Bleeker The Rechargeable Dog / Comics

Bleeker is a rechargeable dog equipped with Spock-like sensibilities and his own programmable training manual; and Skip's new pet. I guess when Skip Smalls begged his parents for a dog, he should have been more specific. Skip is an average kid with an above average dog. While some dogs may chew shoes, Bleeker opens the garage door and turns off the TV when he scratches himself! However, Bleeker does help to keep accident-prone Skip out of harm's way, and even assists him with his homework. So, despite some glitches, Skip learns a lot about his electronic dog, and himself, during the training process.

Jonathan Mahood created Bleeker and launched him online about 5 years ago, based off his "two constant, loyal companions".... his dog and his iPod. Because of his love for gadgets, Mahood came up with the idea for Bleeker. "A super gadget/robot that did double duty as a traditional pet and as a parental monitoring device," with apps, accessories and constant upgrades; it makes you want a "robot sidekick" of your own.