Do Asset Allocation and Diversification Still Work?

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Dear Readers: Here we go again. In early March, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the 11-year bull market to a crashing halt. Since that time, the markets have largely recovered but been plagued with extreme volatility, leaving individual investors frightened and confused. While every investor knows that risk comes with the territory, the recent ...Read more

Focusing on a Tax Refund? Do Some Tax Planning Instead

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Dear Carrie: When I did my taxes this year, I wound up owing a lot to the IRS. A friend at work mentioned they got a huge tax refund. How can I get a refund next year? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: The end of tax season always brings a host of questions from readers. Mostly they boil down to "How can I pay less in taxes?" or "How can I get a bigger ...Read more

How Do You Rate Your Financial Know-How?

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Dear Readers: If I asked you to rate your financial know-how on a scale of 1-7 (with 7 being the highest), where would you place yourself? If you're like the Americans who participated in the 2018 FINRA National Financial Capability Study (NFCS), you'd probably give yourself a pretty high score. In that study, 76% of respondents placed ...Read more

How Does the SECURE Act Impact Saving After Age 70?

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Dear Carrie: I turn 70 this year and am working part time. I don't necessarily need the income, but I like my work, and it gives me money to spend on a few "extras." I have a few dollars left over each month and recently read that I can still contribute to an IRA. I'm wondering if this is a good idea. -- A Reader

Dear Reader: According to a ...Read more

Is Market Volatility Keeping You on the Sidelines? Consider Dollar-Cost Averaging

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Dear Carrie: I have money sitting in a low-interest savings account that I've been planning to invest, but I keep procrastinating. Should I take the plunge now or wait to see if the market falls more? I understand the concept of buying low, but it makes me nervous to invest so much now if the market will go down more. -- A Reader

Dear Reader: ...Read more

Laid off and Worried About Money: What to Do Next?

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Dear Carrie: I'm a single parent with two middle school-aged kids and was just laid off because COVID-19 regulations forced my employer to shut down. I'm worried I may be out of work for a while. I received a small severance and have a 401(k), but that's about it. What's the best way to get through the next few months? Can I draw money from my ...Read more

Protecting Your Family With Life Insurance

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Dear Carrie: My partner and I recently had our first child and are trying to get our finances in order. We met with an attorney to put together a will, and she mentioned that we might need life insurance. I do have a policy through work, but now that I'm a new dad, I don't know if it's enough. Can you advise me on how much I need and the best ...Read more

Survival Guide for New College Graduates in the Year of COVID-19

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Dear Readers: I'm hearing from lots of students and recent grads about how uneasy they are about entering the labor force in this difficult economic climate. With unemployment numbers at a record high, it's no surprise that the estimated 4 million new college graduates will have a particularly challenging time this year. But all is not lost, ...Read more

Redditors Asked Carrie These Financial Questions. Can You Relate?

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Dear Readers: Recently, I did my first ever Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). I was really excited about it, and not just because my kids are Redditors who constantly seek and give advice on the channel. I wanted to have a real-time discussion with people about something that's weighing heavily on everyone's minds: how to manage your personal ...Read more

The Emotional Benefits of Strong Money Management

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Dear Readers: Even in the best of times, money concerns can cause a lot of stress. But according to a recent survey by the National Foundation for Financial Education, nearly 9 in 10 Americans say that COVID-19 is making money a primary cause of anxiety. Add to that the need to juggle working from home, child care, home schooling and health ...Read more

I'm in the Military. Should I Invest in a TSP?

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Dear Carrie: I'm 26 and in the Navy. I enlisted last year and am currently stationed in South Korea. With some extra cash I'm expecting from my next deployment, I should finally have all my credit card debt paid off and a decent cash cushion. I'm ready to start seriously saving for retirement. Is a TSP a good move? I'm not sure if I'll stay in...Read more

Ask Carrie: Stressed About Money? You're Not Alone

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Dear readers: The recent market plunge has a lot of people feeling more anxious than usual. Not surprising. Feeling out of control of your finances -- and your future -- takes both a financial and emotional toll. And it's not only during times like these that money causes stress. Everyday money management -- or lack of it -- can cause problems ...Read more



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