Some People Are More Than Just Difficult: How To Recognize a Personality Disorder

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Q: I develop websites for small businesses. Most of my jobs run from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the site. I just had a client who was the most difficult person I have ever worked with, and the experience has left me reeling and wondering how I should have dealt with such a person. They presented the ...Read more

Make Your Brain Work For You

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Radical resilience is the only character trait needed to rebound from stressful situations, and no one who works is stress-free. While physical illnesses may require vaccines to reduce the strength and severity of the illness, and medications are developed to mask the symptoms of various mental illnesses, and talk therapy can temporarily relieve...Read more

What Does It Take To Turn a Hobby Into a Business?

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Q: I recently retired from a job I had for 25 years. I receive retirement benefits that allow me to continue living as I have lived, but I have never lived a fancy life. I have a very small house, the same mismatched furniture I've had for years and inexpensive clothing. I am not materialistic.

Since retiring, I have pursued several hobbies I ...Read more

How To Turn Your Time Into Money and More Joy

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Businesses are experts at knowing what their employees' time is worth to them, but few individuals know how to correctly analyze the value of their own time. With "Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life" by Ashley Whillans, author and assistant professor at Harvard Business School, there are no longer acceptable excuses for...Read more

Working Wives Who Never Learn

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Q: I am in a group of workers who is always left out -- wives who work for their husbands for free until we are divorced and left with nothing. I have friends who have made the same mistake as I did, and someone needs to warn them not to do what so many wives do out of love. We devalue ourselves, our experience and our education by working for ...Read more

Unfair or Unlawful? Only a Lawyer Knows

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Q: I notified my employer of my future plans to leave a key position, so upper management began to look for my replacement, as it will take quite some time for the person to learn everything. The new hire is younger than I am, but I was told he would be making less than I did. He has started, and we have an excellent work relationship.

I also ...Read more

Still Paying for an Old Mistake

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Q: I worked for eight consecutive years and received excellent annual evaluations. I know I was rated higher than any of the other employees because we (the employees talked to each other) and my supervisor told me I was.

Some time after that I asked for a personal day off. My supervisor asked me why I needed to take it at that time, and I ...Read more

A Return to Ethics -- 1968

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People talk about ethics, honesty, transparency and respect, but few remember when those characteristics were shared by most. They met new clients, new friends and new students, and began new relationships assuming all involved in the meeting were focused on achieving goals for the common good. Things changed in 2016.

The common good became ...Read more



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