Assessment Testing Makes Best Hires Possible

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There is no question that accurate assessment testing improves a company's hiring success and leads to greater employee satisfaction. So, why doesn't every company use academically approved, top-level prehiring assessments? According to Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology at Columbia University, it may be because many...Read more

Not All Lying is Bad

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Q: I am in the process of looking for a new job, and I am getting interviews. The trouble is that I have had many interviews and haven't gotten the jobs. I think I blow the interviews by not knowing how to answer everything and by being to honest, but I'm not sure how to respond correctly to many of questions. I've always thought honesty was the...Read more

When Sacrifice Becomes the Norm: Is It Ever Too Late To Leave?

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Q: I have a paralegal certificate and went back to school for an MBA, but at a second-tier school. I accepted a paralegal position at a law firm, which turned out to be a job I loved. I learn quickly and became well respected. Six years later, I fell in love with a successful businessman. We married, but immediately afterward, he forced me to ...Read more

How To Turn Your Time Into Money and More Joy

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Businesses are experts at knowing what their employees' time is worth to them, but few individuals know how to correctly analyze the value of their own time. With "Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life" by Ashley Whillans, author and assistant professor at Harvard Business School, there are no longer acceptable excuses for...Read more

Afraid of Asking for a Raise?

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Q: I work at a small company, so I accept whatever task is asked of me. The company owner is nice and personable. I like the work, too, which is why I put myself out for him. My helpful attitude has enabled me to take on more responsibilities, which means more work.

When an employee left, I took on her job in addition to my own so the owner ...Read more

Working Wives Who Never Learn

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Q: I am in a group of workers who is always left out -- wives who work for their husbands for free until we are divorced and left with nothing. I have friends who have made the same mistake as I did, and someone needs to warn them not to do what so many wives do out of love. We devalue ourselves, our experience and our education by working for...Read more

Unfair or Unlawful? Only a Lawyer Knows

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Q: I notified my employer of my future plans to leave a key position, so upper management began to look for my replacement, as it will take quite some time for the person to learn everything. The new hire is younger than I am, but I was told he would be making less than I did. He has started, and we have an excellent work relationship.

I also...Read more

Does the Graduate School Matter?

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Q: I am planning to go to graduate school next year, and I have many decisions to make. I have met many people who regret not making the right decision for a degree, and I don't want to end up in that group. I am certain I want to pursue either a marketing degree or an MBA, so I met with a professional coach for guidance. He informed me that if ...Read more

Does Anonymity Have a Place at Work?

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Q: Why do people tell others to not take ownership and say what they think about situations and people at work? If you work with someone who is not good at what he or she does, you should talk to the proper people in charge and report it. If you complain to a department head or higher up, that leader knows the person who is reporting it and is...Read more

Testing Is the Best HR Assistant

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The high unemployment rate caused by COVID-19 means thousands who were once employed are now searching for jobs of all kinds. This means human resource departments have been inundated with online applications and unsolicited resumes. The competition is fierce, and HR cannot and never has been able to interview every good candidate. Some ...Read more

Bad Client Inspired a Career Change

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Q: I worked in a high-paying position for many years. I was good at troubleshooting, meeting deadlines and biting my tongue, so I didn't complain. I carried out every assignment I was asked to until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had received compliments for decorating and renovating buildings and individual rooms, and I was good at math and ...Read more

Getting the Job Doesn't Mean Keeping It

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Q: I was introduced to a company through a friend/connection. I had a very positive and friendly Zoom interview with the department head who I would report to. The next week, I received a call offering me the job.

When I started a week later, I was asked by a co-worker how I got the job. I thought it was an odd question, but I told her I had a ...Read more

Lifeboat Mindset Can Save You From Sinking

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Resilient people easily adapt to change, while reality-deniers sink with the ship. What happened to travelers on the Titanic can happen to companies refusing to change. A unique mix of character traits creates a resilient person, one who gets through challenging times when changes are needed for survival and resources are limited.

Maggie ...Read more



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