Remote Work Wins, Despite Management

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Employees return to work in the office, but management is less than happy. Businesses recently reaching out to consultancy Seyfarth at Work for training and management solutions report being distressed at many of the behaviors they now see. The workplace has not returned to business as usual, nor will it. Employees who switched from in-office ...Read more

Freelance Or Full-Time Pay?

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Q: I work as a full-time employee for the company owner, who is my direct boss.

He has ...Read more

One Bad Hire After Another

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Q: I started a new business and had to hire several employees for varying jobs before I really knew what my all my needs would be. I knew I needed minimum wage employees, so I ran ads in my local area and I conducted the interviewing, which I didn't think was a big deal. I got a good response to the ads, so I know that was done correctly. I ...Read more

Back to Stress Of Working at the Office

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Q: The pandemic has been difficult for many, but for me, working remotely was like a vacation. I have been a bank executive for several years. Many people joke about working banker's hours, but it is silently stressful. When I work at the office, I have constant interruptions with phone calls and in-person meetings. COVID-19 allowed me to plan...Read more

Interview the Interviewer: Fear Will Get You Nowhere

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Q: I froze up and didn't ask the interviewers all the questions I had and accepted the job offer too soon. I've replayed the interview in my mind, and I think I didn't ask anything because I felt intimidated. I had already decided I wanted the job, so I didn't think questions were necessary. But I never would have imagined what took place ...Read more

Too Much Information of the Wrong Kind

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Q: I work within a group in our department where we have our own projects but all have the same job titles. We are responsible professionals, but we have a great company culture and are always friendly, considerate and helpful to each other when someone is swamped. We love our casual environment, and it's obvious to all our company is well-...Read more

How To Choose the Best Career for You

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Q: I am 35, and I have been in information technology since the beginning of my career. IT jobs are often well-paid and easy to find, but they are not what I want to do anymore. I am thinking about changing fields, but I am hesitant. I realize I will lose my seniority if I leave my job and my experience won't matter if I leave the field. Is it...Read more

Returning to Work While COVID-19 Is Present

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Employment lawyers around the country, including Jeff Beemer of Dickinson Wright PLLC, have been asked the same question recently: When is the right time for employers to require employees to return to working in the office? A typical response is: "When everyone has had the opportunity to get fully vaccinated." But this may not be as simple as ...Read more

What Happens When the Worker Should Be the Boss?

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Q: My boss is angry with me, and I did nothing wrong. To set the stage: I do far more than my boss because I have been in the business much longer than he has. In fact, I should have his job, but he was favored for the position because he is a male and I am a female. He relies on me for nearly everything, and every month I have to teach him ...Read more

Your Values Dictate Your Courage

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Q: I accepted a respectable position with a company I expected to be reputable and intelligently managed. While management seemed to display both those characteristics, as I came to work more closely with certain managers, I discovered hierarchy flaws and less transparency than I liked. I heard about behaviors that were less than acceptable, ...Read more

Use Talent for a Midlife Career Change

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Q: I am 50 and was the founder and sole worker of my own local business. When I decided to move out of state, I could have sold my client list to a competitor, but I had so much to do for the move across country that I just turned it over to someone I knew in the field. I am now settled into my new location where I am starting anew in ...Read more

Bad Management Is No Easy Fix

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Q: I have been with this organization for over 25 years in an executive position, but I am not sure how to handle a personnel issue we have in another department. The company has been successful for many years, until recently when some of the key leadership positions changed personnel. The hierarchy now makes no sense. For example, vice ...Read more



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