The Millennial Life Everyone Wants

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Numerous articles point to the many cautions of hiring millennials. Well, here's an opposing view from a Baby Boomer who has worked with and befriended many of those millennials. Perhaps the corporate world sees millennials as a challenge because they dare to live according to their values by following their dreams for a blended work and ...Read more

Forget The Why For Crazy Behavior, Just Get To Safety

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Q: I sometimes meet with clients in a nearby library conference room, an open main floor area with free Wi-Fi, tables and chairs for meetings, university common areas, etc. I recently met with a client; it was clear we were working on a computer together discussing business in low voices, privately in a corner of the very large room.

A woman ...Read more

New Career Choice Needs Respect

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Q: I am a cuddle professional, also known as a cuddlist. The field was born out of the need for affection in a society that is suffering from chronic social isolation, touch deprivation and interpreting all touch as sexual. We acknowledge the need for food, water and rest, but affection is as important.

The problem is that many people are not...Read more

Don't Reveal Your Health Issues In Interview

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Q: I worked in a tension-filled job for several years before the stress to got me. At first, I had trouble getting myself to go to work; eventually I needed to be hospitalized, and my leave of absence turned into a year off. After rest and therapy, I am able to return to work. My former employer said I could use them as a reference, so I applied...Read more

Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much

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Q: The problem is that I do not know what I want to do when I grow up. I have been in recruiting for 17 years and feel burned out. This has caused my family situation to be challenging for me. Five years ago my wonderful wife was laid off from her job and gave birth to our second child. She took that time to find out what she wanted to do and ...Read more

Don't Blame Everything on Age Discrimination

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Q: I now regret retiring at 66. I am too active and motivated for this lazy lifestyle and I need the additional income. I am single, never married, and have no children or family, so days can be boring. I have had several successful careers with two of the major car manufacturers. I am in sales and spent the majority of my time traveling. I am ...Read more

Criticism -- Keeping it Kind

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Q: I am in a group of professionals of the same job title, but we work independently until the last step where our written report is reviewed with a colleague for corrections and comments. The report is then turned over to the boss.

Our work requires combined innate abilities and learned skills, which causes some of us to perform a much higher ...Read more

Repress Your Anger or Quit Now

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Q: I am at an impasse about how I feel about my boss, and I am afraid I will say something I will regret and storm off the job in anger. I need this job until my passion job becomes the success and I need and want. I like my job, but my boss ruins it, not just for me, but also for all staff under her. I have never known anyone who is hated as ...Read more

The Favor That Bit Back

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Q: I returned for a master's degree in a new field, requiring an unpaid internship. This seems more common these days, creating great competition to get a good one. I have a friend in the field who offered her help, so I followed all the application rules and thought she would just write a recommendation for me. I did not expect anything extra; ...Read more

Befriending Management

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Q: I've always been a dedicated employee, no matter where I've worked or what my job was. I like working independently, but I also like working on a team. I have "carried" a team member when they has told me they are going through a difficult time; I do this because I want co-workers to be there for me if I happen to experience being in that ...Read more

Communication Trail Good for All

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Q: My boss demands that I respond instantly to all her communications. When she wants something, she emails or texts or calls me. I like to use email, especially to make sure I don't get blamed for making a mistake that's not mine if something goes wrong. So no matter how she sends me information, I follow up all her communications with an ...Read more

Getting a Job After a Felony

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Q: I was in information technology, but I committed a really stupid tech crime that tarnished my career. I had received several years of excellent reviews and a promotion with salary increases. A new boss came on board and we did not see eye to eye, so he let me go for "having a difference in philosophy."

I was angry, so from a remote ...Read more


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