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Can God Erase My Rebellious Past?

Q: I've lived a pretty rebellious life, but now I'm older and I'd give anything to be able to erase the past and know God has forgiven me. But I can't believe God will ever do that.

Should I Quit Bothering God?

Q: For years I've begged and begged God to do something for me, but He never has. A: Sometimes God calls us to continue praying for something almost indefinitely, and we need to be sensitive to that calling.

What Can I Tell My Friend About God?

Q: I've tried to talk to a friend of mine about God and Jesus, but she's never shown any interest. A: The most important thing you can do is to talk first to God about your friend. What can you say to her?

Why Can't I Read the Bible?

Q: I started reading the Bible a few weeks ago, but I got bogged down and finally put it aside. A: No, the Bible isn't just for a few special people but for everyone! How can the Bible come alive for you?