Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

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Q: I don't like competing with others; I like doing my best, taking credit for my single-handed accomplishments and giving credit to others when they do better than I do. But living this way has now left me behind.

Two co-workers and I previously held the same position. We reported to a middle manager, who had previously held our same ...Read more

Insecurity Causes Personality Clash With Boss

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Q: I took a new job in my area, but with an unacceptably low salary. I saw it as an opportunity to learn a little more in my field, even though I thought the company didn't pay people what they were worth. I justified it, thinking I would quickly get a raise once the boss saw how good I was.

I interviewed with the woman who would be my boss, ...Read more

Accepting One's Mistakes is Essential to Learning

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Q: I write press releases at a publishing company, and I thought I was good at it. They are sent as part of a mass mailing system to promote each book. I received a reply from one of the people who received it criticizing me for what she thought was a stupid and obvious grammar mistake in my letter. Maybe I'm not the greatest with grammar, but...Read more

24-Hour Shift Creates Dangerous Standard

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Q: I'm a paramedic employed by the city, and we ride in pairs in our ambulances. Not only are we on call for 24-hour shifts, but also have to make at least 20 calls per shift. Many people really don't understand how stressful and tiring the job is, but we are out there trying to save lives everyday. We don't have the right to say, "No we can't ...Read more

Don't Casually Sign Any Document

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Q: I rented from a 35-year-old single female homeowner. We were to share her two-bedroom, two-bath house. She was polite and reserved when she showed me the house. We talked about sharing all common areas (kitchen, food pantry, living room, basement, and yard). She had three sweet small dogs, which she led me to believe were trained and ...Read more

Case of Nerves Ruins Job Interviews: It Hurts to be Judged

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Q: I'm a hard worker with solid common sense. When I get a job, my bosses are always impressed by my performance -- and surprised by it too. More than one boss has told me that he hired me, but I would have to prove myself if I wanted to keep the job. They would later admit they didn't think it was going to work. It's not just words when I say...Read more

Must You Lose Vacation Time When You're Busy at Work?

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Q: I get two weeks of vacation time yearly, but rarely get to take it. My boss has never ordered me to not go, but has made it very clear of the hardship it would cause if I left at that time. A friend told me I should demand the vacation pay even if I can't take the time off. I've thought that my boss would have suggested it if it was ...Read more

Mother-Daughter Fight Leads to Criminal Charge and No Job

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Q: I have a teenage daughter, so of course she lives with me and I support her. I also need to work full-time to live. I don't have the income to spoil her, but I agree that some of the things she demands are necessary, not for convenience or her social life, but for safety. That is how I view cell phones. I want her to be able to call me if ...Read more

Catering to Millennials at Work? "No Way" Say Managers

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Q: The idea that workplace requirements and conditions are a daily negotiation and that millennials should be managed differently is ridiculous. The hiring process should include a document defining the workplace requirements, and prospective employees should sign that document stating they clearly understand those requirements regarding hours ...Read more

Can One Successfully Manage Millennials?

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Q: At 29, I'm an assistant manager at a giant retail chain. I'm responsible for interviewing and recommending who gets hired and fired. I graduated with a bachelor's in fashion marketing and management, but nothing in any of my classes prepared me for work.

The new graduates do nothing but disappoint me. None of our young employees have any ...Read more

How to Handle an Employee Whose Error Changes Another Employee's Life

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Q: I'm from India here on a work visa. I already have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, and work at a large company as an IT specialist with a background in electrical engineering. We have an immigration coordinator at work that keeps track of everyone's visas and requirements, and all documents regarding each employee's legal status....Read more

How to Enter the Workforce After 10-Year Absence

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Q: It's an inopportune time, but I have no choice and have to re-enter the workforce after 10 years of absence. I was involved in raising my children because I thought they were far more important than whatever I would be doing at a company. I'm sure there are well-trained nannies, but I wasn't able to leave child rearing up to a stranger who,...Read more

Is Your Career Your Life?

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Q: I have been married for 30 years to the same man. He recently retired from the informational technology field; I have been a successful artist my entire life. I studied art in college and was able to sell my pieces from the very beginning. Art has provided us with an income, but it is more than that for me. It is who I am. My husband wants ...Read more


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