Still Paying for an Old Mistake

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Q: I worked for eight consecutive years and received excellent annual evaluations. I know I was rated higher than any of the other employees because we (the employees talked to each other) and my supervisor told me I was.

Some time after that I asked for a personal day off. My supervisor asked me why I needed to take it at that time, and I ...Read more

A Return to Ethics -- 1968

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People talk about ethics, honesty, transparency and respect, but few remember when those characteristics were shared by most. They met new clients, new friends and new students, and began new relationships assuming all involved in the meeting were focused on achieving goals for the common good. Things changed in 2016.

The common good became ...Read more

How To Become a Go-To Employee

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A bachelor's degree is not enough for getting a job and keeping it. The degree shows a student has the ability to study and absorb information from each class. Hopefully, the student has chosen a major, though students often change majors as they become more familiar with the field. After graduation, no one will be interviewing and testing ...Read more

Onboarding: Sink or Swim

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The first weeks of onboarding can set the stage for a new hire to either fall in love with the job and the company or wish he or she had rejected the offer. Onboarding is the introductory period for new hires, ranging from one day to one month in a well-prepared company. This is when new hires are fully introduced to the company and the role -- ...Read more

Remote Work Has Changed Communication

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Q: Our entire company has been working remote since March 15, 2020. We have resorted mostly to texting because it is much faster and more efficient than sending an email and waiting for an answer. It allows us to get work done more quickly.

Someone complained about being texted often, so management sent an email to employees asking us to use ...Read more

I Finally Fired My Client

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Q: Today I finally enjoyed one of the benefits of working independently of a formal employer. I got fed up with a client who was petty and belligerent and fired her.

I started my own tutoring business and experienced immediate success in attracting clients. I am positive and good at what I do, and my students have always been able to learn ...Read more

Unequal, Maybe -- But Fair

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Q: Our close circle of friends is made up of professionals in various areas. When we started on our individual paths after college, we decided that if we could use one another's services, we would never charge each other. We thought charging friends regardless of our professions was crass and selfish, greedy and thoughtless, and would change our...Read more

Moving: A Big Expense and All Risk

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Q: Everyone moves at least one time in life, but did you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, people move 11.7 times in their life on average? I just moved, and my move was a nightmare. I spent days and weeks collecting and comparing prices, conditions and requirements, but no matter how much I compared customer reviews, I was the ...Read more

Only Your Lifestyle Decisions Matter

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Q: I remained friends with many of my high school friends, even though we no longer have anything in common. It is actually interesting how little we ever had in common, yet we all wanted to stay in touch with one another.

I started a very small company (I worked on my own), and my closest friend went to work for a large company with many ...Read more

Don't List Elite Memberships on Resume

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Q: My wife passed her certified public accountant exam and received her Master of Business Administration from a top school. Her entrance score qualifies her to join Mensa International. She has thought about joining and listing it on her resume, but I think it's not be a good idea. I'm secure about being married to a highly intelligent and ...Read more

Is Moving with No Job Worth the Risk?

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Q: I've wanted to move out of my state for years now, and I have finally decided to do it. I have sent out numerous resumes with a cover letter stating I am moving to Texas by December. I want employers to know my move is definite even though I don't have a place in Texas yet. I think Texas always has a good market for jobs at my level.

My ...Read more



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