7 Quick Tricks to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

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Dear Readers: We're now in the mid-January, and do you know what that means? For a lot of us, it means our New Year's resolutions are already a thing of the past. It isn't that we're not committed to positive change. It's just that often we're not clear about how to achieve it. Especially if resolutions are general -- sure, we all want to lose ...Read more

Ask Carrie: Are You Ready for a Financially Healthy 2021?

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Dear Readers, at the beginning of each new year, I'm filled with a sense of new direction. At the same time, I like to look back at the previous year, evaluate what worked and make a fresh commitment to keep going on whatever path proved most successful.

One of the things that was a real boost to me in 2016 was a 30-day food cleanse that left ...Read more

Give Your Family the Gift of Financial Conversation This Holiday Season

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Dear Readers: If there's one thing many of us are reluctant to talk about, it's money. We might be comfortable sharing all sorts of personal information -- about our health, our religious beliefs, even our personal relationships. But when it comes to our finances, we clam up.

And this year, that reluctance may be stronger than ever. If you're ...Read more

Want to Create a Retirement Paycheck? Here Are Some Things to Consider

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Dear Carrie: I just retired and am trying to figure out how to maximize all of my resources -- Social Security, a small pension and my investments. Given RMDs, taxes, etc., it feels overwhelming! Can you help? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: This is a great question because it's an essential issue for every retiree. After decades of receiving a ...Read more

In a Year Full of Challenges, How Can We Give Back?

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Dear Readers: As I recently wrote, this holiday season is going to be different for a lot of people in terms of celebrations and gift giving, but there's one thing I fervently hope won't get lost in our new reality: the importance of charitable giving. Charitable organizations of all types and sizes are constantly in need of support. And this ...Read more

Introducing Fractional Shares: A New Way to Get Started Investing

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Dear Carrie: I've been hearing about fractional shares as a way to invest in the stock market. Can you explain how they work? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: No question the world of investing is overrun with a gazillion tools and products, many of which are either indecipherable or irrelevant to the average investor. But every once in a while, we can...Read more

Worried About Holiday Spending? This Is a Year to Think Differently

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Dear Readers: Like so much in our lives this year, the holidays are going to be different for a lot of people. Family gatherings are likely to be smaller, if they happen at all. Money may be tighter, with very little available for gift-giving. Traditional celebrations may have to be scaled way back or put on hold. But while we all may feel a ...Read more

Does It Make Sense to Buy Your First Home While You're in the Military?

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Dear Carrie: I'm one year into my four-year contract with the Army. I currently live off base but hate wasting my money on rent. I'm thinking about buying, especially since interest rates are so low and real estate prices just keep climbing. I don't have much cash, but I don't need a down payment for a Veterans Affairs loan. I figure if I stay ...Read more

Older Investors Are Asking: Should I Get Out of Stocks?

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Dear Carrie: I'm 70, and like a lot of older investors, I was still heavily invested in the stock market when this economy hit dangerous territory. At this stage of life, I don't have a lot of time to "make it back" in the market. What's the best plan for selling off stocks and moving into more secure savings? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: The last ...Read more

How Can I Make the Most of My Stock Options?

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Dear Carrie: I recently accepted a position at a small startup, where my salary is about the same but I will also get stock options. Can you please tell me what I need to know about company stock options? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: First, let me say congratulations! Starting a new job can come with big changes in your life, impacting everything...Read more

Is Your Financial 'Go Bag' Packed and Ready?

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Dear Carrie: I know I need an emergency fund, but with all the disasters happening these days, what should I have ready in terms of my finances if I have to pick up and leave in a hurry? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: Between the pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires and floods, these days, you need to be as ready as possible for the unexpected. Being 100%...Read more

It's Open Enrollment: Are You Making the Most of Your Employee Benefits?

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Dear Readers: As we approach open enrollment, I'm hoping every single one of you will take the time to carefully review your choices. There's no question that employee benefits are always a significant part of your financial life. But this year, as millions of Americans face health and financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ...Read more



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