Billy Graham / Religion & Spirituality

Can Someone Know God Personally?

Q: I've heard people talk about knowing God personally, but what does that mean? A: One of life's greatest truths is that we can come to know God in a personal way. Think of it this way. The same is true with God.

Why is My Faith Like a Yo-Yo?

Q: My faith is like a yo-yo, constantly bouncing up and down but not going anywhere. A: If you weren't "the religious type" you wouldn't be concerned about your faith; in fact, you'd probably never give it a thought.

Why Don't My Husband and I Talk Anymore?

Q: When we got married 40 years ago, it seems like my husband and I talked all the time about everything under the sun. A: Have you ever heard the phrase "companionable silence"? If this describes your relationship, be grateful for it!

How Can I Deal With My Control Freak Mother?

Q: I suppose you've heard of "control freaks" -- you know, people who try to control us or run our lives. A: No, it doesn't entitle her to keep interfering and trying to control you, especially now that you're an adult and also married.

When Do I Need to Ask for Forgiveness?

Q: If you ask God to forgive you for something you did to someone, does that mean you also need to ask them for forgiveness? A: It's always important to seek the forgiveness of those we've hurt,even if it is hard to do.