If Trump Wins, Buy the Dip. If Clinton Wins, Sell the Rally

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The wisdom on Wall Street is that Hillary Clinton is the safe choice. She's the certainty candidate to Donald Trump's uncertainty. So when Jim Comey announced the reopening of the FBI's Clinton investigation, stocks fell for nine days. And after he pulled back over the weekend, stocks rallied by over 300 points.

Is the market correct in ...Read more

Just the Facts, Ma'am

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We knew there could be a big October surprise before this bizarre and unpopular election finally came to an end. But who knew it would come from emails found on a device used by former Rep. Anthony Weiner, which was confiscated by the FBI after he sexted an underage woman -- an act that cost him his job, his income and his marriage?

As I ...Read more

Finding Strength in Melania Trump

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When the now-infamous Donald Trump-Billy Bush audio feed was released, my confidence in Trump all but evaporated. The conversation about kissing, groping and fondling women was worse than so-called locker room talk. It was vile, vulgar and inexcusable for a grown man.

But it didn't end with the audio tape. After that came a barrage of sexual ...Read more

Hillary's Red Army March of Tax-Hike Destruction

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You've got to hand it to Team Hillary Clinton. Its message discipline is awesome -- at least in terms of taxes. It reminds me of the orderly march of the Chinese Red Army on the way to battle.

Here's the latest message: The George W. Bush tax cuts were responsible for the financial meltdown and recession of 2008-09. That's a new low for ...Read more

Tax Cuts, King Dollar and Growth: From JFK to Reagan to Trump

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Fifty-four years ago, at The Economic Club of New York, President John F. Kennedy unveiled a dramatic tax cut plan to revive the long-stagnant U.S. economy. He proposed lowering marginal tax rates for all taxpayers and reducing the corporate tax. He advised lowering the top tax rate from 91 to 65 percent, and closing tax loopholes. Five times ...Read more

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