How To Deal With A Workplace Stalker

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Q: I am a gay man with both gay and heterosexual friends. I befriended a heterosexual woman who is now stalking me at work. She was lively and entertaining at first. Soon after, I saw her as narcissistic and controlling, getting openly angry publically without embarrassment. For example, she'd want to meet for lunch. Ten minutes into the ...Read more

Take A Shortcut To Choosing The Right Career

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Q: I worked part-time through college and now I'm looking for a full-time job. People have told me to do whatever I feel like because now is the time for me to be free. My parents told me they can't continue supporting me, and even if they could, I don't want to be a spoiled brat who never takes responsibility. I went to school with kids like ...Read more

Train Yourself When No One Else Will

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Q: I got an entry-level position in a small human resource department after graduating with a general business degree from (to be honest) an average school. I know I should feel lucky to have been hired, and I'm doing the work I've been given, which hasn't been difficult. But I'm already wondering how long I can work in this job.

My coworker is...Read more

How To Tell Your Coworker To Shut Up

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Q: One of our coworkers is obnoxious when she talks about her husband. The minute she opens her mouth about him, she uses every exaggerated and overrated descriptive imaginable, like handsome, beautiful, intelligent, generous, important and so on -- it makes us gag. We don't know whether she is trying to talk herself into thinking those things...Read more

A Year Here And There Is No Way To Build A Career

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Q: This is my first serious job after graduating. My boss puts a lot of trust in me and lets me do almost all of her writing. I do her business letters to other executives, create ideas for promotions at some events and I get to attend as her assistant. What I am not allowed to do is to say that I wrote or came up with the ideas for anything. ...Read more

Worker Hides From His Potential

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Q: I have a friend who is intelligent, competent, and knows proper etiquette, but takes jobs that are totally beneath him. He said he wanted a career and not just a job, so he took the real estate course and got licensed. He got in with a small real estate company, and then became so fearful that he stayed with his minimum-wage job and didn't do...Read more

When You Don't Jive With The Culture, Watch Out

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Q: My boss is not a communicator and I am at a loss for how to deal with it. You know the phrase that "you don't know what you don't know." Well, I can't ask questions if I don't know what to ask. I like being allowed to work independently, but I'd like guidance occasionally. I hesitate to tell her this because she's insanely busy -- too busy to...Read more


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Q: I'm paid hourly but work as an administrative assistant who is depended on. My boss piles on assignments, telling me they need to be done, but that I can't work overtime. When I tell her I need to work overtime to finish, she tells me I must slow if I can't do it all during my work hours. Also, she is always at work and emails me ...Read more

Fortitude Can Turn A Charitable Passion Into A Reality

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Q: My job is not just full-time -- it's an energy-draining, time-sucking career that pays well but is far from making me rich. I looked into forming a charitable organization for the arts, but it required much paperwork, forms, and money. I gave up the idea but it still pulls at me.

A: Money helps all who want to start a business, create a ...Read more

Worthy Cause Led By Incompetent Head

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Q: My job title is office assistant, but I am relied on to provide information for every major decision and to solve problems that arise. I have worked for this nonprofit organization for five years. The Board of Directors selected a woman to start and head the agency, but she is incapable of making sensible decisions in any area; she is rigid...Read more

Axe The Unwanted Job Advice

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Q: I've been seeking full-time employment for a year now, but not putting my heart into it because I'm fine with working part-time. I ultimately need a full-time job, but it's not crucial and I'm not money-motivated. This bothers my friends much more than it bothers me. I don't ask to borrow money, but living on a lower salary limits my social...Read more

Foreign Student Sees Vast Difference In Values

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Q: I'm from Cameroon in Africa. I came to America to study pharmacology. I am an "A" student, Dean's List, who is goal-oriented. Many in Cameroon saw education as a ticket to being successful because it allows us to be professionals. We know what poverty is because we have lived in it, but our parents instilled the value of education as the ...Read more

Face Stereotyping To End Discrimination

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Q: I think the error in announcing the winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards 2017 brought attention to the far-reaching problem of age discrimination in the workplace. I worked at a small company where only two of us were in our early 20s. Everyone else was about 40 to early 50s. Everyone was sharp, focused and efficient. We needed a ...Read more


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