What Happens When the Worker Should Be the Boss?

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Q: My boss is angry with me, and I did nothing wrong. To set the stage: I do far more than my boss because I have been in the business much longer than he has. In fact, I should have his job, but he was favored for the position because he is a male and I am a female. He relies on me for nearly everything, and every month I have to teach him ...Read more

Use Talent for a Midlife Career Change

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Q: I am 50 and was the founder and sole worker of my own local business. When I decided to move out of state, I could have sold my client list to a competitor, but I had so much to do for the move across country that I just turned it over to someone I knew in the field. I am now settled into my new location where I am starting anew in everything...Read more

Bad Management Is No Easy Fix

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Q: I have been with this organization for over 25 years in an executive position, but I am not sure how to handle a personnel issue we have in another department. The company has been successful for many years, until recently when some of the key leadership positions changed personnel. The hierarchy now makes no sense. For example, vice ...Read more

At Work: The Benefits of Emotional Maturity

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Some children are influenced by their parents' conversations and know what they want to be when they grow up. Some make wild statements about their future from out of nowhere which miraculously come true. Others haven't a clue as to what work means to their parents and to themselves. They announce a list of professions that leave their parents ...Read more

College Not Needed for One's Success

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Q: Since the pandemic began, many people have transitioned to working from home. I would love to be able to do this. I'm in my mid-40s with some college, no degree and no real marketable skills or talents, and the only work-from-home jobs I've found involve call centers.

I worked at one once but had to quit after a few years because it was ...Read more

Living at Home Limits Career Choices

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Q: At 50, I sold my home to travel abroad to satisfy my wanderlust. After a couple of years, I had enough traveling and settled down in a new location in the country for the weather. I easily got a job in my field, so I did not check out the type of people in the area, the lifestyle or much of anything other than the job market. Within the first...Read more



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