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Recipe Finder: Chicken and wild rice pinwheels perfect for a crowd

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Anne West of Ruxton, Md., was looking for the recipe for a chicken roulade that she was served at a gathering not long ago. She said the boneless chicken breast was stuffed with a mixture of wild rice, tomato, spinach and most likely other ingredients, then rolled and baked with a sauce. The finished chicken was sliced into pinwheels to serve. ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Philadelphia-style sticky buns

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Jeannette Kendrick of Hinsdale, N.H., was in search of a recipe for making Philadelphia-style sticky buns. She said she once had a recipe that came from a holiday issue of a women's magazine in the 1980s but "a while back, the hubbie accidentally threw away my magazine, and I've been searching for the recipe ever since."

Lucy Kingston of Radnor...Read more

Recipe Finder: Fall cocktail recipes from Baltimore bartenders

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Thanks to the ever-growing craft-cocktail movement, drinks made with fresh and regional ingredients, homemade syrups and quality artisanal spirits are showing up on menus throughout Baltimore. Some of the city's best mixologists shared the recipes for their signature libations, featuring belly-warming, spirit-forward flavor profiles just right ...Read more

Recipe Finder: German chocolate pie

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Michelle Clifford of Santa Rosa, Calif., was hoping someone would have a recipe for the Marie Callender's German chocolate pie with meringue. She said she has had this pie as her "birthday cake" for decades but is no longer able to purchase it as all the Marie Callender's restaurants and bakeries have closed in her area. She has tried to make ...Read more

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