. I actually don't like having to sell people on products or services (I've sold both), even though I am good at it. My problem is that because I don't like sales, I haven't stayed very long in any one job -- one year to three...Read more


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