New Testament History

How well do you know your Bible history? If you aced our Old Testament history quiz, try this quiz to see how well you know the New Testament.

Points available: 10


Who was born first?

  • A) Jesus
  • B) Horace
  • C) Ovid
  • D) Virgil

How much older than Jesus was John the Baptist?

  • A) Two years
  • B) One years
  • C) Six months
  • D) They were the same age

Which of these events happened first?

  • A) Birth of Pliny the Elder
  • B) The Crucifixion
  • C) Beheading of John the Baptist
  • D) The beginning of Augustus Caesar's rule

Under which Roman emperor was the Apostle Paul martyred?

  • A) Nero
  • B) Galba
  • C) Vespasian
  • D) Caligula

Which of the Procurators held this position after Pontius Pilate?

  • A) Tiberius
  • B) Ambivius
  • C) Annius Rufus
  • D) Archelaus Coponius

In approximately what year did the writing of the New Testament begin?

  • A) 34 A.D.
  • B) 52 A.D.
  • C) 76 A.D.
  • D) 94 A.D.

Who became King of the Jews in the same year that Caligula became Emperor of Rome?

  • A) Hyrcanus
  • B) Janneus
  • C) Valerius Gratus
  • D) Agrippa

Who became ruler of Rome during Jesus's lifetime?

  • A) Nero
  • B) Titus
  • C) Tiberius Caesar
  • D) Flavius Domitian

Who was Emperor of Rome when the New Testament was completed?

  • A) Trajan
  • B) Vespasian
  • C) Galba
  • D) Nerva

How long did the first persecution by Nero last?

  • A) Four years
  • B) Six years
  • C) Eight years
  • D) Ten years