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A thought for the day: I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure -- that is all that agnosticism means. -- Clarence Darrow

Other Notable Events for October 22

On this date in history:

In 1797, the first silk parachute jump from a high altitude was made by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, who dropped in a basket released from a balloon at 3,300 feet over a Paris park.

In 1836, Gen. Sam ...

Notable Birthdays for October 22

Those born on this date include:

- American pioneer Daniel Boone in 1734
- Hungarian composer Franz Liszt in 1811
- actors Sarah Bernhardt in 1844 and Joan Fontaine in 1917
- comic actor Curly Howard of The Three ...


Today is Wednesday, Oct. 22, the 295th day of 2014 with 70 to follow.

The moon is waning. The morning stars are Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. The evening stars are Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn.

A thought for the day

A thought for the day: If you focus on success, you'll have stress. But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed. – Deepak Chopra