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Around the World: Prepare to Pass the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule, and Be Grateful

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It's not easy to pack for travel, especially if you're trip encompasses several destinations and specific events. Even f you have multiple sartorial obligations, it's good to keep your luggage light and best to limit it to carryon.

For the sake of packing efficiency, think things through before you start stuffing clothing and accessories into a...Read more

Around The World: For Travels in the Digital Age, Try Geocaching!

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There’s no doubt that the travel experience has been radically changed by the arrival, ongoing development and overall influence of the digital age.

Computers give instantaneous access to travel-related information ranging from weather reports and transportation delays to updates on areas afflicted by outbreaks of war or an infectious ...Read more

Around the World: Southeast South Dakota Roadtrip Reveals Treasures

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What first comes to mind when you think of traveling to South Dakota is, for most tourists, Mount Rushmore, one of America’s must-see monuments and an expression of the nation’s pride and patriotism.

Tourists who want to visit the site usually fly into Rapid City, rush to view Mount Rushmore and take a quick tour of nearby Badlands ...Read more

Around the World: Touring Independence, Harry Truman’s Hometown

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INDEPENDENCE, MO. -- This charming and historic town, a terrific day trip for anyone visiting Kansas City, is engaging at any time of the year, but April and May are best -- because during these months the community celebrates its favorite son, Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States.

May, because Truman was born on May 8, 1884...Read more

Around the World: Colorado: Vacationing for a Natural Rocky Mountain High

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Colorado is America’s rooftop, the state that gives you a natural Rocky Mountain high on crisp, fresh air and clean, outdoor fun.

The state’s average altitude is 6,800 feet, and it’s home to 32 of the nation’s highest mountains. Mt Elbert, at 14,431 feet, is Colorado’s highest.

But, Pike’s Peak is really the state's scenic ...Read more

Around the World: Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo

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The U.S. State Department reports that more and more Americans travel abroad every year, and that the fastest growing group within that ever-increasing population of touring Americans is women traveling alone.

Whether traveling on vacation or for business, women are venturing solo into the great wide world. And, unfortunately, they often come ...Read more

Around the World: Essential Beach Escapes

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Subfreezing temperatures at this time or year make a beach escape one degree from essential.

If you're longing to put sun, sand and surf on your immediate travel agenda, pick a beach that’s going to make a difference, that’s going to elevate your mood and provide your perfect getaway.

You need a beach that’s scenic and clean if not ...Read more

Around the World: Last minute Valentine’s Day Getaways

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It’s not too late to plan last minute for a romantic weekend romp for Valentine's Day – or even a surprise last minute unexpected kidnapping of your main squeeze as an expression of your affection and to grab a little time to focus on renewing your relationship and its pleasures.

Fine hotels and resorts in your neck of the woods, across ...Read more

Around the World: Last Minute Romantic Getaways

Travel / Around the World /

It’s never a bad time for a romantic weekend romp – or even a surprise last minute unexpected kidnapping of your main squeeze as an expression of your affection and to grab a little time to focus on renewing your relationship and its pleasures.

Fine hotels and resorts in your neck of the woods, across the nation and around the world create ...Read more

Movies Are A Great Gateway To Travel

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With the Academy Awards weekend looming large on Movieland’s horizon, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking of all the wonderful places you’ve traveled to -- virtually, that is -- during this past year courtesy of the cinema.

And, you may already be thinking of new destinations to visit as a result of seeing them in your favorite films. ...Read more

Going Presidential

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There are two days during any calendar year when it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stay in any hotel’s designated presidential suite. One of those days is Election Day. And, the other is Presidents’ Day.

On both holidays, you can be sure that presidential suites across the nation will have been booked up long in advance -- either ...Read more

Around the World: An Essential LAX Stopover

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If you’re flying from anywhere in North America to anywhere in Asia or the South Pacific, you’re facing a ten-to-seventeen-hour or longer flight departing from Los Angeles International Airport, aka LAX. Most likely you will have flown in from another city, which adds even more air time to your journey across the wide Pacific Ocean before ...Read more

Around The World: In Search of Mickey(s)

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The World of Walt Disney, it can be said, was built by Mickey Mouse. The most famous and arguably most popular of the famous cartoonist’s characters is an iconic symbol of everything that Walt Disney built – including the family-friendly theme parks that keep patrons coming back for more with wonderful displays of Disney magic and ...Read more

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