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Can Anyone Foretell the Future?

Q: Can some people really foretell the future? A: I strongly urge you not to become involved in anything or anyone that claims to be able to foretell the future. Why is this?

Is Christianity Dying in Europe?

Q: My husband and I traveled to Europe for the first time this summer, and we were shocked when we visited some of those vast cathedrals and found out only a handful of people attend services now.

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Q: Can you lose your salvation once you've honestly committed your life to Jesus? A: I don't doubt the sincerity of your friend who believes we can lose our salvation if we sin after we've given our lives to Christ, but I respectfully disagree.

As A Christian Will I Be Perfect?

Q: If I become a Christian, will I have to be perfect? A: If God required us to be perfect, then no one -- absolutely no one -- would ever be able to be a Christian! One of the Bible's greatest truths is that God welcomes us just as we are.

Is It Wrong to Have Doubts About God?

Q: Is it wrong to have doubts about God? A: I'm sure most of us have had doubts, but the real question is what we do with them. Do you remember Thomas, who was one of Jesus' disciples? But Thomas's story doesn't end there.