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Ask a Cook: How do you handle a slow oven?

Question: My oven is slow. Should I increase the temperature or increase the cooking time?

Answer: If the temperature is lower than the setting on the dial indicates, you should increase the temperature. Consider getting an oven gauge -- they don...

Recipe Finder: Torta del re has royal roots

Sophie Filippetti from Santa Rosa, Calif., was searching for a recipe for Italian king's cake. She said her mother-in-law used to make it often and even won first prize at their county fair some time ago. She has lost the recipe and wanted to be ...

Ask a Cook: Is cheesecake a pie?

Q: Is cheesecake a cake or a pie?

A: Since it's round and has layers (custard and base), some say cake; others cite the filling and bottom crust and say it's pie. Some prefer the definition of tart, which "The Oxford Companion to Food" describes ...

Ask a Cook: Save lemon juice and zest for summer

Q: Meyer lemons have such a short season. Can you freeze the juice and the zest?

A: It does seem cruel that lemons are in season in winter when lemon flavors taste so good in summer. But you can stretch the lemon season with your freezer.