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Give These Mugs a Shot in Your Kitchen

One of the best days of my life happened about a year ago. I was facing an almost empty refrigerator and pantry, and heard someone on a TV talk show quickly describe how to make a single-serving microwave chocolate cake from scratch in a mug.


Tickled Pink About Watermelon Lemonade

If you were like my family when I was growing up, did you think the pink in pink lemonade came from an icy cylindrical can in the freezer door labeled "Pink Lemonade Frozen Concentrate"?

Even though I didn't give much thought then to where the ...

20 Pages That Rival Most Long Cookbooks

The Whole Deal (Whole Foods Market newsletter, free in stores and at

How did you enjoy your last grilled homemade burger? Probably not as much as those who had been reading a recent edition of The Whole Deal, the free ...