Can Office-Mate Opposites Work Together?

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Q: In my new job that I've had for a month, I share an office with a co-worker with whom I must closely work. I am not a talkative or social person; I guess you could call me an introvert. I am not comfortable with chatter or sharing my personal life with anyone. I take work seriously.

My office mate is my opposite -- she is a social butterfly,...Read more

Facing Reality Makes Decision-Making Easy

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Q: My boss is dysfunctional in many ways and also probably a narcissist. He thinks and acts like he is more important than anyone else, including his own family. (I have heard him on the phone with his wife.) As for staff, he hurls insults and calls us derogatory names if anyone makes the slightest mistake, or what he thinks is a mistake. And he...Read more

How To Find A True Mentor

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Q: I listen to videos of "master class" presentations of successful people marketing their systems and methods for ways to make extraordinary amounts of money. But in their introductions, they always attribute their success to having met or connected to a person who had been willing to take them under their wing to teach them. And of course, ...Read more

Study Interests, but Pursue Passion

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Trying to find one's passion can be a futile exercise in life, but the best path is when the passion finds the person. Nathalie Loma's mother had to provide for her family when her husband suddenly died two months after Nathalie was born. Having to support herself and her newborn daughter, she taught herself to sew and began to work as a ...Read more

Treated Like a Servant With High Salary

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Q: I am a 40-year-old female employee whose boss treats me as an indentured servant. He assigns projects at all hours of the day and night, including weekends, and demands I do them immediately. I must work in the office, but he also calls me at home regarding work. I am considered exempt, salaried with no overtime pay. I make $70,000 a year, ...Read more

Fired, but Not for the Reason Given

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Q: My husband and I worked at the same company but in different departments. He lost his job as a section head when a company merger occurred, but I retained mine. He has gotten interviews for lesser jobs, but nothing equal or similar to the level of the position he held. Colleagues have been coming up to me and saying how sorry they were that ...Read more

Boss Punishes Employee for Injury

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Q: I am a medical professional where a union exists. I work for a very large company with approximately 20,000 employees nationwide. For the last year, my boss has been angry at me for my injured back, as if I wanted this to happen. I obviously did not. I had asked for an accommodation due to severe back problems, which he denied even though I...Read more

Directly Handle Your Boss or Let HR Do It

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Q: I am in a high-pressure job with tremendous responsibility, and I'm afraid it is getting to me. I like my boss superficially but know I can't trust him. He has set me up a couple times in the past, wanting me to do things I knew were wrong and would trigger our human resources department to question my performance.

I am not good at politics ...Read more

#MeToo Wasn't Enough

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The #MeToo movement outed only the top guilty parties, but the entertainment industry is filled with similar expectations of newbies and up-and-coming actors, alleges a woman who wanted nothing but to write film scripts until she discovered the extras that were expected of her.

As a highly attractive young woman with a sharp mind and high test ...Read more

Can Time Off Hurt One's Future?

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Q: I worked part-time throughout college, and then graduated and immediately got a full-time job. After a few months, I decided I had accepted a job too quickly; I want to take several months off for traveling. I thought now would be the best time to experience new things before I get the kind of job I would commit to. I should have thought ...Read more

Keeping Or Getting A Job

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Q: After 20 years of "excellent" performance reviews at the same company, I was laid off. Six months before that day, my boss wrote me up for being incompetent; then he said I didn't work well with my team; then he said there was no longer enough work so he had to let me go. Guess what followed? He called me the next Monday to ask me to work as ...Read more

Workplace Clique Creates Misery for Others

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Q: I started a new job at a small company with mostly female employees in administrative-type jobs -- filing, secretarial, reception. They have all worked together for quite a while, and they go to lunch together every day. We are all in proximity to each other in the office, but they have yet to invite me or include me in their lunch plans. ...Read more

Company Hires Workers No One Wants

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Q: I work for a privately owned company with an owner who is supremely cheap. Everyone has one-and-a-half to two jobs, and the owner refuses to hire others. He makes sure we tolerate the conditions by hiring people who have a hard time getting jobs elsewhere. He piles on extra side jobs, and we are forced to do them. We all work to the point of ...Read more



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