Bosses Who Know Nothing About Leadership

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Q: I was hired for my expertise in a particular field. Within the first month, one of the leads (who knew nothing about the field in which I specialized) started telling me how to do the very work that was my focus area. She repeatedly changed everything I turned into her. Because I was new, I said nothing and politely reworked whatever part of ...Read more

Some People Are More Than Just Difficult: How To Recognize a Personality Disorder

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Q: I develop websites for small businesses. Most of my jobs run from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the site. I just had a client who was the most difficult person I have ever worked with, and the experience has left me reeling and wondering how I should have dealt with such a person. They presented the ...Read more

Veterans' Small Business Week: Veterans Deserve More Than Just Honor

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"Three thousand miles from home, an American army is fighting for you. Everything you hold worthwhile is at stake. Only the hardest blows can win against the enemy we are fighting. Invoking the spirit of our forefathers, the army asks your unflinching support, to the end that the high ideals for which America stands may endure upon the earth."...Read more

No Due Date on Apologies at Work

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Q: I heard through other co-workers that I offended a couple of co-workers I closely work with. I have thought about it for two weeks and think I might owe them an apology. Is it too late to say something about my comments? If a late apology is acceptable and better than no apology, should I explain why I did not say I was sorry sooner?

A: A ...Read more

Make Your Brain Work For You

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Radical resilience is the only character trait needed to rebound from stressful situations, and no one who works is stress-free. While physical illnesses may require vaccines to reduce the strength and severity of the illness, and medications are developed to mask the symptoms of various mental illnesses, and talk therapy can temporarily relieve...Read more

How To Get a Manager To Listen

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Q: My manager asks many questions regarding every project he assigns me. The problem is that with every question I answer, he cuts me off and begins another question. He never listens to the full answer. I'm afraid he will miss critical information and I will be blamed for leaving out necessary facts. I don't want to be equally rude and ...Read more

What Does It Take To Turn a Hobby Into a Business?

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Q: I recently retired from a job I had for 25 years. I receive retirement benefits that allow me to continue living as I have lived, but I have never lived a fancy life. I have a very small house, the same mismatched furniture I've had for years and inexpensive clothing. I am not materialistic.

Since retiring, I have pursued several hobbies I...Read more

Assessment Testing Makes Best Hires Possible

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There is no question that accurate assessment testing improves a company's hiring success and leads to greater employee satisfaction. So, why doesn't every company use academically approved, top-level prehiring assessments? According to Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology at Columbia University, it may be because many...Read more

Not All Lying is Bad

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Q: I am in the process of looking for a new job, and I am getting interviews. The trouble is that I have had many interviews and haven't gotten the jobs. I think I blow the interviews by not knowing how to answer everything and by being to honest, but I'm not sure how to respond correctly to many of questions. I've always thought honesty was the...Read more

When Sacrifice Becomes the Norm: Is It Ever Too Late To Leave?

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Q: I have a paralegal certificate and went back to school for an MBA, but at a second-tier school. I accepted a paralegal position at a law firm, which turned out to be a job I loved. I learn quickly and became well respected. Six years later, I fell in love with a successful businessman. We married, but immediately afterward, he forced me to ...Read more

How To Turn Your Time Into Money and More Joy

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Businesses are experts at knowing what their employees' time is worth to them, but few individuals know how to correctly analyze the value of their own time. With "Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life" by Ashley Whillans, author and assistant professor at Harvard Business School, there are no longer acceptable excuses for...Read more

Afraid of Asking for a Raise?

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Q: I work at a small company, so I accept whatever task is asked of me. The company owner is nice and personable. I like the work, too, which is why I put myself out for him. My helpful attitude has enabled me to take on more responsibilities, which means more work.

When an employee left, I took on her job in addition to my own so the owner ...Read more

Working Wives Who Never Learn

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Q: I am in a group of workers who is always left out -- wives who work for their husbands for free until we are divorced and left with nothing. I have friends who have made the same mistake as I did, and someone needs to warn them not to do what so many wives do out of love. We devalue ourselves, our experience and our education by working for...Read more



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