Manager Parties Too Much to Work

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Q: I am part of a small medical team with a basic staff only; if one of the employees is sick, the others must temporarily take on that person's work. Prior to this, I worked in a large, professionally run practice, but I changed locations.

We have an office manager who either 1) lacks professional experience or 2) lacks know-how. I understand ...Read more

Career Change Planning at 40

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Q: I am married and nearing 40 years old, with one young child and a husband who lives to work. I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, but never went for a master's. I worked at a large financial firm until recently; the work is no longer interesting or enjoyable. I would like to work again, but absolutely not in accounting. I have the ...Read more

New Job Changes too Soon After Hire

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Q: I went through a formal interviewing process and accepted the job offer soon after. At the interview I was given a complete job description and told to read it carefully so if I were to be chosen for the job, the work and procedures would become second nature. I was fine with that, and studied it when I was hired. As I became more proficient ...Read more

At Work: COVID-19 Is Only Part of the Problem

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Facts surrounding a given situation form evidence, and evidence can simplify life. But who collects the unspoken truths and analyzes the circumstantial evidence -- the information people think to be true but do not dare speak because the results will upset their acceptable life views? Everyone who calls a company is all too familiar with the ...Read more

Know Thyself: Credentials Are Your Protection

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At a time when people don't know who to listen to and who to trust, let credentials lead the way. Credentials establish a path of the past through a person's work history; education; and ability to do a job intelligently, efficiently and with integrity. Credentials are not just a piece of paper bearing a name and a graduation date. The ...Read more

The Changing Workplace

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"I've actually been enjoying the isolation; that's my weird psychology," says Cynthia G. Cynthia, who had maintained an 8 a.m.-to-5 p.m., Monday-through-Friday routine for 20 years for a large company, had never entertained pursuing two part-time remote jobs and is now choosing to focus on her interests instead of her wallet.

Most people can ...Read more

Starting Over, Same Job, New Owner

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Q: I started a new job as sales associate this last June and went through extensive training to learn about the product. The company's owners and managers were the most wonderful people I have ever worked for. They went out of their way to offer every type of training available to get me up to speed professionally. I got along with everyone -- ...Read more

Bosses Who Know Nothing About Leadership

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Q: I was hired for my expertise in a particular field. Within the first month, one of the leads (who knew nothing about the field in which I specialized) started telling me how to do the very work that was my focus area. She repeatedly changed everything I turned into her. Because I was new, I said nothing and politely reworked whatever part of ...Read more

Some People Are More Than Just Difficult: How To Recognize a Personality Disorder

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Q: I develop websites for small businesses. Most of my jobs run from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the site. I just had a client who was the most difficult person I have ever worked with, and the experience has left me reeling and wondering how I should have dealt with such a person. They presented the ...Read more

Veterans' Small Business Week: Veterans Deserve More Than Just Honor

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"Three thousand miles from home, an American army is fighting for you. Everything you hold worthwhile is at stake. Only the hardest blows can win against the enemy we are fighting. Invoking the spirit of our forefathers, the army asks your unflinching support, to the end that the high ideals for which America stands may endure upon the earth."...Read more

No Due Date on Apologies at Work

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Q: I heard through other co-workers that I offended a couple of co-workers I closely work with. I have thought about it for two weeks and think I might owe them an apology. Is it too late to say something about my comments? If a late apology is acceptable and better than no apology, should I explain why I did not say I was sorry sooner?

A: A ...Read more

Make Your Brain Work For You

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Radical resilience is the only character trait needed to rebound from stressful situations, and no one who works is stress-free. While physical illnesses may require vaccines to reduce the strength and severity of the illness, and medications are developed to mask the symptoms of various mental illnesses, and talk therapy can temporarily relieve...Read more



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