Billy Graham / Religion & Spirituality

Why Did God Give Me a Heart Attack?

Q: I've always been a strong person, able to do anything I wanted to and was almost never sick. A: We don't always know why God lets some things happen to us; He sees the whole picture, while we seldom do.

Who Does God Love?

Q: You're always telling people that God loves them, but if that's true, then why is my life such a mess? A: I want you to imagine something for a moment: Imagine that one day Jesus comes to your house and sits down and looks you in the eye.

Can God Help My Depressed Sister?

Q: I wish I could help my sister. A: I'm thankful you want to help your sister; I'm afraid some people don't want to get involved with someone who's hurting. What can you do? Then learn to be a good listener.

Why Doesn't God Take Me?

Q: I feel so useless. A: You're right when you say God doesn't see your life the same way you do, because as long as we're on this earth, He has a purpose in keeping us here.

Am I Running From God?

Q: My aunt says I'm running from God, but I don't agree. A: People run from God in all kinds of ways, I've discovered. But others run from God without even realizing it or thinking about it -- and I suspect this is your situation.