Honesty and Kindness Go Together

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Q: We have a new office arrangement in which I have been assigned to share a small office with a co-worker. This person has vile breath that spreads through the office the minute they talk or even breathe heavily. The odor makes me sick to my stomach to the point where I could vomit. I cannot work in these conditions if the problem isn't ...Read more

What It Takes To Break Out Of The 9-to-5 Rut

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Q: I grew up knowing I would have to work to support myself. I have no problems with that. I have a college degree, and I interview well and get the jobs I want. What haunts me is the feeling I should find what motivates me; I don't know that I have a passion for anything regarding work. I have done well in my different jobs, and I know I have a...Read more

Betrayed by My Boss?

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Q: I work in a group of professional editors, but we each work independently on our own projects. Our company president is always friendly, greeting everyone he passes in the hallway, but I could always tell there was a secret side none of us could see. I was out of my office for a meeting in someone else's office and when I returned, I saw a ...Read more

Smooth or Rocky Career Changes: Your Choice

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Some think career changes are made based on burnout and emotional decisions, like a librarian quitting and turning into a home renovator for the excitement, or a construction worker becoming a furniture designer to express his creativity, or a home chef becoming an information technology specialist for the money. Contrary to emotion-based career...Read more

Caught a Co-worker's Cold

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Q: So much attention is paid to COVID-19 that people are ignoring other contagious illnesses. Someone came to work with a cold. Though she thought she was hiding it, I heard her sniffling throughout the day. I work closely with her and within a couple of days, I caught her cold. I am furious. We work in a hospital setting and are required to ...Read more

Wanted: Managers Who Are Leaders

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Despite numerous studies proving praise is the most practical and effective tool in the workplace for improving performance and morale, 74% of companies do not practice nor emphasize praising their employees. Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton conducted a study of 200,000 people over a 10-year period, proving that constructive praise, effective ...Read more

Brilliance Creates a Company; Structure Runs It

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Q: My husband has a brilliant mind, and he created a startup tech company. It has been growing and his employees realize it will be successful. In the beginning they felt lucky to have their jobs. Now they are all asking my husband for raises. It is overwhelming him and it's time-consuming for him to have to speak to each individual. How should ...Read more

Who Doesn't Need a Career Change at 40?

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Q: I have immersed myself in a rewarding but draining career, and I am burned out now even though I'm 40. I want to change to an entirely different field or use my education and work experience to work in a different capacity with less stress. How do I orchestrate this while working? Despite the stress, I value financial security.

A: It's smart...Read more

Best Reasons for Quitting a Job

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Q: I am unhappy in my job, but I want to know the best reasons for quitting so I don't do something I will regret. I have friends who have quit without thinking about their futures or knowing how to avoid getting in a similar position. One friend quit her job and took a job with a lower salary because she thought the work would be better (she ...Read more

Welcome Interview Requests, Then Decide

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Q: A company called me to schedule a job interview, so I agreed to it without thinking. I later researched the company and decided I do not want to work there. How do I politely cancel the interview without giving the real reason? I don't want to chance being placed on a "do not call" list if the company has such a thing, and I don't want to ...Read more

Can Office-Mate Opposites Work Together?

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Q: In my new job that I've had for a month, I share an office with a co-worker with whom I must closely work. I am not a talkative or social person; I guess you could call me an introvert. I am not comfortable with chatter or sharing my personal life with anyone. I take work seriously.

My office mate is my opposite -- she is a social butterfly,...Read more

Facing Reality Makes Decision-Making Easy

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Q: My boss is dysfunctional in many ways and also probably a narcissist. He thinks and acts like he is more important than anyone else, including his own family. (I have heard him on the phone with his wife.) As for staff, he hurls insults and calls us derogatory names if anyone makes the slightest mistake, or what he thinks is a mistake. And he...Read more

How To Find A True Mentor

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Q: I listen to videos of "master class" presentations of successful people marketing their systems and methods for ways to make extraordinary amounts of money. But in their introductions, they always attribute their success to having met or connected to a person who had been willing to take them under their wing to teach them. And of course, ...Read more



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