Pros and Cons of Managing Employees From Home

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Before the coronavirus hit America, employees envied those who were allowed to work remotely one day a week. It seemed that a five-day workweek was one day too many, and people longed for an additional day at home. All those employees were granted their wish, as the quarantine closed businesses large and small across America and workers ...Read more

The Heart of Successful Women at Work

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March is International Women's History Month, which, remarkably, began in 1911 and highlights the journey of women who felt destined to accomplish new feats despite their plight in the workplace.

Before World War II, women held jobs as secretaries, receptionists, store clerks, nurses and teachers. They accepted societal restrictions, and ...Read more

Don't List Elite Memberships on Resume

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Q: My wife passed her certified public accountant exam and received her Master of Business Administration from a top school. Her entrance score qualifies her to join Mensa International. She has thought about joining and listing it on her resume, but I think it's not be a good idea. I'm secure about being married to a highly intelligent and ...Read more

Protecting a 'Techno-Junkie' Workforce

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"It's easy for people to have hours -- and perhaps days -- go by as if they're not mentally there at all. ... You just sat in an hour-long meeting, but what happened is a total blur. "

If this has ever happened to you, you are not alone. Your brain is on information overload, and it's warning you by daydreaming, turning off or tuning out ...Read more

How To Change Your Work and Your Life

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Q: I've been in sales jobs, not because I loved them but because I fell into the industry due to a lack of other skills. I actually don't like having to sell people on products or services (I've sold both), even though I am good at it. My problem is that because I don't like sales, I haven't stayed very long in any one job -- one year to three...Read more

How to Stop a Conversation You Don't Want to Have

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Q: I like to maintain a low profile with those I work with, but I have one co-worker who always has an agenda. She may not realize it, but it's to the point of greatly irritating me. She continually tries to convert me to her beliefs. In doing this, it completely denies me holding my beliefs, which I prefer to not discuss with anyone. I ...Read more

Workplace Coaching Helps Employees and Companies

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Most people think they are good communicators. But if you ask them if they think most other people are good communicators, they respond, "No, most people are not good communicators." So says Scott Warrick, labor and employment attorney, human resource professional and author of "Solve Employee Problems Before They Start: Resolving ...Read more

Jealousy Consumes Manager of New Hire

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Q: I was interviewed and recommended for hire by a regional manager I was to replace. He was transferred to manage another region. I am high-energy, innovative, organized and efficient in all my positions. Once I started this job, I got to work analyzing the processes in place and the types of clients the company wanted, and I began my own ...Read more

Make Previous Skills Count When Finding New Career

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Q: I come from a family where all my younger brothers got jobs in the trades, as I did. I'm in my late 40s now, and with all the people I meet with college degrees, I feel like I missed out on an important part of life. I'm in a trade union, so I make good money and always get assigned to new jobs when needed, but I can't stop thinking about ...Read more

Teaching Children Means Dealing With Parents, Too

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Q: I always wanted to be a teacher so I could help people, specifically children. I used to babysit when I was in high school, and the kids loved me. I came from a big family and always entertained the kids when we had family parties, so I knew working with children would be a good field for me. What I didn't realize at the time was that most ...Read more

Cause for Concern -- No Experience Necessary

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Q: I have worked for a title company for about two months. I needed help with my computer because it doesn't have access to the scanner. I know an independent technician and suggested calling him in to help. My boss agreed to it. While he was here, I received a call from a lender asking for the money from a closing that occurred a month ago. I...Read more

Moving Forward After a Felony Conviction

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Q: I am having a difficult time finding employment due to a felony conviction. I was a licensed chiropractor hired to work in a chiropractic practice under one condition -- that everything pertaining to ownership be put in my name. I had answered a chiropractor's ad on Craigslist. He told me he was a very religious man and he wanted to be a ...Read more

Study Questions to Ask Before an Interview

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Q: I prefer working at small companies because they seem less rigid with rules and policies and the environment is more like a family. The company I work for is run by a married couple. They live like millionaires but claim to not be able to pay me more. I've been there a little more than a year. I love the job, but I find it difficult to live...Read more


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