Reigniting Lost Passion Is Possible

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Q: A friend and I were talking about what we had thought we wanted to be when we were in high school. Her goal was to be a history teacher, so she got her bachelor's and master's degrees, began teaching history and loved her decision. I, on the other hand, wanted to be an actress, had auditioned for plays in high school and was told I was good...Read more

Invest Time in School Over Job You Don't Want

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Q: I am a full-time nursing student, and I work full-time as a caregiver at a senior assisted-living facility. I am married with no children. My husband has been very helpful with chores at home so I can go to school, but I still don't have enough time for homework. I'm in my last year and my classes require more homework now. The only way I'm...Read more

Home Office Worker Alone Faces Stalker

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Q: I am a female, independent sales rep whose apartment is my only office. It took time to find the perfect location -- one with a lot of natural light, is quite and peaceful and convenient to my company's warehouse. I love my job and my company, and often work seven days a week. That's why what has happened is so upsetting.

One of my female ...Read more

Nonsmoker Ends What Smoker Begins

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Q: I work in an elevator building that is home to many companies. When the smokers need a cigarette, they have to leave the building to smoke. The sign at the entrance states that smokers must stand at least 15 feet away from the entrance. It never fails; there are always smokers who refuse to do this. That means nonsmokers have to hold their ...Read more

Pros and Cons of Working for a Foreign Company

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Q: My friend works for a Japanese-owned company. He said he doesn't get paid sick time, and if he misses a day, he must bring a doctor's note when and it will still be up to the manager whether it will be accepted. I thought companies had to offer paid sick days.

I have another friend who works for a German-owned company and loves it. She ...Read more

Getting a Job isn't Everything

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Q: I was hired at a large company through a department head and was never told to go through the formal hiring process, not even to fill out an application. My immediate supervisor had just been hired several weeks before me. When I started, no one introduced to me to anyone -- not co-workers, colleagues, other supervisors or other department ...Read more

Know Your Legal Rights

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Q: Our small company is high-workload environment. Everyone is under stress, but some handle it better than others. A co-worker went ballistic on me, throwing a stapler that missed me and hit the wall so hard, it left a gash. This violent outburst combined with the normal stress level at work has scared me and affected my ability to eat, sleep...Read more

Working After A Conviction

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Q: I've had an excellent career for more than 10 years in IT, but I made a mistake that seriously hurt my career. My first few years were productive and I received excellent performance reviews, salary increases and a promotion. I then got a new manager and he was trying to force me out to hire his own team.

On leaving the company, I deleted ...Read more

Employees Leave Jobs At All Costs

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Q: I head a department at a large company and directly report to a new president. He has a record of turning around companies, has excellent technical background, but zero interpersonal skills. If he doesn't need anything from you at that moment, he treats you as if you're a non-entity. He must be good at what he does, but he acts as if people...Read more

Nasty Meetings Are Killing The Job

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Q: I'm a department head at a medium-sized but lucrative business. The work is exciting, challenging and important. The drawback is the environment. The owners micromanage to the point of creating a stressful, unnecessarily competitive and confrontational atmosphere. Instead of cooperation where everyone works together for the good of the ...Read more

Tossing It All Away: New Job, New Path, New Life

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Q: I am a registered dietician and health consultant who created a healthy dessert company. I sampled out the desserts and received great feedback on each item, rented a commercial kitchen, and found a packaging company so I could sell them as snacks in small food shops and restaurants. The restaurant industry is a tightly knit group in this ...Read more

Keeping Or Getting A Job

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Q: After 20 years of "excellent" performance reviews at the same company, I was laid off. Six months before that day, my boss wrote me up for being incompetent; then he said I didn't work well with my team; then he said there was no longer enough work so he had to let me go. Guess what followed? He called me the next Monday to ask me to work as ...Read more

Is Freelance Or Regular Pay Better?

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Q: I work as a full-time employee for the company owner, who is my direct boss.

He has asked me to work on a project outside my job description and he offered to pay me as a freelancer in lieu of giving me a raise. He also told me I could do the freelance work during my regular work hours. My gut feeling is that it's a bad idea. How should I ...Read more


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