Getting a Job After a Felony

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Q: I was in information technology, but I committed a really stupid tech crime that tarnished my career. I had received several years of excellent reviews and a promotion with salary increases. A new boss came on board and we did not see eye to eye, so he let me go for "having a difference in philosophy."

I was angry, so from a remote ...Read more

Fears Lawyer's Review Will Anger Employer

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Q: Our company, which is managed by two men in their early 30s, has experienced a major financial setback and has chosen to layoff an employee from each sales territory. Neither manager has an MBA or degree in finance or economics, so it's easy to see why they are having money management troubles. Each lay-off "victim" received a difference ...Read more

What All HR Pros Should Know

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Q: I recently started an HR administrative job. I also thought that since I am entry-level, I would be trained. A more experienced co-worker was out sick and I was asked to do some of her work in her absence. One thing was to interview someone for an entry-level job. We're a very small company so maybe the HR head thought I could do this since I...Read more

Turn Around The Networking Turnoff

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Q: I go to weekly networking events sponsored by a professional networking company and held at various bars and restaurants in town. It seems that after saying hi, people go into a routine speech about what they do, and then get into asking what I do. If they think I might need their services, they end with a sales pitch and want to make an ...Read more

Should Volunteer Groups Accept Everyone?

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Q: I asked people at our school for volunteers to plan an event. Ten volunteered, and because I spearheaded it, I took the initiative to be the team leader. Within the team, each person had different work experience and abilities, but we were short talent in certain areas. What resulted was that some volunteered for projects that they had never ...Read more

Real Estate Sales: On Your Own At Last

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Q: I am an intelligent 50-year-old woman, fluent in four languages. I have always worked for someone else, but I think at my age now I'd be safer working for myself. I began the state-approved real estate course but I don't know if I should continue. It requires a lot of work and I am getting nervous about whether I can do it.

A: Successful ...Read more

Employer Retaliation: Is a Lawsuit Worth It?

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For the last 9 months, my boss has retaliated against me. I had asked for a simple accommodation due to severe back problems, in which he denied even though I provided a doctor's letter. I am a registered nurse and represented by a union. I work for a large company with 21,000 employees nationwide. This ongoing harassment, retaliation and ...Read more

Bad Business Etiquette Loses Interview

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Q: A company called to schedule an interview with me and I accepted the time. Something came up last minute, so I called to change the time. I got the person's voice mail so I kind of left a long message explaining I wanted to change the interview time and I apologized several times. I got a call back that day that it could not be rescheduled ...Read more

Co-Workers: Friend or Future Foe?

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Q: I cannot decide whether my co-worker is just very friendly, or too friendly. When I started the job, she was openly helpful, telling me whenever she had extra time to train me if I needed help with anything. I accepted her offers to help because the company had no formal training. I was hired on my past experience, but sometimes I was "...Read more

Is Same Pay Fair For Star Employee?

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Q: I was hired as an administrative assistant at a small nonprofit. I like working in a "do-good" culture where we are supposed to take a team approach to almost every project. I'm efficient and good at developing new ways for getting things done. I also like being able to take on whatever project we have at the time.

I've been there a year ...Read more

Was Your Education A Waste Of Time?

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Q: I did very well during my time in the U.S. Army, but after fulfilling my commitment and receiving my bachelor's and master's degrees in business, I returned to my small hometown. I know small town salaries can't compete with those in the bigger cities, but I wanted an immediate job, so I took one at minimum wage. I am at a company where the ...Read more

Sabbatical or Career Break?

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Q: I worked for seven years in the chemical industry. I had a chance to travel so I left my job and ended up taking about three years off. I'm trying to get back into the job market, but I've gotten negative responses; I'm not sure whether it's due to my reason for taking off or the actual amount of time taken. I think most people would have ...Read more

Focus First on Family and Job

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Q. I'm a 33-year-old woman who was recently made manager of a small financial firm. I'm very capable, efficient and fair. After 6 months, my skeptical, mostly older and mostly male staff members have come to respect me. I'm pretty and have had to put up with ogling and even crushes, but I was determined to be a successful boss, and I succeeded. ...Read more


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