Are You Ready for a Financially Healthy 2020?

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Dear Readers, at the beginning of each new year, I'm filled with a sense of new direction. At the same time, I like to look back at the previous year, evaluate what worked and make a fresh commitment to keep going on whatever path proved most successful.

One of the things that was a real boost to me last year was a 30-day food cleanse that left...Read more

10 Steps to Financial Security in 2020

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Dear Readers: It's hard to believe we're already in 2020. But rather than lament the passing of time, I like to think of a new decade as a time of renewal -- a chance to look at what you've accomplished and what you still want to achieve.

Especially when it comes to financial security, the new year is a perfect opportunity to review where you...Read more

Money and Relationships: How Financial Literacy Can Help

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Dear Readers: If I were to ask couples to name the top three things that keep them together, I don't imagine that shared knowledge and interest in their finances would make the list. Yet money is often cited as one of the main causes of divorce. A recent survey by Policygenius found that 1 in 5 people say their partner is financially ...Read more

Can You Give Stock as a Gift? Should You?

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Dear Carrie: I would like to gift a portion of my stock to my daughter. Do I have to sell it first, or can I simply gift it in the amount allowed this year? Also, I want her to hold on to it until she retires or has a real need for the money. Is that possible? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: This is an excellent and somewhat complicated question ...Read more

Women and Retirement: Can You Afford Not to Save?

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Dear Carrie: For the past three years, my 29-year-old daughter has been working for a good company that offers a 401(k), but she still hasn't started to contribute. She says she can't afford it. How can I convince her to get going? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: I wish I had enough space in this column to share with your daughter the myriad stories...Read more

What's the Best Way to Set up an Education Fund for My Grandchild?

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Dear Carrie: I'd like to set up an educational fund for my new grandchild. I understand the tax benefits of a 529 account but am also interested in gifting appreciated stock. What are your thoughts? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: Congratulations on your new grandchild! I also applaud your generosity. What a fortunate child to have such a supportive ...Read more

5 Ways to Make Giving a Family Affair This Holiday Season

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Dear Reader: It seems we hear the word "gratitude" a lot these days. In spite of being faced with all kinds of challenges, the idea of being grateful for what you have -- whether it's family, friends, financial security or just a beautiful moment -- appears to be a common theme. I like that concept, and I like the idea of using it as a way to ...Read more

Five Steps Women Can Take Toward Financial Empowerment

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Dear Carrie: Despite our many advances, it seems like women still fall behind men when it comes to money. Is that true? And what can we do to catch up? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: Your question is spot on because, yes, women are still behind men financially. And yes again, there are definitely things we can -- and must -- do to catch up.

The ...Read more

Are You Falling for These Financial Tricks?

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Dear Readers: It's the rare person who doesn't occasionally fall into some poor financial habits that can lead to potentially scary results. This fall, make sure you're not tricking yourself into a financial bind. Rather, treat yourself to greater security by reviewing these 10 personal finance "gotchas" and making any necessary changes. The ...Read more

Can You Use IRA Assets to Purchase a Retirement Home? Should You?

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Dear Carrie: My wife and I are both over 63 and want to purchase a primary residence for our retirement. Can we use money from our individual retirement account for the down payment? If so, are there any tax issues? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: It's great that you and your wife are thinking ahead about where you'll live in retirement. We often ...Read more

How Do Social Security Survivor Benefits Add Up?

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Dear Carrie: My husband and I are each getting Social Security based on our own work records. When one of us dies, will the survivor collect both benefits, or do we need to plan for substantially reduced income? -- A Reader

Dear Reader: There's a misconception about survivor benefits that when both spouses are collecting Social Security and ...Read more


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