Co-Worker Obsession

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Q: A co-worker copies many things I wear and activities I do, and it's making me nervous. She colored and cut her hair the same as mine, wears the same brands and styles, and when asked by co-workers, has told them I am copying her. When she started asking me where I bought things, I told her. Once I saw her copying me, I stopped giving her ...Read more

Disarming A Negative Past To Create A Positive Future

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Q: I have a few serious problems that interfere with me getting a job, and I would like to know how to present myself to a company. I am in my 40s, single and intelligent, but suffer from bipolar disorder and anxiety. I've held several professional jobs over the years, but they caused so much stress for me I either lost or had to leave the ...Read more

Understanding An Abusive Boss

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Q: When I interviewed with my current boss, he seemed dynamic, intelligent, helpful and caring. When I began working for him, he was helpful and kind to me, but everyone he called into his office got reamed out. He used profanity, name-calling, and lectured each one, treating them like idiots. None were. I would see their expressions -- ...Read more

Making The Best Of Job Status Change

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Q: I am a woman in my early 60s who has worked for the same public relations firm for four years doing extensive bookkeeping with QuickBooks, managing the office, streamlining day-to-day operations, processes and systems, delivering monthly management reports, managing daily written correspondence and communication, handling office inquiries and...Read more

Continue Job Search Until Written Offer Is Made

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Q: Out of the blue, I was contacted by a corporate recruiter who said her large firm was looking to hire a handful of people in my field. She wanted to know if I knew of anyone interested. The recruiter sent me the job description, which sounded like a perfect fit for me, so I called and expressed my own interest in the position.

The next day, ...Read more

How To Find A True Mentor

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Q: I listen to videos of "master class" presentations of successful people marketing their systems and methods for ways to make extraordinary amounts of money. But in their introductions, they always attribute their success to having met or connected to a person who had been willing to take them under their wing to teach them. And of course, ...Read more

Best Way to Find New Job, New State

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Q: I have lived and worked in several regions of the U.S. -- the East, Southeast, Midwest and West. I would like to return to the East, which was my original home, and I have chosen certain states I would consider moving to. I have preferences, but I want to remain open and would be satisfied living in any heavily populated eastern area.

I've...Read more

Stop Your Job From Ruling Your Life

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Q: I've been in my job for two years. At first, it was the best job ever. In the second year, we had business and management changes that affected the entire company. The business changes redesigned my job, which presented interesting challenges. I was open and excited about the future. As we took on the new way we did business, we experienced ...Read more

How To Change The Work Environment Without Quitting

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Q: I like my job and the people I work with, but I find myself struggling to stay motivated and productive at work. It's a small privately owned company, so everyone's friendly and I start my day feeling happy and ready to get stuff done. After the first few hours in my cubicle with uncomfortable, dingy and somewhat torn furniture, I focus on ...Read more

Set Up For Failure

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Q: After 10 years, I resigned from my position as a department director at a medium-sized company. I had been asked to take on a second full-time position in addition to my job, and I could not refuse. My boss said I was the strongest producer and added the greatest value. After one year, I knew I had to leave because of the many hours needed to...Read more

Worker Happy With No-Stress No-Goals Job

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Q: While others are consumed with finding themselves and getting into the right careers, I am happy in my no-stress, casual atmosphere, and easy-task job. My problem isn't my job. It's all my friends who can't seem to leave me alone about it. They vary between the friends who continually email me job leads in corporate settings and those who ...Read more

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

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Q: I work at a medium-sized, privately owned company that is much like an extended family without the arguments. When people disagree, they discuss things. No one ever yells or shouts, and there is certainly no swearing. That's why I am surprised at the response I received.

Not much was going on at work, and we had some very quiet days. The two...Read more

Who Is The Boss?

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Q: I am a psychotherapist with a client who has had an ongoing problem that involves his workplace and boss. I hope you can tell us what the proper protocol is in this situation. My client, "Jim," took a part-time job as an assistant to an elderly man who handled public relations for nonprofit events. Jim was interviewed and hired by one of the ...Read more


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