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Turn your hinged grill into a panini press

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One of the most popular kitchen countertop appliances in recent years has been the electric hinged grill, also known as a contact grill. (Many people still fondly refer to it using the name of a widely known boxing champion who helped make these devices famous.) I have my own special version of the appliance, which always excites viewers ...Read more

Visit the Mediterranean without leaving your backyard

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The long, cold winter so many people experienced is beginning to recede into memory. And it's likely to be almost forgotten when the Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of grilling season and the start of summer vacation -- even though actual summer is still almost a month away.

One of the things many enthusiastic...Read more

A taste of summer: old-fashioned chocolate pudding

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In many parts of the country, we're just a few weeks away from school letting out for summer. The season itself less than six weeks away, and we're only a week and a half from Memorial Day weekend, which many people consider the unofficial start of summer. So it's not surprising that many parents (as well as people who may have no...Read more

Celebrate Mom with a healthy brunch

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My mother and grandmother were two of the most important influences in my life. Both of these strong, loving women always believed in me, and they were the first people who taught me how to cook.

Although they are gone now, I still think of them every day. Each Mother's Day, I make sure to pause and remember them. Of course, I ...Read more

Enjoy lighter fare for Cinco de Mayo

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I've always enjoyed how people in the United States have informally adopted Cinco de Mayo, a holiday marking an important battle during Mexico's quest for independence from France on May 5, 1862. In fact, since the very next year after that momentous victory, Californians -- who themselves were under Spanish and then Mexican rule ...Read more

Opt for sustainable, healthy beans in honor of Earth Day

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So much of my cooking revolves around the seasons and the fresh vegetables and fruits my team and I find at farmers' markets. We frequent so many of them, from those practically in my backyard, like the renowned Santa Monica Farmers' Market, to the stand on the northern San Diego County family farm run by three generations of the Chinos, who ...Read more

Eggplant is an ideal vegetable to bridge the seasons

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You hear a lot of talk from chefs, restaurant chains, food writers and food stores these days about the importance of cooking and serving fresh, seasonal ingredients. But walk through most supermarkets and you might think that there's only one perpetual season. Thanks to modern shipping and advanced agricultural techniques, you can find almost ...Read more

Freshen up lunch with a lively salad

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I'm interested to see how the number of lunchtime salads that guests in my restaurants order always increases as the weather warms up in spring. The reason partly comes from the fact that fresh salad leaves and other vegetables increase in abundance at farmers' markets. Also, our appetites start to lean toward lighter, fresher-tasting dishes ...Read more

Healthy French Toast and Fresh Berries for Easter Brunch

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Easter Sunday is one of the most popular times of year for entertaining with a lavish Sunday brunch. It offers an opportunity to fill the table with all kinds of festive dishes, from savory egg recipes to a jumbo glazed ham to any number of rich, sweet baked goods and desserts.

I can just imagine how delighted people are when faced with that ...Read more

Add this sweet macaroon treat to your Passover table

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The first time I ever attended an American Passover Seder almost four decades ago, I experienced a wonderful sense of deja vu when dinner was served after the ritual retelling of the Exodus from Egypt.

Yes, the matzo balls, also known by the Yiddish term kneidlach, served surrounded by rich chicken soup, reminded me of the hearty...Read more

Celebrate spring with a quick veggie version of my Austrian childhood favorite

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When I think about the garden my mother and grandmother tended surrounding my childhood home in Austria, it always seems to be springtime. They grew so many fresh vegetables, a harvest that always formed the foundation of our family meals. Even in winter, the garden always fed us, thanks to the root cellar where we stored potatoes, carrots, ...Read more

Bake a batch of old-fashioned sweet treats for St. Patrick's Day

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Growing up in southern Austria, I never had much of a chance to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But I certainly made up for lost time once I moved to the United States in 1973.

With its own rich Irish immigrant heritage, America is home to some of the world's most exuberant St. Patrick's Day celebrations. I've long ...Read more

How to make macaroni and cheese that's a 'cut' above the rest

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Just in case you hadn't noticed, comfort foods are very popular these days. Not just for home cooking but also in restaurants, ranging from the most casual spots to the finest dining rooms.

At the same time that food lovers everywhere are growing more aware by the second of distant cuisines, unusual ingredients and very particular ways of ...Read more

Fragrant fennel stars on an easy, hearty homemade pizza

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The growth of farmers' markets over the past couple of decades has brought so many benefits. It has led to the increased availability of fresher ingredients that are often also organic, sustainable and locally produced--and not just fruits and vegetables but also eggs, cheeses, artisan breads, quality oils and vinegars, and a wide array of other...Read more

Have a light and healthy Chinese New Year - or Oscars party!

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Sometimes, the planets seem to align in ways that bring home cooks wonderful inspirations for cooking and entertaining. That certainly happens this coming week.

February 19 brings the Chinese New Year, a week-long celebration holiday whose date varies from year to year based on the lunar calendar. And smack in the ...Read more

Indulge yourselves with a luxurious yet light Valentine dessert

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away. I know you're probably busy right now shopping for the usual beautiful cards and the gifts you'll wrap in pretty paper and bows. But please don't forget what I think is the best present you can give -- something that you cook as a special treat for the one you love.

Cooking for your ...Read more

Warm up in winter with an easy and robust lentil soup

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In the middle of winter, I keep taking my soup pot off the shelf again and again. A steaming bowlful is one of my favorite things to cook and eat on a chilly day, and it's hard to find anyone who isn't happy however often soup is served to them.

So, just a few weeks after sharing with you one of my old reliable recipes for winter minestrone, I ...Read more

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