Faulty Logic Is No Way To Win an Argument

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Q: I requested vacation time, which was approved, so I purchased nonrefundable airline tickets and made hotel reservations. A month before the vacation, the company was cutting back and I was let go. It seems to me that either my boss or his boss would have known of the workforce reduction when I made my request and should have denied my ...Read more

What Makes a Complaint Vindictive?

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Q: I work in a small laboratory on a team with several others, who have all been here for years. Our supervisor retires in six months. His strengths are his ability to repair our equipment, management of his own paperwork and purchasing his supplies.

His weaknesses are that he micromanages the staff. When he is on vacation, the acting ...Read more

When an Interviewer Is Unprofessional

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Q: I was excited for an upcoming interview; it was the perfect job, and I had many years of experience in the field. But the minute the interviewer entered the room, I knew it would be a no-go. She behaved like an unprepared child, though she introduced herself as having 10 years of experience in the workplace. Yeah, but as what? She had ...Read more

Falling in Love at Work Offers Its Own Lesson

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Q: I have fallen in love with one of my co-workers. When I started working at the company, Tom (not his real name) and I got along well. We took breaks together and texted each other periodically throughout the day. He made me laugh, and we related to each other. The day I realized I was in love with him was when his girlfriend came to the ...Read more

Who's To Blame For Ill-Advised Career Choices?

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Q: I feel sad for the recent college graduate who is now realizing her bachelor's degree in psychology isn't enough to gain substantial employment in the field.

Where were her high school's college counselors when she was choosing her major? Why didn't they tell her she would need a graduate degree to work as a counselor in the field? Why ...Read more

Is Co-Worker's Warning Helpful or Harmful?

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Q: I work in the very competitive entertainment industry. Competition is expected, but dishonesty also prevails. I am aware of that, but a co-worker keeps warning me to protect everything I do to the point of hiding and locking up everything on my desk. One of his co-workers stole ideas from him -- actually sifted through his papers when he ...Read more

Use Your Skills to Be Your Own Boss

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Q: I signed on with a tutoring agency that sends tutors to children's schools or homes, often with the government picking up the tab. I'm happy with the tutoring fee amount, but the owner/manager is the most unprofessional business owner ever.

I was told to come in for a one-hour training session (I am already a teacher and need no training),...Read more

Prepare Yourself for Illegal Tactics

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Q: I question our new manager's ethics. She has been on the job at our senior complex for only several months now. My lease expires Sept. 30, and I received a letter two months ago alerting me to make an appointment to renew my lease for the coming year. My rent has gone up every year, and this increase is the highest ever. But what worries me...Read more

Critical Tips for Phone Interviews

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You may not like phone interviews, but the human resources department loves them. One job posting may receive more than 100 resumes of qualified candidates, and no HR department has the time to bring in that many people. The task of narrowing the number may be handled by a software program, but once ill-suited candidates are eliminated, the HR ...Read more

Networking: Staying Safe When Meeting Strangers

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Q: A friend talked me into accompanying her to an open networking event for people in all fields. I feel weird initiating conversations with strangers, so I like to observe people until I feel comfortable. My friend introduced me to several of her friends there, and one of them started talking to me.

She was friendly and mentioned needing to ...Read more

From Kind to Insulting to Kind Again

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Q: I have worked closely with a colleague for more than six years. Each time I thought I knew her, she changed personalities. She started out as kind and helpful, always willing to recommend me to the boss and bring me in on her projects. She was working at a higher level than I was, so I greatly appreciated the recommendations because I was ...Read more

What to Do When a Boss Doesn't Act Like One

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Q: I worked at a charity-run store for one year. Our manager was an alcoholic, but we didn't know it until he fell off the wagon.

He had moved closer to the store to avoid a long drive into work. Of all places to choose to live, he moved into an apartment above a bar. The three of us -- my co-worker, our manager and I -- were supposed to meet ...Read more

Boss Gives Top Sales Leads to Men Over Women

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Q: I worked as a sales representative for a nationwide company for five years. About 40% of the sales force consisted of female sales reps, yet the men were the only ones to make it into the "Achievers Club," where they made up to $300,000 compared to the females making just over $100,000. As top achievers, the men also received gifts such as ...Read more


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