I Did Not Want to Manage, But Now I Do

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Q: A management position became available in our small but important department. I was the most experienced and capable employee, and the manager, our boss who was leaving, expected me to apply for it. I did not want the job, but when I think back to my reasons, I think I made a bad decision.

I would have gotten the position without question. ...Read more

All Suffer From Bad Hire

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Q: I am a human resources professional (independent contractor) who was offered the full-time position of HR director, but I politely refused because I prefer working as an independent contractor. As such, I was given full control to interview and hire HR professionals for the company. For an unexplained reason, the president interviewed and ...Read more

Overqualified or Underqualified? Who Gets Hired and Why

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Q: We have been looking to hire a professional with experience in certain areas. So far, we have received resumes from candidates who are either overqualified or underqualified, but nobody has the exact experience needed that does not require training. We are a busy firm that needs employees who are able to step into the job and function ...Read more

Bad Business Etiquette Loses Interview

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Q: A company called to schedule an interview with me and I accepted the time. Something came up last minute, so I called to change the time. I got the person's voice mail so I kind of left a long message explaining I wanted to change the interview time and I apologized several times. I got a call back that day that it could not be rescheduled ...Read more

Organizing Message Priorities

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Q: I am inundated by emails at work, and it can take me up to two to three hours some days to get through them. Some need immediate responses, some can wait. Sometimes a person thinks it's urgent when it really isn't, but it's then up to me to explain why, which is time-consuming.

Sometimes I don't have the time to explain why their problem isn...Read more

Gaining Respect So People Listen

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Q: I work for a pest extermination company that services numerous residential buildings. We mainly inspect for bedbugs and cockroaches because their presence can give a building a bad reputation. My problem is that if I discover pests in an apartment, I must inform management and the resident. It's also my job to instruct residents on how to ...Read more

Reigniting Lost Passion Is Possible

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Q: A friend and I were talking about what we had thought we wanted to be when we were in high school. Her goal was to be a history teacher, so she got her bachelor's and master's degrees, began teaching history and loved her decision. I, on the other hand, wanted to be an actress, had auditioned for plays in high school and was told I was good. ...Read more

Rude Behavior Changes Rental Plans

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Q: I met with the assistant manager of an apartment complex and applied for a rental unit. She was helpful and polite and reviewed the documents that I needed to provide. I wanted to move in as soon as possible, so I returned the next day with the documents. Again, she was very helpful. She said I would hear from her in two weeks.

I waited ...Read more

Bad Interview May Signal Bad Management

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Q: I've read articles about how job candidates dress and behave in job interviews: how they ask petty questions that should never be asked in the beginning or say things that show they have no common sense or poise.

I have had many interviews and I've seen equally bad behavior from the employees who conduct interviews. I am an IT manager with a...Read more

Honesty and Kindness Go Together

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Q: We have a new office arrangement in which I have been assigned to share a small office with a co-worker. This person has vile breath that spreads through the office the minute they talk or even breathe heavily. The odor makes me sick to my stomach to the point where I could vomit. I cannot work in these conditions if the problem isn't ...Read more

What It Takes To Break Out Of The 9-to-5 Rut

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Q: I grew up knowing I would have to work to support myself. I have no problems with that. I have a college degree, and I interview well and get the jobs I want. What haunts me is the feeling I should find what motivates me; I don't know that I have a passion for anything regarding work. I have done well in my different jobs, and I know I have a...Read more

Betrayed by My Boss?

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Q: I work in a group of professional editors, but we each work independently on our own projects. Our company president is always friendly, greeting everyone he passes in the hallway, but I could always tell there was a secret side none of us could see. I was out of my office for a meeting in someone else's office and when I returned, I saw a ...Read more

Smooth or Rocky Career Changes: Your Choice

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Some think career changes are made based on burnout and emotional decisions, like a librarian quitting and turning into a home renovator for the excitement, or a construction worker becoming a furniture designer to express his creativity, or a home chef becoming an information technology specialist for the money. Contrary to emotion-based career...Read more



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