Fighting for What Is Right

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Q: I have been a (100 percent) successful commissioned outside sales representative for the last 10 years at the same company. The company's overall sales began decreasing (reflected in the lower sales for some of the reps), so at the start of the new month, the sales manager gave me a one-month warning to increase my sales figures. Although a...Read more

No Such Thing as a Slam-Dunk Lawsuit

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Q: Could a potential employee who is asked to sign a non-compete employment agreement just sign the document to "go with the flow" and not make waves if it looks unenforceable? Let's say a potential employee or job candidate is offered a job and presented with an employment contract stating that, for two years, he/she cannot write articles for ...Read more

Cover Letters That Make or Break You

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Q: Articles say human resources departments no longer read cover letters, so why are they still expected? I also notice many online employment applications present attaching a cover letter as an option and not a requirement. But I've also read that a separate letter should be written for each company. This seems to conflict with the idea of ...Read more

All Suffer From Bad Hire

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Q: I am a human resources professional (independent contractor) who was offered the full-time position of HR director, but I politely refused because I prefer working as an independent contractor. As such, I was given full control to interview and hire HR professionals for the company. For an unexplained reason, the president interviewed and ...Read more

Helping a Co-Worker Above and Beyond the Expected

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Q: Working with others always takes some compromising and negotiating, so as to not be run over or used by co-workers or team members. But that also means we cover for each other when any one of us is going through a tough time, to avoid a leave of absence, a loss of income or, possibly, the loss of a job. The understanding is that these ...Read more

When a Career Is No Longer a Calling

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Q: I'm a pastor for a Protestant church. When I decided to become a pastor, religion was important in my family, and my interest grew as my family became more involved. I wasn't forced into it, but their response to my wanting to follow this path was positive. I eventually had my own church and congregation, but as time passed, I started ...Read more

Setting Priorities for a Successful Life

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Q: I'm in a fast-track marketing career that usually requires an MBA from a top school, and I work about 50 hours a week. I am in a program to attain that degree, and I have one year left. My class meets 7 1/2 hours a week, and I have to study all weekend. I am also a husband and a father, which makes this schedule tough. My family has come ...Read more

Never Skip an Attorney Review Before Signing a Contract

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Q: My new employer asked me to sign an employment agreement that has a non-compete clause in it and offers a compensation package that includes stock options in the company. The cover letter suggests that I have an attorney review the document before signing it; this appears twice in the letter. It means that if I sign the agreement, I am ...Read more

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Teacher?

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Teaching is an honorable profession, one respected by the public, parents, students and the administration at each institution -- at least, it should be. This is what everyone hopes for, but not all teachers are committed to helping students, just as not all school administrators are committed to supporting their teachers. Many enter ...Read more

Employee Soon Quits Inhumane Environment

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Q: I am several years from retirement age, so I needed a part-time job for extra money. I was happy to be hired at a retail clothing chain that offered new employees a three-day training program. Once I saw that most new hires were college students or new graduates, I was grateful to have been hired, as it showed me the store didn't engage in ...Read more

Despite #MeToo, Office Romances Are Here to Stay

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Q: When I met my new boss, I was instantly attracted to him. He didn't wear a wedding ring, but he was very businesslike, so I also behaved professionally. We started having lunch together once a week and talking only about business. We've gotten into some personal, but not invasive, conversations. He knows I am single, so I am wondering if ...Read more

Don't Undersell Yourself: Claim Your Hard-Earned Commission

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Q: I've been a top sales representative in every job I've had, and I have worked in fields were the commissions are large. I researched a company and saw it would be a prime client if I could get in. I first had to obtain permission to call on the particular company, which was approved. I prepared extensively, learning about the company's ...Read more

Boss Takes Credit for Subordinate's Work

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Q: I've been in the same job for five years, and I have a good work record. I've done extra assignments, trained for new systems and taken continuing education courses. But I'm still in the same position. The boss spends his time surfing the web, chatting online and handling his personal business. He directly assigns me projects, and ...Read more


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