Directly Handle Your Boss or Let HR Do It

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Q: I am in a high-pressure job with tremendous responsibility, and I'm afraid it is getting to me. I like my boss superficially but know I can't trust him. He has set me up a couple times in the past, wanting me to do things I knew were wrong and would trigger our human resources department to question my performance.

I am not good at politics ...Read more

#MeToo Wasn't Enough

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The #MeToo movement outed only the top guilty parties, but the entertainment industry is filled with similar expectations of newbies and up-and-coming actors, alleges a woman who wanted nothing but to write film scripts until she discovered the extras that were expected of her.

As a highly attractive young woman with a sharp mind and high test ...Read more

Can Time Off Hurt One's Future?

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Q: I worked part-time throughout college, and then graduated and immediately got a full-time job. After a few months, I decided I had accepted a job too quickly; I want to take several months off for traveling. I thought now would be the best time to experience new things before I get the kind of job I would commit to. I should have thought ...Read more

Keeping Or Getting A Job

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Q: After 20 years of "excellent" performance reviews at the same company, I was laid off. Six months before that day, my boss wrote me up for being incompetent; then he said I didn't work well with my team; then he said there was no longer enough work so he had to let me go. Guess what followed? He called me the next Monday to ask me to work as ...Read more

Workplace Clique Creates Misery for Others

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Q: I started a new job at a small company with mostly female employees in administrative-type jobs -- filing, secretarial, reception. They have all worked together for quite a while, and they go to lunch together every day. We are all in proximity to each other in the office, but they have yet to invite me or include me in their lunch plans. ...Read more

Company Hires Workers No One Wants

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Q: I work for a privately owned company with an owner who is supremely cheap. Everyone has one-and-a-half to two jobs, and the owner refuses to hire others. He makes sure we tolerate the conditions by hiring people who have a hard time getting jobs elsewhere. He piles on extra side jobs, and we are forced to do them. We all work to the point of ...Read more

Remote Work Wins, Despite Management

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Employees return to work in the office, but management is less than happy. Businesses recently reaching out to consultancy Seyfarth at Work for training and management solutions report being distressed at many of the behaviors they now see. The workplace has not returned to business as usual, nor will it. Employees who switched from in-office ...Read more

Freelance Or Full-Time Pay?

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Q: I work as a full-time employee for the company owner, who is my direct boss.

He has ...Read more

One Bad Hire After Another

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Q: I started a new business and had to hire several employees for varying jobs before I really knew what my all my needs would be. I knew I needed minimum wage employees, so I ran ads in my local area and I conducted the interviewing, which I didn't think was a big deal. I got a good response to the ads, so I know that was done correctly. I ...Read more

Back to Stress Of Working at the Office

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Q: The pandemic has been difficult for many, but for me, working remotely was like a vacation. I have been a bank executive for several years. Many people joke about working banker's hours, but it is silently stressful. When I work at the office, I have constant interruptions with phone calls and in-person meetings. COVID-19 allowed me to plan...Read more

Interview the Interviewer: Fear Will Get You Nowhere

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Q: I froze up and didn't ask the interviewers all the questions I had and accepted the job offer too soon. I've replayed the interview in my mind, and I think I didn't ask anything because I felt intimidated. I had already decided I wanted the job, so I didn't think questions were necessary. But I never would have imagined what took place ...Read more

Too Much Information of the Wrong Kind

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Q: I work within a group in our department where we have our own projects but all have the same job titles. We are responsible professionals, but we have a great company culture and are always friendly, considerate and helpful to each other when someone is swamped. We love our casual environment, and it's obvious to all our company is well-...Read more

How To Choose the Best Career for You

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Q: I am 35, and I have been in information technology since the beginning of my career. IT jobs are often well-paid and easy to find, but they are not what I want to do anymore. I am thinking about changing fields, but I am hesitant. I realize I will lose my seniority if I leave my job and my experience won't matter if I leave the field. Is it...Read more



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