Despite #MeToo, Office Romances Are Here to Stay

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Q: When I met my new boss, I was instantly attracted to him. He didn't wear a wedding ring, but he was very businesslike, so I also behaved professionally. We started having lunch together once a week and talking only about business. We've gotten into some personal, but not invasive, conversations. He knows I am single, so I am wondering if ...Read more

Don't Undersell Yourself: Claim Your Hard-Earned Commission

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Q: I've been a top sales representative in every job I've had, and I have worked in fields were the commissions are large. I researched a company and saw it would be a prime client if I could get in. I first had to obtain permission to call on the particular company, which was approved. I prepared extensively, learning about the company's ...Read more

Boss Takes Credit for Subordinate's Work

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Q: I've been in the same job for five years, and I have a good work record. I've done extra assignments, trained for new systems and taken continuing education courses. But I'm still in the same position. The boss spends his time surfing the web, chatting online and handling his personal business. He directly assigns me projects, and ...Read more

Teaming With a Narcissist

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Q: One of the members of our team of six is openly rude and sarcastic to me but nice to the others. I get along well with the other members, who privately tell me they can't stand her. They acknowledge she is catty, arrogant and vengeful. I'm glad they see it, but having them on my side doesn't make it easier for me, because I have to deal ...Read more

Quitting May Mean Surviving

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As she walked out of his office, a stapler flew by her, missing her shoulder but smashing into the filing cabinet. She had escaped his office safely, but wondered when his anger would flare again.

A high-strung president and small-business owner of hers vacillated between bouts of crying, complaining, and screaming at the few employees she ...Read more

No Rehires? An Uncommon Policy

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Q: Why would a company not want to rehire good workers? Five-plus years ago, I worked for a company for several years. I never gave them any problems. In fact, it was just the opposite. Among my accomplishments were 1) Scoring 98 out of 100 points on the company's training course exam (they were impressed by my results); 2) I was part of a small...Read more

Clearly Unprofessional: Refusing to Talk to a Co-Worker

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Q: I am a woman who has worked in the same job at the same company for 10 years. A male co-worker started several months ago. He joined me when he saw me in the company cafeteria. He began asking me questions, and I politely answered him. A few days later, he joined me in the cafeteria again and began another personal conversation. I did not ...Read more

Expand Your Abilities to Increase Your Value

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Q: I live in the Southwest and have encountered the same problems in jobs at two different companies. The first was a call center that preferred to hire bilingual workers, regardless of how poorly they spoke English. When people called in and couldn't understand the Spanish-speaking representatives and asked for someone who could speak English...Read more

Wise Companies Won't Say You Were Fired

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Q: I worked as an administrative assistant to my boss at a small, privately held company that had no written rules or policies. My boss never warned me about my performance lacking, but he did periodically ask if I could get more done in a day without errors. He also pointed out miniscule things, like missing commas or mistakenly used semicolons...Read more

Healthy Fear: ID Theft in Career and Personal Life

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A young woman lost her purse while at lunch one day. She immediately filed a police report once she noticed it was gone, canceled her credit cards and felt relieved she had so efficiently taken care of it. Unbeknownst to her, the thief wanted and used her identity and health insurance card, which she did not discover until she started ...Read more

Hold Steady: No Way Out For Now

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Q: I think I am caught between a rock and a hard place, but I need confirmation. I work in an industry where everyone knows everyone, and people easily move from one company to another. Some of the key executives are great, but some make me wonder how they got there. They, too, move between companies. One in particular is bad news for everyone...Read more

Your Future Is Waiting -- Choose a Career Wisely

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Career interests begin early in life. You see your mom on the computer, eyes glued to the screen. Your dad entertains you in the kitchen as he prepares spaghetti with tomato sauce for lunch. You jump with excitement when the firetruck and ambulance speed by, sirens screaming and lights flashing. You hold a wrench for your grandfather as he ...Read more

Clearing the Path for Good Employees

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Do you feel as if your job applications are falling into a black hole? Many job seekers share this frustration as they apply for jobs that don't seem to exist, responding to postings that read "new listing" but seem to be magically filled only a day later. They may have been true positions at one time, but everyone knows jobs don't get filled in...Read more


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