Keeping Current Is Critical

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Q: I work for the director of a small nonprofit agency. I am the only one who does not have a cellphone, and the director would like me to be available at all times. I can't afford one, and I don't need one in my private life. I had a cellphone when my mother became ill and the caretakers had to be able to reach me immediately. I became ...Read more

Too Many Chefs In the Kitchen: Follow the Chain of Command

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Q: I work at a company where the job titles seem to be clearly stated with no crossover. That is not, however, what takes place in reality. When there's an issue, a problem usually starts with a person not communicating the entire situation to the boss. Then others get involved who seemingly have no decision-making authority. They get copied ...Read more

Multitasking Is Impossible From One Brain

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Q: I've started an outside sales job in a new industry. Although I have sales experience, the sales manager wants to play an active role in training me over the next few months before I take over. I didn't mind at all when he told me, but other issues have now entered into it that have me thinking.

His driving terrifies me. I think most ...Read more

Contract Work Takes Over Life With No Benefits

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Q: I'm an IT professional in her late 50s who has not kept up with learning the new technology for large systems. Luckily, after being laid off at a big company, I found a long-time contract position in the field I knew well. The company just renewed my contract and I've now been there two years. As you know, contract jobs offer companies ...Read more

When to Sign Noncompete Agreements

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Q: I was told to sign a noncompete agreement in order to get this job. I was also told everyone at the company signs them, and I shouldn't worry about it. I wanted to take it to an attorney to have it reviewed, but the manager said there was no time; he needed to know that day because he had others he would hire if I didn't agree to it. Should...Read more

Finding a Recruiter Who Serves You Is Like a Job Search

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Q: I got an interview through a recruiter. I have been a professional sales representative for 10 years and have made a lot of money as such. I have enlarged territories, increased sales and have added innovative features to each position that has helped clients. I am a spectacular sales representative who can deliver accurate information and ...Read more

Fired for Insubordination Without Explanation

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Q: My husband was recently fired for "insubordination," but was not given any real reason or backup. All the company kept saying was that they have it confirmed. Can you give us any direction on this? We live in South Carolina.

A: Most states are "employment at will," which is true for South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Human ...Read more

Firing Fears Shouldn't Drive You to Quit

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Q: I am a field sales/customer service representative, and I love my job, the work and the field, but I dislike the owner. I don't know why this has happened. I have always worked for privately held companies, and it seems like the experience is the same again and again. The company owners/presidents have all behaved like vampires.

I'd like ...Read more

How to Decide Real Estate Investments

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Q: With all the TV shows on buying and flipping houses as a business, my friend asked me if I wanted to go in with her on buying buildings to rent. We both have some money to invest and would like to quit working full-time.

She chose a building that has one to three bedroom apartments we could rent. I think we need to gut the larger ...Read more

No Way to Honor a Vet: Veterans Ostracized From Job Market on Return

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Q: I served two combat tours in Iraq as a U.S. Marine over a two-year period, and I continue to serve as a reservist. I knew firsthand how hard it was to find work once rejoining civilian life, even with sufficient on-the-job experience. My job in Iraq was to help build a local city government by working with local politicians and leaders. I ...Read more

Don't Oversell When Using Twitter for Business

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Q: I am starting my own consulting firm while I still work full-time. It doesn't compete with my company, so I am not worried about that, but I can't quit until I see how much business I get. I don't belong to any professional groups, as I have found them to be overrated in their usefulness. When I have attended events, everyone wants ...Read more

Interview Promises Denied After Being Hired

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Q: When I interviewed for a job as an outside sales representative, I was upfront about not being able to travel periodically within a specific two-month period every year. During those two months, I have had a long-standing volunteer commitment to a well-known organization, and I have been deeply involved in their annual event. This event is ...Read more

Working With ADHD and All That Jazz

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Q: I have several friends, some corporate professionals and some artists in creative fields, all diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I act as their sounding board, so I end up listening to all of their workplace complaints. It seems there are more troublesome situations and daily problems for my friends in corporate ...Read more

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