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Recipe Finder: Fall cocktail recipes from Baltimore bartenders

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Thanks to the ever-growing craft-cocktail movement, drinks made with fresh and regional ingredients, homemade syrups and quality artisanal spirits are showing up on menus throughout Baltimore. Some of the city's best mixologists shared the recipes for their signature libations, featuring belly-warming, spirit-forward flavor profiles just right ...Read more

Recipe Finder: German chocolate pie

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Michelle Clifford of Santa Rosa, Calif., was hoping someone would have a recipe for the Marie Callender's German chocolate pie with meringue. She said she has had this pie as her "birthday cake" for decades but is no longer able to purchase it as all the Marie Callender's restaurants and bakeries have closed in her area. She has tried to make ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Tuna burgers

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RJ Teich of Westminster, Md., was looking for a recipe for grilled tuna burgers. He said that Wegmans supermarket sometimes sells them in their fresh seafood section, usually during grilling season, but they are not always available and he is "addicted." Teich is a big fan of seafood and much prefers a tuna burger to the more ubiquitous salmon ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Chocolate chip cupcakes

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Sharlyn Bedford of Tracy, Calif., was looking for a recipe for making a "Toll House cupcake." She had the recipe many years ago but lost it and has had no luck finding anything quite like it. Bedford said the batter was heavier than normal cupcakes, and the cupcakes had a filling of nuts, brown sugar and chocolate chips that was put on top just ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Black rice salad is delicious summer side dish

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Anita Pomeranz of Timonium, Md., was in search of a recipe for a black rice salad like the one that was served at a luncheon not long ago. She said it was delicious and made a wonderful warm weather side dish thanks to the lemony vinaigrette and combination of fresh vegetables and nuts.

Dawna Cobb of Baltimore shared a recipe for a black rice ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Cheesecake has double the layers, double the delicious

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Bonnie Nelson of Bend, Ore., was searching for a recipe she had misplaced for making a cheesecake with two distinct layers, with the top layer consisting of sour cream and sugar, which can be made in a pie plate or a springform pan.

She said the recipe came from a newspaper in the 1970s and she often made it for special occasions. Nelson said ...Read more

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