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Recipe Finder: Mini cheesecake

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Sue Hamilton of Boise, Idaho, was looking for a recipe for making miniature cheesecakes with a berry topping. She said she had them at a wedding a while back. The little cheesecakes surrounded the wedding cake, and Hamilton thought they looked beautiful and tasted great.

Savanna Schaefer of Olney, Md., shared her recipe for mini cheesecakes ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Pizza in a tunnel

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Sue Rinker of Baltimore was looking for a recipe for something she called "pizza in a tunnel." The dish had traditional pizza ingredients inside some kind of dough or crust rather than on top. She said she made this dish for family dinners many years ago when her children were young, but it was not a big hit at the time so she did not hold on to...Read more

Recipe Finder: Guacamole is all about the avocado

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Valerie Heegard of Bend, Ore., has been hunting for a great guacamole recipe for some time. She said her sister-in-law had a delicious one, made with sour cream and perhaps cream cheese, but she died years ago and Heegard never got her recipe.

Guacamole, the avocado-based dip that dates to the Aztecs, is extremely common in modern Mexican ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Chocolate chip layer cake

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Madeline Meushaw of Baltimore was in search of a good recipe for a chocolate chip layer cake made from scratch. She has lost her recipe for the cake and was hoping a reader would be able to help her out.

Somewhat surprisingly, I did not receive any recipes from readers, but there are many excellent ones for the classic cake available both in ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Carmen's Greek-style dressing

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Jack Ziegler of Baltimore was searching for the recipe for the continental salad that was served at the long-closed Carmen's restaurant on 25th Street in Baltimore. He took his future wife there on their first date, and the restaurant was always one of the couple's favorites. Ziegler said they enjoyed all the food at Carmen's, but the recipe he ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Nutritious cream of broccoli soup

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Becky Holborn of Castle Rock, Wash., was in search of the recipe for the cream of broccoli soup from the Spaghetti Works & Deli in Longview, Wash. She said the original owner, Dolores Rasmussen, was very hands-on and oversaw all the wonderful home-style cooking. The restaurant is now closed and, unfortunately, I had no success tracking down the ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Chop suey

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Marc Neermann of Norcross, Ga., was looking for a recipe for chop suey like his grandmother made in the 1950s or early 1960s. The main ingredients, as far as he and his mother can recall, were beef and possibly pork, bead molasses, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and soy sauce. It was served over white rice.

Rosalia Case of Ellicott City, Md., ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Hess sugar cookies

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Sharon Birnie of Finksburg, Md., was in search of the recipe for the sugar cookies that were sold at the now-closed Hess Country Store in Reisterstown, Md. She said the cookies were rolled and dusted with sugar and that they were very crunchy and light in color.

Cathy Wagner of Monkton, Md., thought she might have the recipe Birnie was looking ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Eggplant Parmesan

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Omer Mir of Baltimore was looking for a recipe for eggplant Parmesan that was published some years ago in The Baltimore Sun. He thought it was a particularly good recipe and was hoping we might be able to track it down for him.

After a search of The Sun's archives, I located a recipe that appeared in the Recipe Finder column, then written by ...Read more

Ask a Cook: Dutch-processed cocoa doesn't work in all recipes

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Q: I found a chocolate-cookie recipe that called for "non-dutch" cocoa, like Hershey's. The recipe also calls for baking soda. Could I make it with Dutch-processed cocoa? I don't find cocoas like Hershey's to be all that chocolatey.

A: Dutch-processed cocoa has been washed with a potassium solution to neutralize acidity. Because of that lack of...Read more

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