Could vote kill Boston Olympic bid?

Could Boston's 2024 Olympic bid turn into a version of Denver 1976 redux?

If that happens, the U.S. might as well give up on the idea of hosting the Summer Olympics for the foreseeable future.

In a Tuesday interview with the Wall Street Journal,...

Games bid loss leaves questions for LA

LOS ANGELES--It was midafternoon Thursday when Mayor Eric Garcetti got the call. The news wasn't good.

U.S. Olympic Committee executives wanted the mayor to know they had chosen Boston -- not Los Angeles -- as the American bid city for the 2024 ...

Boston to be U.S. bidder for 2024 Summer Games

For the third straight time, the U.S. Olympic Committee has rejected Los Angeles in favor of an international fledgling as U.S. candidate for the Summer Games.

Meeting Thursday in Denver, the USOC board of directors surprisingly chose Boston over...